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  1. Just got a letter from Sky saying my current offers are due to run out and they are going to extend them all for another 12 months!
  2. Just hope they aren't the only good parts of the film. No1 had be in stitches so a lot to live up to !
  3. Probably thought he was joining a big club with lots of history and Jose was God
  4. Not many strikers are going to be willing to join knowing they will always be 2nd best to Vardy.
  5. A very good idea but shows how much they overcharge if you buy a coffee normally.
  6. The guy has a lot of potential, I just hope it all comes right for him and he does start to score goals.
  7. I started watching it but the dubbing irritated me so had to turn it off after 10 mins.
  8. As long as the que is small I’ll use them.
  9. Paddy Power are brilliant at times. I watched Soccer Saturday briefly yesterday and the new guys are there are awful, Tim Sherwood has the same personality as a plank of wood!
  10. Sums up the piss poor effort of the transfers, well lack of.
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