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  1. Tierney if he can overcome his injury problems would be a perfect signing, far better at attacking than Chilwell. But he’s been injured for last two seasons for the most part so not sure.
  2. Championship players all around the £20m mark would be nice. Eze, benrahma and kalvin Phillips. Mitrovic at £30m+ would be interesting
  3. He’ll learn from this, and then next season everyone will be saying why did anyone doubt him. were all too quick to overreact after one game especially one where he shouldn’t be sent off plus had a pretty good one up till that point
  4. Next season his experience in Europe will hopefully be required. Yes he’s had a few off games this season but for £32m a player of his experience, considerably young age and on his day outstanding creativity to me is still a very good deal for us.
  5. He’ll be going back to Southampton for definite
  6. The chap is an icon! when I was 6 years old me and my mate went to the training ground, birch had his captains hat on as I told him about how I only ate salmon, he rang my mum and asked her what’s wrong with fish fingers and chips 😂😂
  7. Same story as the last time we played them - should’ve won! besides the miss Harvey is really adapting well, Chilwell had a good game aswell I thought
  8. I’ve just seen he’s not in the squad for tonight’s match for the u23s that’s all😃
  9. If we can get him over his injury problems we’ll have a very good player on our hands - looked promising I thought.
  10. I wish he could learn to strike a ball as well as Fuchs. the dilemma for me is this, do we sell Chilwell whilst he’s as the peak of his value similar to Maguire or do we keep him? I can’t see his attacking output increasing much even at his young age. £60m is too much to turn down for me.
  11. He’s still got plenty in him yet, but definitely would like to see us target a left footed CB as it’s such an advantage in the LCB of a back 5/3
  12. if we do end up getting a ridiculous offer for Ndidi, there’s no one better to replace him.
  13. Was meant to say 12 starts. Calm down
  14. 5 assists and 1 goal in 12 matches! I’d argue that it’s exciting that many think he could still be doing better
  15. Assist today - hope his injury isn’t bad
  16. I’m gonna give him all the patience in the world as a fan. He’s got so much potential and we can all see it, it’ll click on day for him and when it does this forum will go into meltdown.
  17. We all know what Demarai is capable of which is where a lot of frustration towards him lies. He’s so much better on the RW imo hope he can continue to give Pérez good competition.
  18. Well, it would certainly appear we’ve replaced him, but with multiple players inputs!
  19. There’s a reason Rodgers is targeting another centre back... Evans has an injury record and can’t be expected to play every game especially if we get Europe next season. Benkovic not much better either in terms of injuries so need someone else defo. evans is crucial to us, he’s two footed which doesn’t get much talking about a long with his general ball playing ability which is hugely underrated. An important cog in this Rodgers machine.
  20. I do think it’ll click for him at some point as although he’s doing well I think there is plenty to still come. ive said it before but for me he has the makings of a striker and would love to see him have a game or two up front whether alone or in a partnership with vardz.
  21. With no Europe to deal with we can definitely handle cup games + league games otherwise we’re in for a torrid time next season if we qualify for Europe!
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