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  1. The guaranteed road to Wembley starts again soon though, with a battling win against Newport....after a replay....and penalties.
  2. Some funny comments above, but I like documentaries like this. The Salford FC one was fascinating, as was the Man City one. You can’t argue that they they have lots of passionate fans at Sunderland, unlike some of the cringe followers of the big clubs.
  3. I can’t see any details as to the timing of their day here, such as when they will be at the ground. Are those kind of details released nearer the time because of security issues?
  4. Yes! We've been through some of their reasons before, but historically we pretty much eventually sell out for PL games so just open them all surely, and they would sell quicker. Crystal Palace last week was tedious waiting for the last block to be released, and immediately when it was, half was already gone anyway. For Chelsea I’ve just bitten the bullet and got mine, although I think it has sold quite quickly since. But as it’s not going to general sale I was just wondering if they’d return a block, as people might who were hanging on might be stuck in a vicious circle. Crap Tickets not selling so, so the club never open elsewhere.
  5. It was like the old days of dial up style frustration! It even said an error had occurred at the end, and the order hadn’t gone through, but then I got a confimation email. 🤷‍♂️ Yeah I agree, last season’s deals were like a closing down sale, and it’s only a good sale anyway if whatever you’re after is discounted. Glad you got sorted.
  6. A few decent deals on the LCFC site today, meaning items are nearer to normal retail prices for equivalent, if you were buying say a normal t-shirt or jacket. Got a couple of things for the kids, but be prepared for the most tedious game of ‘Finally getting to checkout.’
  7. You make a fair point. This game along with Arsenal and Man United is where I see the most touts, and as you say, the timing will make it popular with even more than usual tourist fans.
  8. I agree. Very odd. So if it doesn’t sell out to ST holders and members, like most away games this season, they just won’t sell the empty seats. 🤷‍♂️
  9. @Fox92 off topic for this one, but if you are going to Palace are you still hanging on, as we both usually do, to buy tickets for the best block. I’ve been playing the most tedious game of refresh the stadium map for a week now. Below 100 tickets available and still the last block hasn’t been released.
  10. New Year’s Day. Early Kick Off. Imagine the state of our fans travelling up to this. 🤢 😆
  11. It’s been interesting to read the post from @Buce (certainly a brave post) and the comebacks from others, most of whom disagree. It’s easy to judge, we all do it at times, and it’s also easy to misinterpret either way. Who knows the real heart of anyone at times? What I would say is I’ve had to examine my own emotions a fair bit, to try and express them in a non-selfish way. Last week at Cardiff I felt a sense of belonging as a fan that I have never experienced before. It felt good no doubt. This has happened a fair few times. At the ground, travelling to Cardiff last week, and listening to the media coverage. But I’ve had to keep reminding myself that people have died and their families are the true hurting ones here! We didn’t know those who died personally, although it FEELS very personal. Lots of fans (just my opinion) have got on the bandwagon with this as well, finding a kind of identity in grief. I’m sure for all of us, our grief has at least a small part of self-centredness in it. But I think the media coverage has been fantastic, truly poignant. Things will get back to normal at some point, they have to. But when they do, hopefully this whole tragedy will make us realise what’s really important in life, and change us into better people.
  12. Just rang the club as I thought they were giving out free scarves tomorrow, and wanted to confirm that, so that I don’t have to take my own for this. I’ve been told that in fact it’s t-shirts tomorrow! So if you weren’t taking one you may need to, if that info is correct. You never know though with LCFC. Maybe I dreamt the free scarf thing. 🤷‍♂️
  13. Only 4 or 5 days before each home game, but yes they are. Not certain if they are mostly singles though.
  14. https://www.phonearena.com/news/How-to-turn-auto-correct-on-and-off-on-the-iPhone-iOS-8-tutorial_id67347
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