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  1. It'll be OK as long as nobody plays loud music or wears a pink hat.
  2. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/aug/27/bury-historic-club-football-league-financial-ruins
  3. Fock the EFL. Fvck Sky Sports. Fück the modern game.
  4. Hahahahahahahaha. Hang on a second, I'll collect myself and...no...hahahahahahahahahaha. Oh, I'm sorry. I'll try to...no...bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa
  5. I’m sure there has to be one or two decent Stoke fans. I wouldn’t put money on it mind you. I’ll be having a party the day they get relegated.
  6. D-day for Bury. The only reason the shit can have for not having sold the club on for a peppercorn fee is that he has a financial incentive not to. Thank Christ we’ve moved on from the dark days of shit owners, but this whole sorry episode highlights the rank amateurism still rampant in the FA.
  7. Daggers

    Worst Dates

    God I could murder a tuna melt right now.
  8. On behalf of the monied alcoholics and gluttons, and I worry about appointing myself their spokesperson, well done. There have always been those of us who struggle to get through an hour without our personal form of sustenance - and it was high time the club addressed this issue. Now it’s time for personal wanking booths on the concourse and I never have to fear being labelled a fat, drunken deviant again.
  9. Not as much as the pre pre-assist guys. They never get the plaudits.
  10. Think his shooting needs development but his tracking back, tackling and distribution is pretty decent. He's not a star player, but he is a team player. *Just seen the graphic - I'd agree with all of that.
  11. It's a shame the club is forcing people to wear these hats. I can really feel the pain of every person who will be emotionally scarred from the experience.
  12. Disappointed this isn't a "How to" thread.
  13. 1. Manchester City 2. Liverpool Then any from Tottenham Chelsea Manchester United Arsenal Everton Leicester Then any from West Ham Wolves Southampton Watford Crystal Palace Then Bournemouth Aston Villa Burnley And three of these four are going down, two from three considering Newcastle are as good as relegated already Newcastle Norwich City Brighton Sheffield United
  14. That free garden set offer looks better than the disposable BBQ sets and the Mars Bar games.
  15. Because you obviously didn't read the article: "Like Stonewall, Leicester City are committed to making football a game for everybody and do not tolerate homophobic or discriminatory language."
  16. It’d be like harping on about their match fixing in 1964. Dodgy cheating betting scandal tw@ts.
  17. In the future? Football was done when you stopped being able to pay at a turnstile on the day of the match, go stand on the terraces, and when toilets were put on coaches. It died when rattles and rosettes ceased being the limit - and when all matches stopped being played on Saturday at 3pm. You can stick your fan park, pay-to-mascot, annual kit, membership scheme, season ticket swipe card, matchday package, convenient payment scheme, widescreen TV, parking permit, dedicated satellite channel, transfer window, sweet truck, 5pm Sunday kick off, last minute fixture change, assistant referee, video replay, half and half culture, where the sun never rises.
  18. Sounds a fun night out.
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