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  1. Do we reckon he’s a socks on or socks off kinda guy? Asking for a friend x
  2. Raphinha and Neto are at stage too late for us to buy, as soon as a player performs well in the prem whilst young they’re almost worth £40m straight away. Similar for us when we sell a player to the “bigger” clubs. someone like Matheus Pereira could be different if West Brom are relegated and may have included some sort of clause but that’s just reasonable guess work.
  3. I think brendan probably just thought after a not particularly good game it’s best to take a step back again and work again from the shadows. I’m convinced he’ll be very good
  4. Likeable lad, think he’s got real potential. next year will be very interesting
  5. Onto the next one, isn’t a bad player but not the one we seek
  6. Mods can we ban anyone who suggests Aguero? Pls
  7. Two great surnames, they’re going straight to the top!
  8. Moreno would probably cost too much relative to his age for us. He’s a quality player though there’s no doubting it.
  9. Think we’re all in agreement it looked to thin to cope with Europe and the cup competitions - i think we’ve exceeded most expectations would you agree?
  10. We’ve done well to get to this stage considering the injuries - wherever we place, the boys have done us proud. European football of any description and I’ll be okay with it.
  11. Loan with option to buy, he’s worth about £20m with his injury record.
  12. Sack them all and make him the u21s goalie I say!
  13. I’ll admit it must be a lovely car to arrive at the bingo in!
  14. Now I know you’re high, a lovely Ford Kuga? 😂😂😂
  15. Hi can you forward me your dealers details?
  16. Is this to signal Maddison’s impending summer move away? 👀
  17. Well I think nuno mendes would be hard to attain now, he’s already a starting for Portugal 😐
  18. Yeah it does seem there’s an obsession with them. Everyone talks about how highly rated each goalkeeper is but we have like 5 of them 😂
  19. Next you’ll be saying they’ve entered Eurovision 😰
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