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  1. stez

    Advent calendar threads

    Could someone find a link to my old advent calendar threads? Either I can't search that far back on my phone or past posts are limited. Ta.
  2. stez

    non sexual harassment chat up lines

    Mine, during the 80s were as non-sexist as you could get: 'hello, ok bye'
  3. stez

    Decent restaurants in and around town?

    Dunno if it's been mentioned before (I'm not reading the whole thread) but mem-saab is great especially the fast track menu.
  4. stez

    First Direct Banking

    You probably are/were. I certainly wasn't/want
  5. stez

    First Direct Banking

    I used to be with first direct many moons ago, they were ok, I probably want their best customer. It was slightly annoying that the was no High Street banks though. I've since been with Lloyd's for many years and can have no complaints about their customer service.
  6. stez

    The "do they mean us?" thread

    Seemingly Colin Murray and Don Hutchison was browsing this very forum keeping abreast of the Claude news according to them on the ch5 carabao cup programme
  7. stez

    Shakey back as number 2???

    I wouldn't be stored to see him pop up in Belgium with NP.
  8. stez

    Remembering semi obscure old FT posters

    I used to love General Smuts before I blocked him.
  9. Was he unsure about a lady running one of the lines?
  10. stez

    What else is Rudkins fault

    Wanted a coffee but the milk was off.
  11. stez

    What can you do that takes 14 seconds?

    Best of luck, it took me 25 years.
  12. stez

    What can you do that takes 14 seconds?

    The moderator's special place?
  13. stez

    The Car thread

    Honest John is my go to place, however I'd never buy anything if I didn't ignore some of it. Anyway I'd buy a Nissan z series of I could as I swear by Nissan's even though I don't drive one....
  14. A quick piss Sign my name 13 1/2 times Fill the kettle Find my keys (if they're where I normally leave them) Get up and back down the stairs Count to 14 (with Mississippi said between the numbers)
  15. stez

    What are you reading at the moment?

    I'm reading this. I've got 2 months to learn it.