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  1. Shouldn't really be put into a position to stop giving away stuff for a few morons spoiling it for the rest. Just add a note in that anyone found doing so will face punishment. This has happened for a while now and I feel it will continue to happen. I heard it was happening at Wembley as well in the Charity Shield.
  2. Taking scarfs left behind or from vacant seats at the end of the game is fine. Wandering around pre-match and putting them in a bag is just being cnutish! Trying to sell something that was given to you for free to commemorate a significant time in our clubs history doesn't sit well with me at all.
  3. It was and they were told to put them back.
  4. Seen some kid putting a whole row of scarves into a bag before the game. Disgusting.
  5. Stop upsetting people and get a job!
  6. Just waiting to hear that Wayne Rooney is the father of the unborn child...
  7. That’s where I’m looking at going. Did you stay in hotels?
  8. Just come back from a mini European tour, driving across Central Europe doing some camping, staying in hostels and hotels. Some of the sights I’ve seen have really given me the urge to see more of the world. Since I’ve been back I’ve been looking at going to Canada and possibly hiring an RV. Has anyone on here done this or something similar?
  9. Sorry for your loss. Life can be so cruel.
  10. Me and a mate are driving down to Lake Constance on Thursday. Stopping off at Luxembourg and a couple of nights in the Black Forest. Has anyone been to the Lake and got any tips?
  11. Read last night that Manure have a lot of key players out today. Not that it should matter, we are much better than them at the minute. A win is a must.
  12. Could not agree more from what I know! Guys an ass.
  13. @MattP should we share our Christmas party story?
  14. Too busy getting drunk and having sex with hippocrocopigs
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