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  1. No they didn’t. Two of them said it was a fair challenge in a contact sport.
  2. Kinda like Moo milk, it actually tastes of milk. I worry if I start getting into the fancy stuff I’ll have to lose my socks, do my hair like Jack Grealish and buy moustache gel.
  3. Tea - 8/10 Lactofree milk - 9/10 Digestives - 6/10 Mums in baths - 10/10 Football - 3/10
  4. Anyway, back to the football and showing our great support - Vardy is shit.
  5. Disappointing that she didn't keep it tight at the back despite having it all going on up front.
  6. If there are pictures, that'd help too.
  7. Honestly, I'd like to hear more about the bloke who w*nked on the other bloke's mum in the bath.
  8. "Hello? Is that Ladbrokes? I'd like to pop a bet on the next goal scorer..."
  9. A worse debut than Sam Fox and Mick Fleetwood presenting the 89 Brit Awards.
  10. I think this thread is poor, people aren’t moaning enough about the atmosphere. I really hope the seventh one of the week will contain some better gripes. It might get better if we had two of these threads a day? More whiney threads about the noise fans make please, Foxestalkers. Up your game.
  11. You could put Lids in the Prem now and they’d still avoid relegation. Give them a summer signing period, the motivation from promotion and the continued services of one of the most outstanding managers currently working in this country - they’ll be fine next year. It will go tits eventually, it’s the Lids way, but it won’t be next season.
  12. What a steaming pile of petulant self-entitled bs.
  13. Many of us remember the terraces at Filbo being like that. Those were the days.
  14. Half and half tourists, songs on the speaker system, a bottle of watery lager, and a pasty costing the same as a small family hatchback. Lapped up by consumers replete in branded plastic clothing, made by children for pennies, clutching tickets equating to the weekly food budget for the majority of lower income families. Yep, this is a glorious true fan experience played out while sitting on an overpriced cramped chair, in the cold, suffering a nearby tool spouting ignorance or bile. “Oh that’s not me, I know the words to WYS and who shares a flat with Julian Joachim.” You propa fans are welcome to what now laughably constitutes the live matchday experience [tm]. Chant equal opportunities approved songs and run to beat the traffic on 80 minutes. Lap up the platitudes from your preferred vendor. Promise to buy more product. The game died decades ago but people still think that history or salary structures can be reversed and the zombie reanimated. Those glory days of service station brown envelopes, Ken Bates’ fences and Bob Wilson, anchorman. The future is streamed season ticket content and I can not wait.
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