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  1. Obviously i would like to see it sewn up as soon as possible with a kittle mini run of runs over the coming few games but we will have a big say on the outcome when we play sheff utd, Man utd and spurs in the run in. We could seriously dent any or all of their hopes. As others have said would dearly love Man utd to come to us last game needing a win and we stuff them.
  2. my ideal final table would look something like this Liverpool Us Man City Wolves sheff Utd Unfortunately, with Man city likely banned from Europe and having already won the LC, it is still likely that Man utd and Spurs will scrape into Europa via 6 & 7th place
  3. Talks were ongoing and if this is confirmed its great news. Not many in his position would be content to be back up, but he knows he is valued. Just knowing that you are held in high esteem makes a huge difference in this respect and i am sure that his experience is invaluable in helping to improve the likes of Chilwell and JJ. We need the likes of Christian at the club. What he may have lost in pace he has more than made up for in experience and his reading of the game and positional sense etc
  4. Really pleased for him. Great performance last night. Too many on here seem to automatically dismiss any player who is not necessarily first choice. Albrighton, Mendy, Fuchs, Morgan etc. We must never forget this is a squad and every member has a part to play, if not necessarily as a first 11 starter every week. I have said before that his crossing ability is essential in training. How better to improve defending crosses than have one of the best in the business firing them in during practice. He was the perfect pick for this game, brought in to do a job, helping to nullify Grealish and provide service or our forwards, both of which he performed admirably. Got a bit over-excited with his his last minute shot into the stands, would have loved to have seen him round off with a goal for his efforts, but not going to over criticise for that. .
  5. Some saying Ricardo had a quiet game, but with Albrighton in front of him there was less need for him to be in the more advanced positions which also helped to shore up the back line when needed. There were some great interchanges between the two of them though taking it in turns to do the overlap. Grealish was anonymous, mainly because Ricky P and Marc had the right hand side sewn up between them. It was noticeable, that after Wilf leaving one on him, both Ricky and Marc did the same and he just didnt fancy it. It was noticeable that he was dropping deeper an deeper as the game went on. Personally I would like to see the same team out next time round, but i think this one was picked with a specific job in mind (contain Grealish) and we will see Perez back on Saturday. Probably a it harsh on Sharkey but, like Fuchs i think he accepts that that is his role now as a backup, or when we need to inject a bit of steel and experience into the proceedings. Those that say his time is done here should be eating their words after three assists in two games. He will be invaluable next season when we have europe to contend with. Very impressed with JJ. Real competition now in the FB positions as he can play both sides. Would still keep Fuchs if he is willing to stay on as with Albrighton that experience will be invaluable next term.
  6. Can't see Villa doing us any favours against Chelsea after that. They are woeful and looked doomed. Their next four not looking good for them
  7. Evans. What a double tackle to start the move for Vardy second. Determination in spadefuls and no prisoners. Albrighton made a massive difference got stuck in and always looking to get us forward. We were very good tonight after the shaky start. Praet and Ndidi totally bossed it. Same again Watford please. Hopefully we can go on a mini run and jobs done.
  8. a bit of luck there for Jamie but didnt he take it well.
  9. ooh poor touch from Nacho there
  10. surely its coming? Villa cant defend for for their lives
  11. We have missed Wilf. Thats Grealish's card marked.
  12. After Villa players openly admitting they set out to deliberately foul us to disrupt our transition/counters in the LC semi, hopefully the officials will be watching for this and put a stop to it with a couple of early cautions if they try it on again. Personally i quite like Oliver (this relative when compared to some of the others) but he had a shocker with the Ricardo/Targett decisions last time round.
  13. Presumably they will stream them through facebook like the FA cup game last week? Might be a good thing in the long run for those who cannot get to games. If they get huge viewing figures they may rethink the "ban" on saturday 3pm games
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