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  1. Drew Peacock

    Man United (A) - Friday 10th August 8pm

    Yes and yes.
  2. Drew Peacock

    Man United (A) - Friday 10th August 8pm

    This confirms that the oldest priority points year has remained again. I know also the priority points bands sometimes change a bit early in the season, but there is a big drop after 330+ to the next selling bracket of 300+.
  3. Drew Peacock

    Season tickets

    It sounds fine then. 👍 Yes when the club shop is open. I’ve moved seats in the relocation period before and they’ve taken me into the stadium and I know other people that have done the same. Certainly worth a try and you’ll know for sure then.
  4. Drew Peacock

    Season tickets

    There is generally no problem with them at all. I sit near one and some of the seats on the row are classed as restricted or very restricted. Even the restricted ones are not bad. You may have to move your head a little for the aisle barriers, but they are not solid barriers anyway. Was your seat marked as restricted in any way? If not there should be no issues at all. If it’s possible for you to get to the ground during opening times they will let you sit in your seat as well. I guess there is nothing worse than getting a ST and then worrying for the next 2 months!
  5. Drew Peacock

    Season tickets

    I don’t really know what goes on at these ‘90 minutes meetings’ and I’m not sure I want to. 😳
  6. Drew Peacock

    Away Tickets 18/19

    For the last couple of years the oldest priority points year hasn't dropped off. Doesn't affect me as I'm P1, but seems strange, if it stays this way, that it will just continue as an endless cycle. Therefore those on P1 can never be caught. I'm thinking mostly by children who are just starting off. There should be a priority system, and ours is a fair one I think (although selling tickets for the priority point could be argued) but surely 3/4 years worth of points, for away games, is long enough. Edit: Just seen your other post mate about the home/away match ticket forum at the club. Maybe a point to make? I'm not sure I'm right so would appreciate your thoughts, but certainly an issue.
  7. Drew Peacock

    New season ticket/ card ?

    Sorry, I should read thread titles. 🙈
  8. Drew Peacock

    New season ticket/ card ?

    Do you mean they are increasing the total number of STs? Because there is still weeks to go to renew.
  9. Agreed. But most people have this illusion that the owners are generous in a completely selfless way. What they have given us over the last few years is incredible, but like any business it’s self-interest all the way. That’s how it has to be I guess to be so succesful, but a free blue and white top hat on every seat at an away game, and occasional other freebies, shouldn’t fool anyone.
  10. Nice amount in my two kid's foxes rewards account. Rewards expire 31/5/18. New shirt available for pre-order 1/6/18. Brilliant.
  11. Drew Peacock

    Foxes reward points

    Exactly my point. Take the opposite answer, as truth, to any advice given from the staff in the fanstore and you won't go far wrong.
  12. Drew Peacock

    Foxes reward points

    I asked in the Fanstore about this a couple of weeks ago. “Yes you can definitely carry the points over to next season. They don’t have a time limit.” Today’s email confirmed it. I always take the opposite answer to whatever advice I am given in there to be truth. Never fails.
  13. Drew Peacock

    Premier League's least boozy fans

    Just had 5 lunchtime pints trying to get through this.
  14. Drew Peacock

    West Ham Home Pre Match

    He'll come on for the last 20 minutes and still do it.
  15. Drew Peacock

    West Ham Home Pre Match

    Andy Carrol with his first Premier League double hat-trick. All 6 being headed in from corners. Not sure if he's injured again, but even if he is.