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  1. Thought about a part ex but they’d surely offer a very low price for our houses?
  2. Me and my partner are looking at buying a new build and we both have houses to sell that are on the market. Does anyone know if it’s standard for the developers to not allow a plot to be reserved until our houses have been sold stc?
  3. Unless the lockdown is enforced and punishments are handed out then I am afraid people will just continue to do as they please. Given how poorly this has all been managed I can’t blame people for ignoring the gov and just going about their lives in the way they want. It’s not right but we’ve been lied to and made to follow stupid rules for far too long now.
  4. Wonder what the rules will be on couples seeing each other than don't live in the same household? Last lockdown they weren't allowed to see each other, right?
  5. Why at 8pm? Why not earlier or yesterday? What a cretin.
  6. Thought so, that’s the dates students at my work were sent home.
  7. Weren’t uni students sent home at the start of December?
  8. Took me and my son for a test at 1pm on Monday 30th November. My sons results came back the following morning at 9am, negative. I have still yet to receive my results...
  9. Were they all pissed up when they made these rules?
  10. Can go shopping and come into contact with loads of strangers but can't have my friends or family over. These rules are ridiculous.
  11. The state of this thread for the last few pages.
  12. If he wants 3 years then give him 3 years. We have James 4 years and he has hardly played and been injured. Evans has been phenomenal for us and deserves 3 years.
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