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  1. I don't think so. There is no way he plays Ayoze as a "false 9" when Vardy got injured if he really rates Kelechi. You get the feeling he had no option but to play him in recent times and would rather he remained a bench player.
  2. I believe Kelechi`s contract runs until next summer. I think Brendan is loving his form for the team for two reasons, (that he is helping the team and increases the chances of us getting a decent fee for him). To me it seems his mind is made up on him and the chances of him getting a new deal are IMO minimal. It seems so obvious Brendan wants to another direction for his strikers.
  3. I'm certain we did switch to a more typical 442. From memory, even the commentators pointed it out.
  4. Its a shame that Brendan doesn't really rate Kelechi IMO. He played Ayoze when Vards went for an op despite Kelechi not letting us down when called upon, especially in Europe (3 in 7 I think playing with "Lesser" players) and disappointingly, he never praises Kelechi when due. The reporter lined up a question in the post-match interview about how important Kelechi was but Rodgers almost looked irritated! He turned to Vards contribution in response LOL!! I love Brendan but its evident that he wants someone else as a back-up striker which is a shame.
  5. It looked to me like we did. Castagne dropped into a left-back position and Amartey looked like he spent most of his time at RB. Fofana and Caglar were closer together in central defence. To me, it looked like we switched from a 352 to a 442 for the 2nd half.
  6. Massive win. Fair play Rodgers for switching to 442. There was only one team in it from then. Kelechi deserves full credit, amazing pass by Tieleman as well!
  7. Some nice moments with that shot and a cracking run. Also seemed quite vocal for a youngster. Needs to strengthen up a bit but a promising 70 mins.
  8. 5 at the Back with Evans being one, Riccardo at wing back and Justin at LWB wouldnt look bad. Kasper Caglar - Evans - Fofana Riccardo Justin Ndidi - Tielemans Maddison Barnes Vardy However, I dont think its working with the current available players.
  9. Amartey off for Fuchs. Fuchs to LB, Castagne to RB and push Riccardo to RM. The problem with this 352 is Caglar looks dog on the left side of a 3, Amartey is his ever obliging garbage on the ball, Castagne has now wide mid/winger so looks lost as a wing back. Ndidi and Tielemans are all over the shop and not playing there normal game and the shape isnt working. Brendan needs to be brave here. I was hoping he would make changes after 30 mins but we cant come out and play the same formation, despite the personnel issues we have.
  10. He looks really slow and has made loads errors. In his defence, just like the likes of Thomas and even Amartey, should be nowhere near the 1st team and would struggle to make it into a second string. Cracking tekkers on that shot though so fair play for having the confidence to try. We have to be realistic and not expect too much though!!!
  11. If you asked Brendan if he would like us to be here a year on, and above Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs along the way, he would have ripped your hand off in taking it. Yes we are unfortunate with injuries but I am not binning this season quite yet. There are loads of points up for grabs and whether its against Man City or Sheff United, we still start 0-0 and get three points against anyone. We have played a strong first team against the likes of Villa and Fulham and got turned over, lets hope these back-ups and first teamers combine to get us some much needed victories.
  12. Correct. 31 was the amount of Jack Daniels shots Cloughie would take before midday evey day.
  13. I remember reading he was disappointed as he was involved in pre-season and then hasn't been involved in the first team. My point is as talented as he is, we have plenty of players in front of him so at 19 he needs to remain patient IMO. I believe he got a 2 year pro deal initially and has done OK. We seemingly want to keep him so hopefully he signs a deal and works hard to make it into the team over the next couple of seasons.
  14. I really feel for Kelechi. I am not suggesting he is a world beater, but when the likes of Liverpool call on Origi, Spurs Vinicius, Everton Josh King, Wolves Fabio SIlva, Arsenal Nketiah, I`d say our second striker is just as good if not better then those. When he has played, its largely in 2nd string sides like in the Cups and Europe. As much as I love Brendan and can count on one hand the amount of errors he has made in tactics and team selection, not playing Kelechi when Vards was injured and playing Ayoze up front was IMO a poor decision. He has done e
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