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  1. Weird there were 23 tickets left late last night and they’ve now all gone. Unless people in a higher bracket now have them in their basket and are refreshing for friends every 20 minutes, who can buy at 8.00am.
  2. Don’t forget the 17 (Seventeen) that got to that level last season too. 😁
  3. Must be a fair while since an allocation of over 3000 sold out at 310+ points. A discussion ripping apart the fair priority points system will arrive again, sooner or later, as we march towards the treble. 😁
  4. Looking for one extra for Burnley. Will collect and pay cash if near or around Leicester, I’m in Quorn. Don’t want to meet on the day as been let down before.
  5. One reason maybe for slowness of sales is ‘Shit Seat Syndrome’. I’ve been waiting since they originally went on sale to buy, as the home club state selling order, and so often they sell the worst blocks first. The first decent block has just gone on sale so it might start to pick up a bit. Distance apart, Brighton is a decent away day imo.
  6. Sold out. Reminds me of the 2015/16 season and all of the chaos every away game. Be interesting if we have a very good season as I can’t wait for another debate on the rights and wrongs of the priority points system. 😬😆
  7. @l444ry Here you go. Found it after 10 minutes scrolling back!
  8. I will tag you in the post on here about how to do it buddy.
  9. No not at all. You don’t recruit anyone, just do it yourself.
  10. Has anyone done this? Obviously you can now be the bookmaker online, with exchanges like Betfair, as well as placing back bets like a normal gambler. Using free bets, offers and boosts you can back for an outcome and against that same outcome. If it wins you collect your winnings, and if it doesn’t win you collect your losings. Guaranteed profit. I was a bit sceptical at first but have made just over £2500 since February. Hardly life changing, but anyone looking for some extra money it’s well looking into.
  11. I think you’ll be ok buddy. Only a 15 point range for the bracket tomorrow and it’s purely P2. Ballot, away scheme priority, box holders and all hangers on sorted by now. Can’t see a problem.
  12. I looked on the seating map at 6.30am this morning before they went on sale to P1. Only 1048 tickets were available. So the away scheme and whoever else, had purchased/been given 452 tickets. Interesting to see how many tickets go before it’s live for P1 from an allocation. Whether this is roughly the same figure for PL matches who knows.
  13. It would be interesting to know how many are in each bracket, although it obviously changes after each game a little. A few hundred on the scheme is it? Then home box holders with a few tickets each, player’s friends/family, plus hangers on. Then the ordinary 395+. What’s a guess for priority level of selling out here? £25 away midweek for an early round League Cup on the one hand, but somewhere we’ve not been to recently and fairly local on the other.
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