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  1. Adidas

    In all seriousness Kappa and Hummel making some cracking looking kits at the moment in my view. The Torino Kappa kit has looked great the last few seasons although it seems to run tight...
  2. Adidas

    I thought it was Slazenger?
  3. I am very interested to see who he brings in. Pretty much a given Mahrez is gone, can call me mad but I even think Vardy will consider a move in the summer.
  4. Anyone genuinely wanting to give him the sack needs to re-evaluate. We need some stability. We need some fresh faces (player wise). We need to get to a consistent level. It will probably take time but you can see how managers who have been given a decent amount of time have flourished like Spurs/Burnely. Arsenal have probably given theirs too much time to be fair though.
  5. In all honesty (got my pessimistic hat on) I think we will get 3-4 wins from that list most. I know that would push us into mid 40's but I can't see us holding on for 7th right now. Although I'd love to be proved wrong. Stoke - we should be winning this. Bournemouth - We just can't seem to beat them in the premier league. West Brom - I can see them frustrating us for a draw. Arsenal - As much as I'd love to beat them I think the trend will continue. Brighton - Good at home and improved a lot since the fixture at the start of the season. Newcastle - If they keep churning out performances like the Man Utd game it cause us issues. Burnley - this has a 1-0 home win all over it. Southampton - Hopefully a win here. Palace - They will have most players back to fitness then you'd assume. Will be tricky. West Ham - Hoping they are safe by this stage and packed for summer. Spurs - Would love to do the double. Not sure about this one. Anyway that being said I hope we win them all and finish on 68 points....
  6. Needs a couple of windows of his own. I think Leicester need some continuity now, especially with the change in style. He needs his chance to bring the players in that he wants and shape the team more. He is doing the best (just about) he can to work with what he has.
  7. Manchester City (A)..pre match thread.

    So no Shinji for two weeks... I think we will have 3 in midfield with a front three of albrighton vardy diabate, to save kelechi and vardy getting over worked seeing as they are the only options.
  8. Everton 2-1 A Post Match Thread

    For Swansea why not go the way we did towards the end of the match last night. If Mahrez isn't playing make it 3 at the back and stick more bodies in forward positions.
  9. Best drummer ever

    Bill Ward
  10. 2017-18 third kit release?

    I personally think this Barnsley kit looks smart. I know we will end up with a dross 3rd kit but if this was the template with a bit of blue instead of green? If it is just another version of the home kit like the away kit is then we will have been short changed.
  11. Hi All, Been watching on here for a while now so thought I should sign up. Started following Leicester in 96 when I was a young lad. Living in Rutland for the moment. Cheers