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  1. Under should have started this game instead of Perez for me.
  2. Absolutely shocking performance, if we can't even put a shift in for a home league game we have got no chance in Europe. Feels like we are on a knife edge at the moment, considering the end to last season and all the injuries at the moment.
  3. Is he luring the opposition into a false sense of security, where we play poor enough for the first half hour where the oppositions mentality changes to think they've got the in the bag. Then take the game to them and they're left for dead.
  4. He should have played the overlap but again tunnel vision on going all the way himself
  5. Does anyone know when the ballot for members is for the unrenewed season tickets, I know non will be issued for this season but will they do the ballot in the next few weeks for the 21/22 season or at the end of the upcoming season?
  6. Makes you wonder whether the media would have made such a big story about this if he'd still have been at Leicester.
  7. Solid performance, dug in deep towards the end. Superb game for Thomas. Just what we needed before a tough game against the spurs.
  8. Doesn't seem to be vocal enough and everytime the camera is panned to him he's sat down on the bench.
  9. Putting all these crosses in and no one is getting on the end of them. Get Slimani back in!
  10. Got mine this morning in the post, I to am a member; no pack for my partner yet
  11. Cracking performance tonight and plenty of pace. Fingers crossed he starts against Watford.
  12. That setup for Barnes 1st goal. An absolute throwback to 15/16. Long ball over the top and on the break up front. A few more of these this season please
  13. Just the game we needed. Plenty of oppertunities. Plenty of goals. Plenty of passion. Now let's carry this on to the next game
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