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  1. Hope we've learnt from last season when just before lockdown Vardy was injured, giving Iheanacho four starts in a row scoring none, including that horror show at Norwich.
  2. Attendances did slump in the mid-late 80s, in line with a dreadful team and form that lasted a good 4-5 years similar to 2005-08 era it was that bad. But before then we were regularly getting 25,000+. This is good to see how attendances slumped during that period and then gradually increased again https://www.foxestalk.co.uk/history/attendance-records/
  3. Why does everyone say we're not a big club? Even Leicester fans enjoy calling us little Leicester for some weird reason and reminiscing about a season in League One. Leicester is a big city. We pack the stadium every week and would fill 40,000 every week if we had the stadium for it. Just because we've not had ambitious owners in the past doesn't mean we're not a big club. Even when we had next to no funds in the 90s we had success, three cup finals, two qualifications for Europe, top half Premier League finishes. And if we go back 40-50 years we were in alot of cup finals back in th
  4. The right move but a shame this wasn't done in the Summer, half a season wasted.
  5. You can hardly blame him, probably can see what's coming 3+ years stuck with Beaglehole before a loan move or first team look in. Chilwell and Barnes forced loan moves early to avoid that on so it makes sense to try and do the same.
  6. I mentioned it in the Hamza topic, but we should be keeping our best players happy and sending his best friend away isn't a good start.
  7. One thing thats not been mentioned, but we should keep our best players happy. Hamza has been best friends with Barnes since a young age, so is it worth keeping him around like we do certain others (Iheanacho/Ndidi, Under/Soyuncu, Praet/Tielemans)
  8. His next step should have been in the Championship after two successive loans in L1/L2, which I said at the time as well as regarding this new managers contract. Clubs make strange decisions.
  9. Did anyone think he’d score? Even Vardy was laughing 🙄
  10. Vardy hasn't worked as a pair since he's been here, he only started scoring regularly for us since being the lone front man. You may say he played as a pair with Nugent and Okazaki but they played a much withdrawn role between midfield and attack which helped get the best out of Vardy. He struggled in 2014 after promotion as Ulloa was brought in as that lone front man - only towards the end of the season did he regain his goal touch when he started to take up that central role again.
  11. I think you'd be wholly disappointed by him. Remember watching him at Euro 2016 where he couldn't hit a barn door. We need a proper alternative to Vardy that doesn't require us to change our play, someone with pace.
  12. This is what went wrong and I predicted it, the amount of times it happens
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