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  1. djskydiver

    Bournemouth Home Match Thread

    At this rate I can see West Brom winning next week
  2. Can anyone recommend somewhere to park within a 25 mins walk to the stadium. I've been parking at Richard III Car Park near St Nicolas Circle for a long time but it has now closed permanently.
  3. djskydiver

    Everton (A) Match Thread

    Watch us miss
  4. djskydiver

    Everton (A) Match Thread

  5. djskydiver

    Everton (A) Match Thread

    Diabate coming on!
  6. djskydiver

    Everton (A) Match Thread

    Maybe this'll cheer everyone up
  7. djskydiver

    Man City make £50million offer for Riyad Mahrez?

    I guess if any of this is true and if he's not in the squad tomorrow, then the move would be looking likely .
  8. djskydiver

    Peterborough away - 12.30pm Sat 27th January

    Does anyone know what the view is like like on the restricted view seats in Upper Block B, (please don't say restricted ).
  9. djskydiver

    Next up.. Peterborough.. (A) F A cup.

    Does anyone know how bad the restricted view is in Upper Block B?
  10. djskydiver

    Newcastle away - Sat 9 December 5.30pm

    Does anyone know the date when this will go on sale to members?
  11. djskydiver

    Membership 17/18

    To confirm that, this is what was in their email and I was able to buy tickets after not being successful.
  12. djskydiver

    Arsenal post match 4-3

    Has anyone got a clip where Schmeichel came up to the halfway line in the last 20 mins, where Arsenal played the ball straight back in from a throw-in?
  13. Wanted 2x Adult Tickets • Manchester United - Leicester 26/08/17.
  14. djskydiver

    Membership 17/18

    Is anyone still waiting for their membership card and supporter pack, I've been waiting two weeks now .