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  1. Michael Oliver needs renaming Michael Oviller
  2. Don't think anyone mentioned 2-6 Birmingham yet. Kenny Burns and co destroyed us on an ice rink. December 1976.
  3. Just read the whole of this thread thinking 'no Kember or Frank Large?' and Yorksfox beat me to it ?
  4. Joe Mercer What a lovely man! Included Wortho and Weller for England. Said Weller played like a Brazilian. Then along came Revie!
  5. Detailed my first City game a few minutes ago, but first game anywhere was like yours also at City Ground: Forest v Sheffield Wednesday, 02 March 1963. Wednesday won 3-0 I'm pleased to say. Went with my Wednesday supporting friend. I think the infamous Peter Swan and Bronco Layne played. (Later convicted in betting and match fixing scandal and sent to prison.)
  6. Leicester City v Tottenham Hotspur, 23 March 1963 Score 2-2 Competition League Division One Venue Filbert Street Attendance 41,622 View Leicester City v Tottenham Hotspur head to head 2Leicester City 2Tottenham Hotspur Goals: Ken Keyworth Mike Stringfellow Goals: Jimmy Greaves Bobby Smith Starting lineup: Goalkeeper Gordon Banks DefenderJohn Sjoberg Central defenderGraham Cross Defender/MidfielderFrank McLintock Left backRichie Norman Centre halfIan King Wing halfColin Appleton Outside LeftMike Stringfellow Outside rightHoward Riley Centre Forward/Wing halfKen Keyworth Inside forwardDave Gibson Starting lineup: GoalkeeperBill Brown DefenderMel Hopkins DefenderMaurice Norman Defender/MidfielderDave Mackay Left backRon Henry Wing halfTony Marchi ForwardJimmy Greaves ForwardFrank Saul ForwardBobby Smith WingerCliff Jones Inside forwardJohn White Born and grew up near Mansfield and had followed Leicester from afar through newspapers and two FA cup finals on TV. (Dad was from Thurmaston and had been sent to Notts as a Bevin Boy during the war so it was natural to follow LCFC rather than Forest like most others in my class at school.) Mike Stringfellow had come from same mining town as me - and I had his hymn book one year at Grammar school.You had to list your name on the inside cover and kept the book for the year. Dad parked the Ford Pop on Filbert Street and we headed for the nearest turnstiles and I seem to remember queuing for about an hour and a half or more before they opened and ending up standing at Filbert Street end with all the Spurs supporters! Nice one dad! You could do that in those days of course. Stood more or less behind the goal and couldn't believe my hero Gordon Banks was just yards away. Remember Jimmy Greaves scoring just in front of us, and the look of delight on his face. What an array of talent for my first experience of Filbo. Happy memories!
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