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  1. That or it is complete b*ll*cks that they have just made up
  2. Players friends, relatives and "sources close to " etc should keep their opinions to themselves and not air them in public. (I hope Mrs Vardy is taking notes here) That's what players have agents for. Invariably when family gets involved they generally put their foot in it and it ends in embarrassment for the player.
  3. ERR Gordon Banks was a world cup winner and Peter Shilton held the record for England caps
  4. Bon Jovi Claude says, we've got to hold on to what we've got It sure makes a difference if we make it or not we've been champions of England so We'll give it a shot. WOAH Livin' on a dream Oh, coming to get you, ready or not You live for the fight when it's Leicester you got WOAH Livin on a dream (Or perhaps it should be w'ere on a wing and a prayer) I actually think this tune would be great, power, emotion, readily recognisable and a sense of fun especially with a few rousing words which better than I could up with.
  5. Agreed. when you have feasted at the table of kings, McDonalds just doesn't have the same appeal and it is difficult to be motivated or get excited by the thought of chicken nuggets again. I think we all recognise that it is a cyclical process....... when the team is playing well and really giving it a go, then you start to get a buzz around the stadium as expectations rise. Players obviously pick up on this and so are encouraged to keep at it. This in turn will notch up the atmosphere and so on. It is a symbiotic relationship.
  6. Harry may well put in a request but what everyone seems to forget is that the club do not have to accept it. He is on a long term contract and as such we can hold out for whatever value we decide he is worth to us. I know there is the old adage of there being no point hanging on to a player who does not want to be here, but he does not seem the sort to throw his toys out of the pram. If a player does that, then sitting on the bench will not get him the move nor will he be eligible for any appearance or win related bonuses that go towards making up their wages. I am not sure just how serious the talk of Man Utd interest was in the summer anyway. Don't forget Jose was never adverse to mind games (we were playing them first game of the season after all) and the papers have got nothing else to write about and just love to stir it up.
  7. After the display against spuds and to a lesser extent Man Utd, providing we don't muck around with any unfathomable team changes (Vardy in for Gray should be only change IMO) someone very shortly is going to get a battering from us when we start converting the chances that Tielemans/Maddison combination can create. Lets hope its Palace as we really owe them one.
  8. and not just the eleven. For me it was always a twelve/thirteen. When Shinji had worn himself out chasing everything after an hour Ulloa stepped in and held the ball up, not to mention weighing in with a few precious Goals. King also did his bit when called on as did many other squad members
  9. For me there were three major factors that led to the great escape, and hence the momentum that carried us into the next season and ultimately the title. 1 Kaspers return from injury 2 Vardy finally found his shooting boots in the PL 3 WE SIGNED HUTH An absolute no nonsense old fashioned man mountain of a centre back. Legend. One of my abiding memories will always be when he got his shirt literally ripped from his back over his head (against Palace I think) and he just stood there in his vest, gave the ref a look and then just got on with it. When we got him from Stoke a lot of people just thought of him as some clogger but he already had two PL winners medals so he was no slouch and the experience he brought to us helped to steady the ship and the rest is history. We should give him some sort of coaching role. He would be a great motivator I am sure and some of our young defenders would certainly benefit from his Nounce.
  10. I thought his goal at Spurs was his 100th for the club according to the TV? or does that include cup games or something??
  11. We should always be cautious when declaring youngster the next best thing since sliced bread. There is a long history of promising youngster that have burst onto the scene in a blaze of glory only to fail to continue developing. For every Lineker, Beckham, Owen, Rooney, Heskey etc there are many more who faded into mediocrity. (Joachim, Andros Townsend, Any one remember Mattock ?)
  12. There is a couple of things wrong with statement. There is no "of" about it they were the best ever. The second is England, should be the world.
  13. Unfortunately its Puel who picks the team and I worry that he will revert to type and make a shedload of unfathomable changes when we have just played probably one of the most dynamic games of the season in terms of free flowing football despite the result. The only change I would make would be to start with Vardy instead of Gray. No grumbles either if he went with Hamza in place of N'didi but hat would be harsh on Wilf. Mendy has had a reasonable season, although last few games have been a bit ropey and if he puts him in for either of the others then for me that would put the tin hat on it and just prove that the team is picked on favouritism rather than form.
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