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  1. What time was his taxi booked for, always the same, never turn up when you want them
  2. Celtic supporting mate at work still saying we are trying to get Ajer
  3. And the experience he is giving to Söyüncü is priceless
  4. Surely that has to be wrong, Jack Wheelchair getting to the end of a game? Or did he come back onto the pitch at the end of the game after being subbed at 23 minutes
  5. Probably the same people that spell defence as defense.
  6. Its for his meat and 2 veg, so they can breed with lots of local women, giving them a decent midfield in about 20 years time. Part of Ole's long term plans for them
  7. Maybe she is Spanish and has a speech impediment, so instead of saying hola when unzipping his flies, she said ulloa
  8. Pace is not everything. Look at Tielemans, he is world class, but about as slow as dial up broadband
  9. Have you no ambition? Why would we want to match that mid table side, Man utd's home record, when we could get into double figures. Whats wrong with us scoring 12
  10. So is that a swap for Ajer?
  11. To think, we scored more goals in one game, than we have conceded in ten games.
  12. Looks like Rooney is thinking, 'Vardy has farted again'
  13. If Slimani keeps up his form, I wonder if we can recall him in January and flog him to Man Utd for a small fortune, they never replaced Lukaku, and look pretty toothless in attack
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