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  1. Typical Leicester. If this is a sign of how all our business will be done this summer it's going to be unbearable.
  2. You just know Rudkin has put a stupid clause in his contract. He will probably leave for something like £5m and we have to pay his wages for another year.
  3. The new Go Compare advert. Actually no, all of them!
  4. I was basing my odds on the team, not whether we are home are away. We'll both be right
  5. How am I?
  6. 19/1
  7. I think we all should
  8. Anyone else using Exodus and can no longer see HD streams?
  9. Prefer Brighton to win the league than Newcastle
  10. This season has turned out to be alright
  11. Does anyone have, or know where I can find a detailed plan of the seat layout of the ground? I'm looking at moving seats for next season and want to look at my options.
  12. £5 to relocate is a bit rubbish
  13. Frozen the prices again