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  1. Which is the best position? Missionary or 69?
  2. If we do loan him to them, we must put a clause in it that they have to buy Slimani off us
  3. I will volunteer my wife if you want a victim.
  4. Is this one of those spot the ball competitions as I cant seem to put my 10 crosses into the picture
  5. Correct, scotch is a drink
  6. Yes they can, you can see it every night at pub kicking out time, its called the Glasgow Two step. 2 steps sideways, 2 backwards, another 2 sideways, followed by 1 forward, repeat several times until tired and fall over
  7. Probably some disgruntled Celtic 'fans' that feel like he has sh1t on them by leaving, so broke into the house and had a dump on his carpets.
  8. Me too. Still unsure on his appointment. Keeping my fingers crossed I am wrong
  9. Dont know, one thing for sure, it will be bigger than Celtic's
  10. Only problem is that we dont have 2 premiere quality strikers.
  11. This is exactly what a Celtic supporting mate at work said. Are we jumping from the frying pan into the fire? Time will tell. I think we would be better to get an interim manager in and then have a much wider choice at the end of the season
  12. First was his inciting the Hearts fans after Hibs scored. A coin was thrown and hit his jacket (big padded thing) either the arm or chest, so he went like like a sack of spuds holding his face. I have been told that after a game that Hibs lost he went overboard verbally having a go at the players, so much so, they went to the owner to complain. The owner spoke to Lennon, who also had a go at him, so was sacked. Rumours are that he was telling the players not to sign new contracts, so when he leaves, he will be able to sign them for his new club.
  13. Local radio up here also saying he is about to Quit Celtic to take over at Leicester
  14. Dont want Lennon anywhere near our club after what happened at Hibs.
  15. Was talking to a Celtic supporting mate at work today. He said Rogers plays a slow, passing, possession type of football, with 4 at the back, and is pretty boring most of the time. Sound familiar?
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