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  1. Remember social distancing, just wave goodbye to him from at least 2m away.
  2. Reinstate the pools panel to decide if the game would be a home win, draw or away win, then award the points.(kids, ask your dad what this was) Just need to make sure no Chelsea, Man Utd or Spurs fans on the panel. As it is my idea, I will volunteer to do the job, I wont be biased to Leicester, (well not too much)
  3. VAR didnt rule out Liverpools penalty when Mane dived when we played them
  4. Maybe this is plan B, play for the penalties
  5. I was give a free ticket, so was sitting amongst Newcastle fans in the Milburn stand. All I could hear was the City fans, the Newcastle ones were so quiet. It almost sounded like a home game. I applaud each and every one of you giving great support. You sounded great.
  6. Apart from that one save, he had nothing to do. I felt like nipping onto the pitch and offering him my jacket, the poor lad must have been frozen.
  7. Really looking forward to this, more so as I have been given a hospitality ticket for the Platinum Club. Downside is I will be on my own. Anyone know of any City fans that will also be in the Platinum Club
  8. Not quite a virgin, but only one careful owner. will that be OK?
  9. Sorry, but no chicken or goat, you can take my wife instead if you want, pretty sure she wont mind too much.
  10. Just noticed, Caraboa cup highlights tonight at 10.30 on Quest
  11. Are you fully cooked now, dont want anyone getting an upset stomach after eating you
  12. Happy Birthday, now get back in the oven until you are fully cooked
  13. I seem to remember lots on here wanted Silva as our manager in the past. Hands up all the guilty ones please
  14. Would be nice if Everton hold off sacking Silva until we have gubbed them in the cup, we dont want the new manager bounce to put us out of the cup
  15. I was fortunate to have a ticket for the Sevilla game. I will never forget the atmosphere and noise, you had to shout to your mate standing beside you. I always though the 4-3 FA cup replay win against Man City was good, but the Sevilla one was amazing
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