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  1. Three great strikes, hard to pick a favourite
  2. I don’t think a back three is right against these, you need to adapt to different opposition so go back to the setup in the first two games. Keep Praet and Tielemans together.
  3. What are we playing at even offering a new contract? No wonder we have so many players that can't be moved on when thats all it takes to get an extension.
  4. Instead of apologising sack Evra off and employ proper pundits not just to tick a box.
  5. Good on them, it’s gone on long enough
  6. Anyone else noticed the lack of draws and wins to nil since no fans were allowed in? It seems that first goal is even more important, which no encouragement from fans to urge teams on to get back into games.
  7. Ndukwu and Johnson are 22 and Hughes is 23, surely we must be the only ones doing this year after year? I thought I read they’d have a new manager this season but Beagleholes still been doing the interviews
  8. Spurs often hit good form when Kanes been out and had Son in a more central role. They and England will never drop him though, he appears to be the new Rooney in that he's clearly burnt out legs have gone but has to play regardless for club and country to no-ones benefit.
  9. But unlike Mahrez, Maguire and Chilwell he comes from a Leicester family and has grown up a fan, that and his personality suggests he wouldn't just up and leave like they did.
  10. It should have ended after the first week of games after lockdown, I don't get why are they carrying it on?
  11. Ndidi looked comfortable there in pre season but he is prone to rash challenges in the box and giving penalties away, hopefully he can resist it.
  12. Eze and Benrahma obviously didn't fancy leaving London.
  13. Great I’m already annoyed at us playing in our Northampton strip when we usually play in blue at West Brom.
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