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  1. The is typical Daily Express just making stuff up. Typical "a source tells us" bollox, they're probably just trawling the arsanal forums.
  2. I absofookin love this - it beautifully and perfectly sums up the eternal crapness of Evington
  3. I just dont see us letting him this summer unless its £crazy numbers. Top/Brendan rightly see him as crucial.
  4. Seems to be a decent enough player but never seems to make an impact on a game. Need to sell.
  5. yeah I was in a meeting today with a Luton fan - who completely out the blue said he was their MOTM just about every time he played - and could they have him for another season please....
  6. Though I would absolutely love to see them get a points deduction, there's absolutely no way the FA would do that given it'd drop one of their prized teams out of the CL. Imagine the uproar if "their" place went to Leicester, who were part of the same incident.
  7. The FA's motto is clearly "Don't bite the hand that feeds you"
  8. Good. Sounds like he's had a great week so will prolly bang one in from 30 yards tomorrow
  9. Where he scored and they played Rock-Paper-Scissors (and he won)... The mans a Fuchsin' Legend
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