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  1. This pretty much nails it imo. Though strong when defending, Simpson is frankly poor going forward and can neither beat a man nor deliver a quality cross. Chilwell regularly demonstrates his weakness in defence - and is also unable to cross a ball more than 10% of times - no matter how well he’s set up.
  2. Vardy

    I disagree - I think he showed plenty of 'glow in his eyes' at West Brom last Saturday -and I’m sure will have again on Sunday!
  3. Jamie Carragher spitting

    The dad may well have goaded him, but that doesn’t excuse spitting on someone - especially a 14yo girl. Carragher just demonstrated what absolute scum he is. Though it’s not really a surprise.
  4. Think you’re missing the point. Agreed Simpson was poor - just that Chilwell was too and anyone suggesting he had a "7-Good” game yesterday is having a laugh.
  5. I agree both were poor, just couldn’t see why the huge difference, but like you said I suppose we all see different things ( apart from people who listen on the radio who are only getting what Radio Leicester tell them). But you didn’t need to be in the ground to see that Chilwell was poor.
  6. Yeah no crosses from Simpson but then he didn’t cost us a goal. On the other hand Chilwell did cost us a goal (again) and apart from one decent cross he fluffed every other chance to get the ball over! Yet Simpson gets a 3 and Chilwell gets a 7? errrr okay
  7. How anyone could give Simpson a 3, yet Chilwell a 7 is just bizarre - he had an absolute shocker!
  8. West Brom away match thread

    Get Chilwell off. Needs to drop a division.
  9. Adrien Silva

    It’s odd that James is starting ahead of Iborra and Silva - but downright nuts that he’s keeping his place after such shocking performances. His performance today was lamentable.
  10. Attacking football - what happened?

    The media seem to think that Leicester have 'moved on' an that we've added more variety to our gameplay. i don’t think we have. I think we’re still one-dimensional. But whereas before our play was based on quick brakes, now it seems we’re incapable of breaking quickly. Far too many pointless touches, sideways passes, players thinking holding the ball without progressing up the pitch has some value. Most times we take so long to get the ball forward, the opposition is fully set up with eleven men behind the ball. And we create so many problems for ourselves trying to play the ball out of defence when we clearly don’t have the quality of players to do this. How many times do we give the ball away in dangerous positions? We’re letting teams do to us what we excelled at just two seasons ago.
  11. Stoke (H) Match Thread

    Poor from James
  12. EFL, LCFC and FFP

    I’m loving the salty comments from the 'once-big' Championship sides, who deep-down know how irrelevant they are. The EFL doesn’t let clubs off the hook, their lawyers will push for the most they can reasonably and realistically expect to get, given the 'offence' . Bottom line is Leicester’s transgressions must have been minor, or else we would have had to pay a hell of a lot more than £3.1m!
  13. Ndidi to Liverpool

    Given how well he's playing (his stats are fantastic) his current market valuation is more around the £50m mark. if he has a good World Cup then you can add another £10m-£20m to that Either way I’m sure we have no interest in selling, since would find ourselves in the difficult position of finding a replacement to one of the first players on out teamsheet.
  14. Sheffield United Pre Match

    Im looking in the usual places and haven't found one either - though it is a bit early. LMK if anyone finds one Edit - some coming through now pm'd you
  15. I normally agree with these results but Maguire had his worst game for us - yet scored five places higher than Vardy? Very odd!