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  1. Depends on which boy you are referring to. Yes a male child is a boy. A buoy is a floating device. And Celtics nickname, Bhoy is spelt this way to reflect the pronunciation from the Irish language. I am sure our Celtic friend, henrik_62, will be happy to confirm this
  2. No he didn't Bhoy is correct. But did put of instead of off.
  3. Cant be Spanish tummy, if you fart, its too late. Heard he was in Skeggy, wanted to check out the delights there before signing for us
  4. Lots of farts and a big dump
  5. Celtic supporting workmate really rates him, says everything goes through him. Maybe we can do deal with Celtic, straight swap for 2 experienced midfielders, King and James, maybe throw in a striker as well, Slimani
  6. Fcuk it, split the difference, make it £12.5m and get him signed. If you need anymore help Jon, just give me a shout
  7. Or, Soyuncu and Silva on permanent deals to Monaco in a straight swap for Tielemans
  8. I have a spare one if someone wants to buy one. My misses bought me one, not knowing my lad also bought one for me
  9. Would be strange for you, supporting a team in blue
  10. Your next step will be get a ticket to one of City's games, sure someone on here would help you with that, then you will be truly hooked and Celtic will be a thing of the past,(well,maybe your second team, lol)
  11. It will mean moving 300 miles to the best City in the UK, and becoming a true City fan, (which I think you are seeing the amount you post on here)
  12. If we can get rid of Rudkin, do you fancy the job?
  13. Maybe the idea is to play him at right back and play Ricardo on the right wing, He would certainly be better than Gray. Would this be the cheap option to get a new winger, leaving more money for Tielemans
  14. Think it will be a straw, or maybe a very thin penis
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