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  1. Just waiting for arteta to come out with some bollocks about decisions going against them.
  2. Redknapp saying it’s not a red card. Prat. Stick to selling trainers.
  3. Just showed that southampton have won 15 league games since we beat them 9 nil. Interesting to know how many we have since then.
  4. With strictly back have to mention ola Jordan and kristina rhinaoff.
  5. I’m the same with Emilia Clarke and susanna Reid.
  6. None are in the same league as Natalie sawyer.
  7. I was in a bar the other night and overheard 3 very hefty women talking. Their accent appeared to be Scottish. So I approached and asked ‘hello ladies are you 3 lassies from Scotland?’ 1 of them angrily replied ‘it’s Wales you bloody idiot, Wales’ So I apologised and said ‘I am so sorry. Are you 3 whales from Scotland?’ And that’s the last thing I remember.
  8. I do find it worrying that he is out thought tactically by managers with less experience than him. I admit he got it spot on against pep. Potter, Lampard, Moyes (granted he is prob more experienced) all got it tactically right against him. Even smith at villa. How can you go from beating a side 8-1 on aggregate last season to losing against them. Yes I admit we miss vardy but it’s worrying how we are going.
  9. Should of took Mendy off and brought slimani on and play 2 upfront.
  10. Got some shit from a Utd fan after our defeat. He’s gone very quiet now...😂😂
  11. It amazes me that a manager can get it so right last week and so wrong this week. Just hope it won’t start a bad run.
  12. Gotta agree ogbonna motm. He’s been brilliant.
  13. Tactically West Ham have got it spot on. We haven’t. Playing a back 3 when they have 1 upfront. It’s the right thing to do when you’re away against the so-called top 6. Not at home to West Ham.
  14. Anyone know when Everton play Liverpool? Don’t think bt mentioned it...
  15. That stormzy allegedly cheated on maya Jama.
  16. Yes but there not massive like us and Leeds.
  17. Don’t forget Morgan. He’s rapid.
  18. Apologies Pep. We made up for it later in the game. 😂
  19. It should give us confidence when we play against a so called top 6 side. Especially away from home. Defensively Man City, Utd and Liverpool don’t look anything.
  20. Brendan got it tactically spot on against Man City. Just have a feeling he’ll get it wrong against these. Hope I’m wrong.
  21. Mendy outstanding again. Gotta credit Rodgers. Tactically spot on.
  22. Great player for us. Lousy attitude when he wanted to leave. Begs the question why he signed a contract extension after we won the league if he adamantly wanted out.
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