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  1. With there being no price cap for away supporters at FA Cup games, this will probably be the most expensive away day so far this season.
  2. Fleetwood gave Hereford just under 1100 tickets. Not sure what Hereford gave Fleetwood, but the attendance is 5000 tonight so possibly around the same amount. How many P1s are there? If we get the same allocation I’d imagine this would get to P2 at least though depending on how many tickets β€˜disappear’.
  3. Replay kicking off shortly live on BT. Build up has been great. Fleetwood Chairman has payed for the travel and match tickets for their fans and the whole of Hereford seems to have come together to get snow off the pitch to get the game on. Great stuff.
  4. Adrien Silva

    He's thinking 'Next time I have a 50/50 in training with Andy King I need to put one on him.'
  5. Southampton (A) Match Thread

    Saving a few for the continuation of the march to Wembley next week.
  6. Watford away - 3pm Boxing Day

    38 in the block behind the goal and 318 in the second and final block more towards the corner.
  7. Liverpool away - 3pm Saturday 30 December

    157 combined in the two blocks in the corner still available. 174 left in the next one, with the block right behind the goal still to go on sale. Approximately 140 of these though are restricted view on the back couple of rows. πŸ‘
  8. Liverpool away - 3pm Saturday 30 December

    Can only people called Alan provide this then? πŸ€”
  9. Season ticket not used

    Still? I guess it would only be if the ticket is purchased too if they do sort it, and that's not guaranteed for most games again now is it.
  10. Silva Calendar

    Took me a minute, but got there eventually.
  11. Silva Calendar

    Here you go pal. 🀣
  12. Silva Calendar

    You can't say that. There will be a FoxesDeb doll getting stabbed with a pin all over Leicestershire as we speak. But thanks, that was the intention.
  13. Silva Calendar

    So you are going with the probable date of his first game with your calendar. πŸ‘ I wish I'd have just done that first off.
  14. Silva Calendar

    Hopefully all the comments following will have cleared that up though. πŸ‘ Whether or not he has signed, or already registered, or put his his thumb mark in blood, I meant that 1st Jan was the day he can officially be classed as a Leicester player, not about playing. I'm sure this sensitive, misleading information won't keep anyone awake at night though. It was meant to be lighthearted, not a Sky Sports verified exclusive.
  15. Silva Calendar

    I hope you are going to cross out each day like my kids will do with their proper calendar. πŸ‘