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  1. Whats the latest with Tavares??
  2. Daka now, Eduard on a free next summer please Mr Rudkin.
  3. Considering out catalogue of injuries, I`d say this was an amazing season. 4 points better off in the league than last time and another major trophy in the cabinet. The squad has improved, youngers are emerging from the academy and our purchases have largely improved in value, especially Fofana. 8/10 season at least for me.
  4. Maddison was flying before he got injured. He obviously hasn't recovered. Also not having Barnes as an out ball doesn't help him much as 352/532 makes it more difficult for him to find space. As for players being "pally" after the game, I`d rather they were like that. Work hard on the pitch, mates away from it. Yes you can be disappointed but no need for this fake s*** that its life or death.
  5. Where do I start lol! So many players out of form due to IMO injury. One of the best RBs in Riccardo, Maddison to name but two. With JJ, Evans and Fofana going off injured in addition to Barnes, who has been the biggest miss of the lot all led us to run out of steam. We deserved better but I`d take 5th again (4 points better than last season) and the improvement of the FA Cup win. We go again next season.
  6. In a league full of giants, its no surprise we are so poor at set pieces as we must be one of the shortest teams around. Ideally, our GK was 6ft 5 and amazing in the air but he isnt! Kasper is a quality GK but coming out for crossing isn't his forte. With Evans missing, it seems Kasper was told to come out for crosses. He did that more today than he has done this season. Its not his fault he messed up as that isnt his game. BTW, some of the comments in here are weird, A GK should be good at stopping the ball from going into the net as Kasper IMO is the best in the leagu
  7. Im one who had been stating LT may be best suited to a loan for a season but regardless, no one can blame him for yesterday. He did some good things in a poor performance. We looked disjointed and hardly any of the starters had a decent game. Tielemans and Ndidi were bypassed in midfield for starters and largely our midfield did very little to protect the defenders including LT.
  8. Amazing owners. Living in London and having mates supporting London based teams saying that they got emotional when Top was called into celebrate shows the love our club has because of our owners, even from the neutrals!
  9. Kasper Castagne Fofana Soyuncu Riccardo Ndidi Tielemans Thomas Maddison Vardy Iheanacho I get the feeling Vardy will unleash! 1-3 Leicester
  10. I reckon LT will play for England but I was one saying that maybe he needs a season in the Championship at a top 6 club or lower Prem. After the last few performances I reckon I may have gone too early!!! Keep it going LT!!!
  11. Vardy will explode on Chelsea. They wont be able to handle him, 4-0. Vards treble, Caglars chin with the 4th.
  12. He isn't match fit, yet. He is 9th on the list for mins played for us this season, still behind JJ and just 32 mins more game time than Harvey Barnes, both who seem to have been out forever. When he is match fit he is huge for us but Ayoze did more defensive running which helped us, At least Madders looked sharp when he came on which bodes well for the last few games.
  13. I gave him MOM. A couple of great balls down the line to Vards, looked decent in position and gave us balance. That goal was brilliant. I cant think of many players who can side foot it into the top corner!!!!. Its harsh to say he was at fault for the goal but Im sure Brendan will be telling him to clear it out next time. The fact that Caglar and friends were done again makes them more culpable than LT.
  14. Thomas MOM for me, A great goal, nice touches down the left and gave us balance. Many of the team found form in the second half, especially Ndidi who played like he does and makes such a difference for us.
  15. Ranieri wasn't a ranter, did it a couple of times from reading various autobiographies it had the desired effect. The ability is there, the belief isn't. Whether its football related or the club going from all buoyant to the wrong type of vibe when key players and the club captain go off to a party, we are under it. Even top turning up against Newcastle didnt give us any focus. If we come out like we did against Southampton in the second half and just expect a win then we get stuffed. Hammer them Brendan!!!
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