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  1. Thought this was rubbish, but after getting about £65m from Gueye, McCarthy and Lookman (the former going PSG), it might have some legs. Wouldn’t it be nice to flog a few unwanted ageing players for good money.
  2. Perhaps judging the others with first teamers whilst he can, just in case he goes.
  3. We can on the fact it’s a reoccurring issue of making mistakes though.
  4. I’m reimposing my own pre-season ban because I don’t think I can take another summer of people making out these games mean or prove anything.
  5. I was gutted he didn’t say “give it a miss”
  6. I know we shouldn’t moan about pre season but.... ***insert moan about pre season here***.
  7. Reports by the “ITK’s”.
  8. Thing is we were still total trash at defending them until the point we started pulling everyone including Vardy back, that made the biggest difference for me.
  9. Don't forget Clinton N'jie or whatever his name is. I've come to the conclusion people don't actually want to see the lies, they seem to get whitewashed over very quickly.
  10. Are we all not controlled by a million rules there to stop a few plonkers who'd take things to the extremes.
  11. Think it's more to do with trying to stop people being out with mates on quiet roads at all hours doing stupid things they wouldn't be doing at 3pm on busy roads. I think they looked at banning them driving with people under a certain age at one point didn't they, for similar reasons.
  12. The manager will make that call, I'm sure he's perhaps looking at it and with one injury you're forced to play someone out of position or change your entire formation. With the wingers, and Perez playing wider then if means there as plenty of options out there... if a few question marks.
  13. I'm sure that's a subtle way of telling the player and the other clubs, if you think you are going to low ball us at the end of the window and try and force it through, think again.
  14. Chances are we use the same batch of scouts, outside the top levels inside each club they often use loads freelancers who specialise in certain areas.
  15. If we're serious then we need good backup, plus I'm sure we're well aware that a great season by Maddison / Tielemans and he's likely to be subject of serious interest, getting them in now a bit like Justin is, solid forward planning, if an expensive way of going about it.
  16. Yes. There was nothing wrong with giving him a contract, if 6 months and passing all the physical and medical tests isn't enough, then nothing ever will be. The issue is and was the length of contract, which was just silly. But then, as I've said numerous times before, I think it's quite likely more a statement from Shakey at the time to his squad, about a popular member.... "I'll look after you".
  17. If going on loan for half a season and completing all their medical checks is "no proof of fitness", I'd like to know what is exactly.
  18. Signing him was no issue, he’d played for half a season on loan and got rave reviews. Securing an asset was the right thing to do, the length... not so much. But this wasn’t just about the player either. This was about Shakey taking a leaf out of Pearson’s book and being seen as someone who will look after the players, trying to foster the same spirit Pearson got here by looking after his men.
  19. And don’t let the likes of Col bullshit you into thinking babylon thought the length of contract was the right thing to do.
  20. He’s far from fat, having met the bloke at the races he’s just got a large frame.
  21. And the price on promotion and staying up?
  22. I found webuyanycar were far better than trying dealers. You have to weigh up the hassle of going private and just getting rid. With webanycar, get the rough price online and then each week when you get a reminder, ask for another price and it goes up. I was offered £4200 originally for mine and ended up getting a £5000 offer and they didn't even knock it down from that. Obviously that's a big increase, although less than going private, but sod the hassle I just wanted rid.
  23. Well considering Drinkwater would be getting game time for England if he's not ****ed up his career, yes he probably did have enough to play for England.
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