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  1. You know your playing well when Wilfred scores. Love the guy
  2. Agree. They didn't get near us at any point from start to finish. Was it one shot on goal ? Maybe two? and it should have been at least 3-0
  3. If he keeps working hard and taking his chances , Maddison will become the second Leicester player to host match of the day
  4. Football was the winner tonight, and if you look it up in the dictionary, you will see the explanation ' Leicester city '
  5. Normally when Im this confident we lose. But not today dear friends, not today.
  6. Vardy 2 goals and assist for barnes, great performance and lampard on his way, the mighty leicester march on
  7. It says something when Leicester fans are complaining about the quality of a league a potential striker is coming from. Short memories. Our greatest ever player was signed from non league not so long ago.
  8. I know the reality is much more complicated, but can't help feeling that to be aggressive this window and get in more attacking signings ( Édouard etc ) would keep us right in the title race. We're as good as anyone in this league at the moment ( and one day we will prove this by beating Liverpool ) I realise finance and January is tough etc but the fan side of me would love to see it. Get it done city !
  9. My Southampton supporting mate said ndidi was man of the match, broke up alot of thier attacks. Also said he couldn't shoot for toffee 😂😂
  10. Loved his ' have it ' clearance into thier half. I've missed those
  11. Well pleased for Barnes for that cool finish, a year ago he would have shot that straight at the keeper. That's a win that should give us alot of confidence.
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