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  1. Both stopped playing around the same time in mid February too.
  2. The article today could have been the reason he was took out the squad, doubt the rest of the players will be impressed with all this talk over an unsigned contract.
  3. From what I've seen of Burke he's quite pacy and direct, can see him finding some gaps if our past performances with three CB's are anything to go by.
  4. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/14305581/murder-suspect-cop-wayne-couzens-hospital/
  5. I don’t feel confident if we don’t score considering away goals count
  6. I agree, just trying to point out that I don't see where our scouts have had a say in it they all come back to Rodgers or friends of existing players.
  7. I've been concerned for a while it all changed as soon as Rodgers and Congerton arrived. Apart from Fofana who is outstanding and I don't know who discovered him but the rest: Chalobah - Rodgers trained as a young player. Under - Soyuncu's best friend. Castagne - Rodgers wanted at Celtic. Bennett - Rodgers trained as a young player. Praet - Tielemans best friend from Anderlecht. Tielemans - Puel brought him here. Perez - clearly a punt and wasn't scouted, heard it was who Rodgers asked for upon joining though. Justin - Rodgers wanted at Celtic.
  8. Agreed, the sooner this back five phase ends the better, it might work in the odd game like at Man City for us but for the most part it just encourages the opposition onto you.
  9. Hope we've learnt from last season when just before lockdown Vardy was injured, giving Iheanacho four starts in a row scoring none, including that horror show at Norwich.
  10. Attendances did slump in the mid-late 80s, in line with a dreadful team and form that lasted a good 4-5 years similar to 2005-08 era it was that bad. But before then we were regularly getting 25,000+. This is good to see how attendances slumped during that period and then gradually increased again https://www.foxestalk.co.uk/history/attendance-records/
  11. Why does everyone say we're not a big club? Even Leicester fans enjoy calling us little Leicester for some weird reason and reminiscing about a season in League One. Leicester is a big city. We pack the stadium every week and would fill 40,000 every week if we had the stadium for it. Just because we've not had ambitious owners in the past doesn't mean we're not a big club. Even when we had next to no funds in the 90s we had success, three cup finals, two qualifications for Europe, top half Premier League finishes. And if we go back 40-50 years we were in alot of cup finals back in th
  12. The right move but a shame this wasn't done in the Summer, half a season wasted.
  13. You can hardly blame him, probably can see what's coming 3+ years stuck with Beaglehole before a loan move or first team look in. Chilwell and Barnes forced loan moves early to avoid that on so it makes sense to try and do the same.
  14. I mentioned it in the Hamza topic, but we should be keeping our best players happy and sending his best friend away isn't a good start.
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