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  1. Does anyone know where you can watch replays of the match fairly soon after? Won't be able to catch the first half but I'm thinking perhaps just turn the phone off and wait until I can watch a replay - obviously it needs to be this evening, no chance of waiting until tommorow!
  2. They had our pants down today, and were the better side. But game after game, and for a long time now, we all know we need better wingers around vardy. Perez not good enough, had high hopes but really not cutting the mustard. And Barnes gets smashed and not even a foul. But we gave them way too much room, and it stings to let mahrez have the run of it. But we will beat Liverpool, proper Leicester stylee
  3. They are rubbish at the moment and even worse on the road. Put the house on a city win, if we get an early one it could be a big scoreline. This team won 9-0 a month ago, why not? Come on you 🦊
  4. Nice one chaps. Reckon we'll see him this weekend. Love to see a new player do well, hopefully he gets more time in the next month or so with the fixtures.
  5. Curious to know what praets performance was like from anyone who went?
  6. Couldn't catch the wolves game so been looking forward to this for a while... I'm sure this team was good last time I checked
  7. Thanks for all the info. Love a transfer rumour. 👍
  8. Dandy king

    A. Perez

    Did I ever mention I get mistaken for Iborra all the time?
  9. Dandy king

    A. Perez

    Caused us problems last season ( at home? I think). I reckon he'd be an upgrade and could get better
  10. Dear oh dear. That's the worst I've seen from hamza
  11. Chuck the little ones in the kids club and straight on the free crisps
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