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  1. WestLothianFox

    What is it that we're missing?

    You will get your wish, for the next two games anyway
  2. WestLothianFox

    What do you do with a problem like Wes Morgan?

    He has to play, after all, he is the captain of Wester City. He will probably be given a new contract and end up playing for us with his Zimmer Sorry Wes, do us a favour and drop yourself, we all know you pick the team. Bow out gracefully
  3. WestLothianFox

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    Fixed that for you.
  4. WestLothianFox

    Harvey Barnes - West Brom (loan)

    what a cracking goal
  5. WestLothianFox

    Carabao Cup Fourth Round draw. At home to Soton.

    Burton at home please
  6. WestLothianFox

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    The fans pay their money and have the right to leave early if they want without an acne ridden yob chanting 'plastic, plastic' at them as i have seen. We dont know their personal reason for going early, it may be that they are on a promise if City win, it could be they are disabled or have a phobia of being crushed. I was at the Copenhagen home game after major surgery with a friggin catheter strapped to my leg, so would have had a valid reason for leaving early, I chose to wait for the crowd to go before leaving. At the end of the day, we are all Leicester Cty fans. Lets all respect each other and support the team rather than hurling abuse at someone if they want to leave early.
  7. WestLothianFox

    Fans Who Leave Games Early

    Not everyone lives within a 20 mile or so radius of the ground. I have not left early, but have thought about it a couple of times when facing a 300 mile journey home and up early for work the following day. Getting ahead of the main crowd and beating the traffic is appealing when you have a long trek home.
  8. WestLothianFox

    EFL Cup - Wolves (A) - Tues 25th Sept

    Thought it went straight to penalties if tied at full time this year
  9. Think we were playing Liverpool at Filbert Street when they scored a cracking 'goal', only for the ball to hit the back stanchion and rebound into play, ref thought it hit the post and waved play on
  10. Think you have missed Martin Keown off that list. Cant understand whey nobody has mentioned him.
  11. WestLothianFox

    Jamie Vardy ‚óŹ Legend

    It could also be said that he is also lucky that he plays for us. there were other teams looking at him when he played for Fleetwood, but it was us that took the chance on him and helped develop his game and career. Both City and Vardy are lucky to have each other. Absolutely love the guy, always gives his all and has passion in bucketfuls His goal against Germany with that back heel flick showed his skill and awareness.
  12. WestLothianFox

    25 Man Squad

    Just got a feeling that we may strengthen in this area in January, maybe a young striker playing for some club in Belgium
  13. WestLothianFox

    One footed player's

    Long John Silver. Definitely one footed,not sure if he was any good at football though
  14. WestLothianFox

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    Ha ha, another loss for them then. Really cant stand Wolves.
  15. WestLothianFox

    Wolves H Post Match Thread 2-0

    I think the Wolves fans should lower their expectations for the season. They couldn't beat a 10 man Everton team at home last week, and lost against a 10 man Leicester team today.