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  1. That too. But if I read 'The Spastic' and 'Friendly little chat with the invalid' today, I'd be a bit shocked. That was my intended context.
  2. It's a fair point, and as has been said in other comments, meaning of words change. Just seems shocking reading it today.
  3. It was just a diversion tactic to take my mind off reading endless whinging on here, despite the fact that yesterday we played one of the top teams in England in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup, and could be considered unlucky not to have gone through.
  4. I had to read it a few times myself! 😳
  5. I’ve not felt as bad after a defeat for a while, as I did after after yesterday’s loss. So I decided to look through some of my old man’s newspaper cuttings, which he gave me just before he carked it, as a sort of therapy. Football has been sanitised a fair bit since our last appearance in an FA Cup final, perhaps mostly in a negative way imo, but I’m glad newspaper reporting, and maybe life in general, is a little more sensitive now. 😳
  6. FFS Kasper (and Stowell!!

    That was it! That fat pigeon in front of the East Stand cost us the game. Absolute bird's eye view for it though, and it walked up and down the touchline following play for 10 minutes.
  7. FFS Kasper (and Stowell!!

    He didn't today.
  8. Foxestalk Romance, Friendships And Fall Outs.

    @NorthfieldsFox I'll drop them round for you in the morning on my way home pal. Message your address,
  9. The joke thread

    You can tell everyone is bored shitless on a Saturday afternoon/evening having had no game to watch. Very entertaining though.
  10. Millionth post in General Chat.

    Such an anti-climax when we reached a peak. Well I didn't reach one be honest anyway, and in fact never do.
  11. Missing Plane

    Do you think there was anyone with a long beard on board?
  12. Millionth post in General Chat.

    Will it be like New Year's Eve, and if any of us are asleep, we will be woken by Fireworks at the big moment?
  13. Foxestalk Romance, Friendships And Fall Outs.

    Actually @FoxesDeb I was just testing the ground for the next line. You obviously like cheese I see and you like a drink too. So maybe we just kill two birds with one stone and share some morbier?
  14. Foxestalk Romance, Friendships And Fall Outs.

    I'm just hoping @FoxesDeb doesn't have a love of cheese. I hate the stuff and I've got a feeling that she could be a massive fan. It could be all over before it started. 😞
  15. Foxestalk Romance, Friendships And Fall Outs.

    I've just got a feeling my username may well have been a mistake now. ☹️