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  1. Season 1992/93. After 3 losses and two draws in 5 matches from the end of January to the end of February, our promotion aspirations were in tatters. After a home win against Birmingham on the 28th of February, we then went on a run of 6 more league wins to make it 7 on the trot. Steve Walsh scored in 5 games on the bounce on this run and in 6 of the 7 games, smashing in 8 goals in those 7 matches. Julian Joachim was I think 18 and also banging in a few goals as we went were going goal crazy, scoring 3 goals a game on six consecutive games. Our run came to a grinding halt away to Bristol Rovers early April but on this day in 1993, we got back to winning ways in front of a bumper 16,611 fans at home to Oxford. We fell away over the last 7 league games winning just two of our remaining 7 games, losing 3 including a nice end of season hammering at the hands of Newcastle (7-1) in front of 30,000 screaming Geordies. We managed to squeeze into the play-offs but the rest is a haze. Im still in denial as to what happened in the Play-off final vrs Swindon. Ah well, I suppose long term no harm done. Whatever happened to Swindon and us since then??!! ;-)
  2. It wouldn't surprise me if Spurs came in for him today. He couldn't be as bad as that shambles they have at the moment. Jose, we will take £3m but not a penny less.
  3. LOL the good old days! I started following City away from home late 80s as well and witnessed some shocking players like Tony Spearing and Colin Gibson. Thankfully the odd Gary McAllister or loanee like Kevin Campbell gave us some hope. Travelling away from home on the train or occasionally by car was an event full of a mixture of excitement and fear, usually in equal measure. Turning up at someone elses Town or City was at times like going to a different country with all sorts of weirdness going on LOL. It was a rougher time to be a football fan and nowhere near as comfortable as it is today but I wouldnt change a thing from the old days, despite too many unpleasant episodes not worth going into here. Still, going to Barnsley, Birmingham, Newcastle, Sunderland etc back in the day both pre and post match and the games themselves will long live in the memory! Fav fans were Newcastle both home and away as they were the loudest and some of the games we had back then were bonkers, 5-4 was a scoreline that happened a couple of times back then.
  4. Sorry my bad, they clearly deserved it. Aston Villa v Leicester Possession 38% 62% Shots 9 22 Shots on Target 3 6 Corners 3 8 Fouls 16 15
  5. Arguably one of the most ridiculous comments of the season. Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles could see we deserved the win. 22 shots, just 6 on target, 3 or 4 Worldies from their GK and it was similar at our. Tactically we were spot on but we didnt take our chances. This result has fudge all to do with Rodgers in big games.
  6. 40 odd games for us since joining 3 or 4 seasons ago, loaned out and just 27 years of age. Id give him another deal because he gives us that "Quarter=back" player who can pass the ball and tick things over. OK defensively he wont offer anything in either box and winning the ball isnt his strength but he is competent and an option. I think he is more useful against teams who sit deep as he can dictate play. The thing is I cant see him staying as at 27, he will attract a decent club and a strong salary/signing on fee as a Bosman.
  7. Its a strange time of the season with us being 14 points clear of 5th place with Feb approaching. I dont think in our wildest dreams we would have hoped to be here. Because we have that cushion, Id be inclined to play our first team here and make a real effort for the Cup. You will imagine many of the other Prem clubs will play weaker teams with Champions League commitments and performing so poorly in the league so it may be our chance.
  8. His confidence at times it weak and his decision making regarding when to take a player on, pass or even help Chilwell out can make you pull your hair out but we all know he has serious ability and in the last couple of games looks like he is starting to feel like he belongs. For me, we keep playing the kid as he has all the attributes to be the 10-15 goal wide man we are desperate for.
  9. I think he is decent but If I had a choice to persevere with Barnes on the left hand side or sign this dude, Id stick with what we have. Barnes is looking more confident and at home by the game so bringing Bergwijn IMO wouldnt improve the first team. He may improve the squad as it will give us a further option wide left but IMO he isnt at the level where we need to part with Tielemans style cash.
  10. He was a game changer yesterday, no doubt. Can he run around like that for 90 mins, personally Im not sure. I feel for him though as there really is only one spot up for grabs for him which is Vardys. Yes he may now get the nod to be a supersub but I cant see any type of regular system that sees both Kelechi and Vards starting and that in a nutshell is the problem for Kelechi. He will always struggle to get into the rhythm an FC needs to be in to get into form but hopefully he can still contribute enough this season.
  11. I've ordered a Man City shirt. Disgusted we couldn't score 12.
  12. To be fair to Nicol and other pundits like him, he isn't saying anything we dont already know. Kasper and Vards may be exception to the rule but we will always sell our best players who are young because they will have more ambition than the older lads. We need to have the mentality of a club like Dortmund, get used to us losing our players, enjoy them every season they are with us and have the faith that our recruitment team is so good that we may lose top players but we will find players who end up as good or better than them, just like Caglar has the potential to be a better player than Maguire, Tielemans for me is better than Drinkwater and Ndidi is closing in on the standard of another big money departure in Kante. The ride of having top players is so much fun but we know if we have to sell them, we will be holding those tosspots to ransom!!
  13. Perez gives us that balance as a forward player that wingers dont. I agree he hasnt been great for us but he has only been here a couple of months. If we start judging new signings after a few months then we might as well have binned Caglar. Some of the knee-jerk stuff about him I read last year was farcical. Despite that, we have options and permutations and personally I think Praet played well enough to stay in midfield and Id have Maddison back in for Ayoze and try that 11.
  14. This dude was a beast today and his best performance of the season. Its amazing to think he is still only 22.
  15. Anyone who has watched Perez for Newcastle knows that this guy blows hot and cold and is inconsistent. He isnt a 7/10 player every week, but a 4/10 then an 8 or 9. Im sure he will contribute to us throughout the season and we will look back saying he was a solid signings.
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