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  1. 13:46 - up next our focus is on Burnley v Leicester City.
  2. You’d think Leicester weren’t even playing today. They’ve spent 30 mins talking about Utd and Scum.
  3. I expected it but doesn’t male it any less annoying.
  4. Sky go straight into talking about Liverpool rather than Leicester.
  5. Yeah my mate seen him out and he said he’s injured.
  6. How are these poorly written articles allowed to be posted before any checks are done? "That will see them finish on a stunning 89 points, eight more than the title win in 2015/16. However, this May it is forecast they will finish a full 23 points Liverpool."
  7. Due to unforeseen circumstances I am no longer able to make this game so I have 2 tickets plus 2 Ausden Clark coach tickets that I would prefer to sell as a package. All at face value - £90. PM me.
  8. https://www.awaygames.co.uk/away-day-guides/burnley-away/#1467742947293-3ab1755b-3383 Might help with some pubs!
  9. No doubt be some low lifes going around robbing them. But still a great gesture by the club.
  10. Where are we all drinking before?
  11. You ever get a response to this?
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