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  1. Could be brewers droop, if not, you can now get Viagra over the counter at chemists
  2. Clearly a Vardy fan, you can see him holding up 2 fingers, asking Vardy to score another
  3. I wonder if they need a striker, am sure we can find one to send. I think that even Slimani would be able to score in Scotland
  4. I spoke with a couple on holiday a couple of weeks ago, who know Marc Albrighton, when they found out I support Leicester, they told me he didnt like, or get on with Puel
  5. What a strange custom, most people shake hands
  6. Where did you go to? Wouldn't be Glasgow by any chance would it?
  7. Ah, thanks Rumble. Think we should start a petition, get City to play the pre season friendlies up here so we can get to the games, maybe we could get 3 signatures on it. Do you think they would take notice of that.
  8. Yep, sunny West Lothian, surprised you have not noticed before. Anyway, where is the X , you always put an X at the end, I am hurt
  9. He means for breakfast, nice with a bit toast
  10. Saw 2 guys in Mevagissey wearing city tops a couple of days ago, had to say 'nice tops' in a loud enough voice for them to hear.
  11. I have a spare one if someone wants to buy one. My misses bought me one, not knowing my lad also bought one for me
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