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  1. How the **** have we gone from total cruise control to 2-1 down ?????
  2. Looks like total meltdown, well done lads
  3. Didn't even clock that nacho had been subbed, why ?
  4. Need to keep the ball for a bit, Bournemouth getting back into it
  5. Based on that goal gerrim in !
  6. Happy to get an equaliser but that was agony to watch
  7. And maddison shoots from the edge of the box... And misses again
  8. Like the line up! It will be interesting to see praet and tielemans playing in the same mid field, hopefully getting that ball forward nice and quick. Looking forward to it now, like the sucker I am.
  9. Remember we're always better in the second half !
  10. Counting down the minutes like it's the last day of school. In the name of all that's holy, please do not lose
  11. Great to see support for this from the league. Black players have put up with some serious sh*t over the years. And if the result of this logo on a shirt is a legal drugs police free Stalinist society, then what's not to like ?
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