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  1. Spice of India in Syston do the onions in spicy red sauce and they are amazing.
  2. Yup! Maybe not a special trip, just something to look forward to and get away from my house!
  3. You’d be stupid to think that humanity will learn much from this. As soon as the lockdown is over people will be driving and flying as often as they were.
  4. I did a quiz on zoom last night as well, went really well and hope to do more. Someone should do a FT one.
  5. I’ve got a lot of bits done around the house, just finding the evenings difficult when I would usually go out and see friends and family. Living alone can be quite lonely, especially during these times. Although I have done 2 online quizzes which have helped to pass the time and boredom.
  6. Yeah from Friday.
  7. He’d be in here even without the toilet roll.
  8. There is just no need at all for this. Absolute morons.
  9. Costcutter in Sileby charging more for paracetamol.
  10. Day 1 of self isolation
  11. Flying back from Riga today. The country goes into lock down at midnight and no more flights in or out. Very lucky.
  12. Can you PM me more details about the bobsleigh and kayak tour?
  13. The University I work for...
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