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  1. I wouldn’t swap him for anyone in the Orem, honestly. When he’s gone and we end up with someone making proper mistakes, only then will people get it.
  2. Yeah, now. There wasn’t before, which was entirely the point. Peoples criticism was over the top, but his performances were mostly poor. I’m not focusing on negatives I’m answering a specific point about why people weren’t exactly glowing about him.
  3. So you expect us to win every game and you can't cope with disappointment?
  4. Well I for one am glad that Vardy has never got steaming and called someone a Jap in a casino or it might have ruined his opinion of him.
  5. If you are agreeing with Adrian Durham, you're instantly on the wrong side of any argument.
  6. He hit it first time, with some right swerve on it and Kasper was completely unsighted... but yeah should have saved it. FFS.
  7. The ball took took a swerve Roberto Carlos would be proud of, not a chance he's meant to be doing better there. It's a split second judgement and from the shot behind the goal the ball looks like it's going about three metres wide to start with.
  8. The other option is he doesn’t even think about it again and goes on like nothing has happened, with their futures never being in doubt. Or, if he considers this a very serious breach of his trust. Then he’s got some contemplating to do. The decision might be stay, and the outcome the same as him never thinking about it again, but it’s a different process.
  9. In years gone by, a financial punishment would have been enough. But it has no impact in the modern age and is totally redundant. Outdated modes of punishment are probably the only ones you've got to impact bunch of pampered millionaires. As I said earlier, we'd have had to plan to be without them all week. So makes sense to just leave them out as punishment when they certainly wouldn't have started anyway. If this was a small breach then I'd understand your point of view. But not if they have actively ignored the managers text message to pack it up. That's pretty ho
  10. Hard working fans? If you’ve got enough time to give a shit about this you aren’t that hard working
  11. In terms of England, I think he probably realises he's got no chance with Southgate in charge.
  12. His own inconsistent performances have contributed to peoples opinions. I lost count of how many times he looked a lost figure on the pitch, numerous times falling on his arse, hitting the floor with his fits and just being sat there, rather than getting up and playing on. Little things like that stick in your mind, as he just didn't look committed. I've said it times, his a bat shit crazy footballer as he's sublime one moment and then literally horrific the next second. I would hardly be shocked if he was utter bobbins for the next 10 games. But he's absolutely grasp
  13. But apparently Rodgers isn't doing that good a job. Considering the injuries, he's done a fantastic job so far. Room for improvement still in areas, of course.
  14. Yeah definitely, whilst the game was a massive downer come the end you are actually walking away disappointed it wasn't 3-3. That's very different to being on the end of an absolute battering. I'm hoping that and a week of flack from the press, fans, the manager and the club making it clear how disappointed we are in some players will actually give everyone a massive rocket up the arse. We have to come out of the traps quickly in the next game, set the tempo and mentality easy.
  15. Brendans words were chosen very carefully when asked if he could have just played them... "if you are soft"... It's a message to say don't think a fairly quiet and calm demeanour means I will accept your shit.
  16. The difference when he's playing with someone compared to when he's ploughing a lone field on his own is night and day, so I don't think it's lazy to say it. He could play up top on his own, but you need to find a way of getting the 10 and the wide men as close as possible to him to get the very best from him. You aren't going to be able to have him hovering on the last man and charging on to a through ball as he's not quick enough, so there is a change of style needed.
  17. It's on the club, I imagine they will apologise if told to / allowed to. The club will probably want them to keep their gobs shot and to not add any fuel to the fire.
  18. The club's not sacking anyone, anyone suggesting such is on another planet, it's nothing but bluster. It's been handled and if the sun story is true then Rodgers will have a big black mark against there name, it's now up to them to sort their s*** out and prove to him they want to be here, they respect him and they want to be winners. Real winners don't do what they did, Rodgers will know that. So they either grow the f*** up, decide they want to get the very maximum from their short career and start acting like professionals, or they'll get swapped out for someone else if and wh
  19. Do people literally expect us to win every single game or something?
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