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  1. tiredclimb

    Man U 2-,Leicester 1 post match thread.

    Not too unhappy with that. An avoidable penalty and I doubt amartey at RB will be a constant. Just getting the new lads bedded in first.
  2. Can't see the maddison thing being anything more than bruising/a cut. He ran on it for a bit afterwards. Came off to be safe.
  3. tiredclimb

    David Wagner

    David Wagner is not the answer to our woes.
  4. tiredclimb

    Puel Gets Full Backing of the Board

    The only thing we know for certain is that they flew in today and spoke with him. Any talk about a board meeting is just speculation. They are management - of course they will talk. Perhaps they felt that things needed calming down given all the press talk. If they want to back him, seriously, then so be it.
  5. tiredclimb


    He brought in Diabate in January through his own work by the sounds of it so who knows.
  6. tiredclimb

    Puel Gets Full Backing of the Board

    People bringing out the Ranieri vote of confidence... we were 17th at the time - 2 points from bottom. I have a feeling this vote of confidence is actually genuine.
  7. tiredclimb


    They are grown adults - if they don't understand something they ask for clarification? I really don't buy that line. And surely Appleton (or even our captain?...) is spending enough time with both camps to be able to translate them for those that don't understand. If something is not understood that is the fault of everyone not just the manager. They have a responsibility to fully understand what is being asked of them.
  8. tiredclimb

    Helicopter has landed

    The vote of "Vote of Confidence" is normally taken as a sign a manager is on the edge of being sacked - like Ranieri. Although they might want to just bypass that.
  9. tiredclimb

    Helicopter has landed

    "it's a baby h!"
  10. tiredclimb

    Who should be the next Leicester City manager?

    I don't see his personality coming out anymore than pretty much 85% of current PL managers. I'd always rather get results than feeling entertained from a press conference or see someone shouting their head off on the touchline. Huddersfield went up (some how) playing crap football. Can't remember too many teams winning the playoffs after finishing the season on negative goal difference. Teams in that position are almost always on +15/20. I watched those playoffs and it was dire and had a lot to do with their on loan keeper having a very good performance on the penalty shootout. Sure they have picked up some interesting results like beating Man Utd but so have West Brom. We aren't going to end up with a Klopp 2.0. Also his high tempo pressing game has got Huddersfield 27 goals this season, 22 less then our turgid sideways football. 10 of our 49 goals were scored during Shakespheres run which means we have still scored 39 in 25 under Puel. I just personally think we really need to be careful who we wish for. If we are going to bin Puel we need someone that really suits the club and has a much better (clearer) vision and has evidence of actually making it work in previous jobs.
  11. tiredclimb

    West Ham Home Pre Match

    Back three of Benny Drag and Mag. Pinging balls over the top all game.
  12. tiredclimb

    Who should be the next Leicester City manager?

    I really don't understand the calls for David Wagner. What is it about him that is appealing as a manager?
  13. tiredclimb


    No problem. It's a forum - it's all about that! I personally think we would have been in around the relegation zone - maybe 15th-16th. I'm not saying Claude was the best man to replace, just that Shakey should have ever got the job in the first place. Not surprising that he has gone straight back to a supporting role. Front and centre didn't suit him at all. I just really can't see anyone who is realistically going to come here and actually improve us.
  14. tiredclimb


    Do you think we would be in a better position now if we had stuck with him?
  15. tiredclimb


    Arsenal 4 : 3 Leicester Match Report W EPL 19-08-2017 Leicester 2 : 0 Brighton Match Report W EFLC 22-08-2017 Sheffield United 1 : 4 Leicester Match Report L EPL 26-08-2017 Manchester United 2 : 0 Leicester Match Report L EPL 09-09-2017 Leicester 1 : 2 Chelsea Match Report D EPL 16-09-2017 Huddersfield 1 : 1 Leicester Match Report W EFLC 19-09-2017 Leicester 2 : 0 Liverpool Match Report L EPL 23-09-2017 Leicester 2 : 3 Liverpool Match Report D EPL 30-09-2017 Bournemouth 0 : 0 Leicester Match Report D EPL 16-10-2017 Leicester 1 : 1 West Bromwich Albion I would say Arsenal and Man Utd were the only 'tough' fixtures given our history against them since coming back in to the PL. We completely dropped a bollock in that Arsenal match and Shakeys subs killed us. We had a good home record against Liverpool in recent seasons. Beating them 3-1 and 2-0 in the last two. Bournemouth is basically always a draw. West Brom we really should have won but we were dreadful.