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  1. It seems strange that you can only have a printed ticket once a season. I know you can upgrade to a higher age bracket unlimited times, apart from a four a season limit in The Family Stand, but maybe that is because they are getting easy extra money rather than just a fiver. I think the ST brochure is somewhere on the lcfc site. I'd always get a second opinion after getting advice from the ticket office anyway.
  2. Leicester City lookalikes

  3. Leicester City lookalikes

  4. Swansea away.

    The thing is I enjoy every part of away days.....apart from just over 90 minutes which is spoiling each one of them recently.
  5. Huth

    I've got a feeling he will be reintroduced to elbow a few Leeds players out of the game, on our march to Wembley.
  6. Do we need to consider replacing Maguire?

    I think the original post is a brave one here. After reading it, I symbolically sat behind the sofa to read the comments. I think his passion, commitment and quality are immense, but he is frustrated by the lack of creativity in the centre of midfield, and he wants to make things happen. On occasions he has overdone it and paid the price. With more quality in front of him he will be superb. And to be fair to him he was suffering from a virus at Huddersfield and did look off the pace at times. I'd rather have him in the team giving it his all, than not. He represents that die for the team and fans attitude that has been lacking a bit elsewhere on the pitch recently.
  7. Bournemouth (A) - 3pm Sat 30th September

    It's from the away ground. I think by frustration he means having to travel to the ground without a ticket, not knowing if it's going to be available or not. I didn't receive mine once, and had a nervy trip to Sunderland, but fortunately the duplicate ticket was ready for me. However, when I got into the ground someone else had a ticket for exactly the same seat!
  8. Carabao 4th round draw - Leeds (H)

    In off his face mask after his fractured skull?
  9. Swansea away.

    Only 2000 tickets so should sell out in the first 3 days. https://www.lcfc.com/news/477024/swansea-city-away-ticket-information
  10. Carabao 4th round draw - Leeds (H)

    He was by a ball full of concrete in the face against Liverpool. He'll be out for the season with that.
  11. Foxes Reward Scheme

  12. Foxes Reward Scheme

    Just a reminder that adult season ticket holders have a £10 voucher on their card to use in the fanstore, and junior season ticket holders and fox members have a £5 voucher on theirs. Must be used by Monday 25th September.
  13. Season Tickets

    It is weird this. A fair few tickets did I think go on sale to ST holders as extras, a day or two before the Chelsea game, but there doesn't seem to be anything official anymore. As you imply, they are holding non-members to ransom, unless they gamble on some being available late on, and know a ST holder.
  14. Liverpool Cup ticket info

    Some free seats available for unsuspecting hand sitters on the end of the aisle, right next to the away fans too. Might be their first and last game.
  15. Liverpool Cup ticket info

    There are still nearly 300 tickets left in L1 alone, which some people seem unable to access. Are we are the only club in the world who put tickets on general sale and then eventually revert back again to ST holders and possibly members for the last few days of sale? 🤔