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  1. Newcastle (A) Post Match Thread 2 - 3

    Yeah but we've got some tough games coming up!
  2. Chilwell is amazing

    He made one serious mistake yesterday which nearly cost us a goal, but apart from that I thought he had a superb game
  3. Newcastle (A) Match Thread

    Get Grey off Edit: errrr, I mean keep Grey on because I can just feel it in my boots that he's going to do something special. move along: nothing to see here............
  4. I quite like the idea of Okazaki in Olazaki's role. They should give that a go tomorrow night!
  5. Did Puel just find a way to play well without Okazaki?

    Worth reposting from page 1. We played one home game against pretty poor opposition and were a bit lucky. I thought Puel also admitted that he wanted to see the team first so consciously let Appleton have the decision over the team
  6. Claude Puel - Contender

    I have to say that looking at the stats, and the feedback from Southampton fans, this sounds like a fvcking stupid decision
  7. Claude Puel - Contender

    Fvck me im underwhelmed!
  8. Leeds Post Match Thread

    Hate Leeds, hate their fans, great night!
  9. Matt Prio or Matt Elliott as Co-Commentators?

    He seems to get decent gigs with a couple of foreign broadcasters - ballin' i really rate him as a pundit. Talks less bollocks than most of them.
  10. Next City Manager?

    Nah, I'll leave it thanks!
  11. Rudkin

    This. Not sure how anyone can think he should keep his job given the shambles we've been in since winning the league. They can't sack two managers yet excuse the guy directly above them, especially given his transfer remit. For the good of the club we need a clean sweep.
  12. Manuel Pellegrini

    Having considered this carefully, I can confirm I will use the full extent of my influence at the club to ensure this happens
  13. Shakey Statement

    Looks like you missed a line off at the end of that statement .... "...and a special thanks to that cvnt Rudkin, I'm sure we'll bump into each other soon"
  14. Rudkin

    ...and given the drop off in form for both Ranieri and Skakey were on his watch, with him largely responsible for some incredibly shitty recruitment - he's really got to go!
  15. Thoughts on Dyche?

    I have the same perception of him that you used to have. TBH I think he's one of those managers who would stop the rot and be great at ensuring we'd avoid relegation each year - but nothing more than that. i dunno, maybe he's a tactical genius and I've just missed it.