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  1. I too think they’ll finish this season with games played behind closed doors, televised live. It’s the only way they can reasonably protect the integrity of the game, and reduce the likelihood of legal action from disgruntled teams. They then need to look at how they schedule 20/21 given the distinct possibility the virus could re-emerge or otherwise next season too, with a reduced number of games a likely option.
  2. Can’t understand how that’s not a handball yet Nacho's was?
  3. Worrying when you’re asking yourself whether that’s the worse performance of the season
  4. Get Barnes on for the last few minutes - stretch them...
  5. Oh wait a minute, my in-laws live there! oh but then again...
  6. In both the last two games Rogers has taken replaced him with the less-defensive minded Tielemans, and both times we’ve conceded within 5 minutes. with Ndidi out, we need that added strength and aggression in midfield.
  7. Of course, but the fact that we conceded both tines after replacing Praet with Tielemans - with the former so much stronger defensively.
  8. Last two games we’ve come unstuck after replacing Praet with Tielemans, and the impact that seems to have on our midfield...
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