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  1. I wonder how strict places are in terms of anyone from Leicester. Im outside the leper zone but wonder if I went away and they knew it was from Leicester If they would say go away.
  2. Probably lose this and then beat spurs and utd. The Leicester way.
  3. Wrighty22


    Any plumbers on here?
  4. Me too and the longer it goes on the harder it will be to go back to any form of normality.
  5. Had confirmation today that our trip to Devon has been re scheduled for next summer. So happy and relieved about this.
  6. But they’ll escape any form or punishment and quite possibly avoid getting the disease. But the local businesses will suffer and poor old Doris will get Corona when she pops to the shop for her cat food and die.
  7. And what about Birmingham and all the cretins gathering to meet some poxy YouTube star! How can they escape a city wide lockdown?
  8. So they’ll release a map tomorrow when people are off out and about on their daily travels and spreading the disease. Why not just release it now with all the information so we know what’s going on. Don’t give us half a story. Absolute morons.
  9. We are looking at those options, a lot will be dependant on weather as most indoor activities are likely to be closed or ran at a reduced capacity.
  10. Yeah I get that. Hope the weather is good for you so you can enjoy the beach and stuff. That’s looking like our plan, setting up camp on the beach for the week, fortunately the site has access to a beach so we won’t have to drive.
  11. You’ll be lucky. We’re meant to be going to a Haven site in 2 weeks and although they have announced they will be open most of the amenities will be closed. No pool, no entertainment, no restaurants, no childrens activities.
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