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  1. No. I had the flu, sat all by myself in the directors box and watched a truely awful game. I understand there was one other City fan there as well but don't know who is was. The other people appeared to be officals from Leicester, Burton and the FA. I did see Bert Millichip a couple of years later at West Brom and thanked him again for taking me in. Nice man.
  2. I hate to tell you’re wrong but you’re wrong! I was there. Bert Millichip the then chairman of the FA took me in and I sat with around 30 or so people in the directors box at Highfiled Road. Where there’s a will there’s a way!
  3. The tears are falling. R.I.P. Vichai. Thoughts are with your wife and children tonight.
  4. I’m so pleased you were able to meet our wonderful owner. He was and always will be a special man. The head of our Leicester City family. Football is crying tonight.
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