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  1. Senior man. Ive always found it a bit strange when people have said he was rubbish. It's right that he has been behind vardy, the best player in our history, but that hasn't warranted the shit he's for his performances in my opinion. He always scored, even when his contribution wasn't the best. The guys a goal machine, his stats have always said it. Give him a run out for more than 2 games and see what he does. Great to see nacho man doing well.
  2. Really one of the best matches we've played. They didn't get near us at all. Still not sure how they scored , but we more than made up for it with the performance. Nacho take a bow. Great to see, onwards to the final !
  3. 2nd place, big Dan winner and a weeks rest with players due back. Get in
  4. Burnley about to get a lesson on how proper teams utterly shithouse a game
  5. I think it's wise to rest those that really need it for this game. I know you want to win every game with your best players on the field, but it's obvious youri etc need a rest and it's playing the long game with games and injuries. I'd be nervous but excited to see a team with a few youth prospects and b team players, and we have managed to beat teams before this way. I will cheer any collection of players that wears a Leicester shirt, and I reckon if they hit good levels then they can beat Burnley, or certainly not lose.
  6. Look forward to nacho and vardy absolutely decimating these today. It will be good to see what the combo actually looks like.
  7. Well I enjoyed that. It feels like we either outplay villa or the complete opposite every time we play them. Harvey Barnes is so good to watch at the moment
  8. Actually like a bit of this. Good luck to them. It must be because he's put on weight that Kasper has stopped so many shots this season. Fried breakfast pancakes for the keeper !
  9. Every season and every game wilf is getting his name into the lcfc legends book. The comparrisons of him with kante are old news. He has passed comparrisons and is now recognised for what he is. An absolute baller. More power to the guy, and every game he turns out for us should be viewed as a gift quite frankly. He's up thier with vardy and scheimecal in terms of what he's enabled the club to become. Anyone who says otherwise, I'll see you outside.
  10. Dear lord. Please could I cash in all those times my parents made me go to Hinckley Baptist church as a kid for a Leicester win today. Not bothered about going to heaven, just a little Leicester win is all I need. You owe me. Amen.
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