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  1. The next couple of games or so could be our “Man City moment” for this season. Come through them with a couple of wins and we are still right there in the mix and the belief will start to grow. Losing on the other hand may well still prove not to be a complete disaster as there will still be a few more surprises in this topsy turvy season. Nobody has shown any signs of enough consistency to start pulling away yet and with so many teams in and around the 30plus points bracket it’s still anyone’s for the taking.
  2. Top bin. What a strike. This lad just gets better
  3. Albrighton should be taking all our corners from now on. Two great deliveries. So much better than Maddison’s usual fare
  4. Oh my God! We all had a pretty good idea of what it looked liked from @Billynomates and others snaps but that was some reveal. That is truly going to be envy of world football when it comes to training facilities and is going to put us on the map as serious contenders. We are MASSIVE. hope the club is sending that vid out to Messi and cos agents, cos they gotta be impressed.
  5. Personally can't see Rodgers going to Arsenal when the inevitable happens. Last time the job came up he dropped a few hints about it being a compliment that he was being linked, got himself a shiny new contract and declared that he was always committed to "the project" here. Words are cheap (unlike his pay increase) but i believe that if there really was a genuine interest, if he had wanted to go then he would have. I would like to believe that he meant what he said at the time and means to see it through here. If, in a couple more seasons we are still not consistently challenging
  6. Unfortunately i can see BR putting in both Ndidi and Mendy to try and nullify Fernandes and Pogba. That would be a mistake for me. Same starting side as against Spurs, and try and get at them early doors. put down a marker. If we get ahead and need to close the game out then that would be the time for two CDM (and maybe even big Wes) Make no mistake though, this will be a hard game. As much as we think they are Sh*te and OGS hasn't got a clue, they are coming up fast on the rails again and picking up points. They are 3rd with a game in hand so obviously still a big threat. We know th
  7. I do think there is a time and place for both but only if Wilf has to fill in at CB or we need to swamp the midfield to contain and protect a narrow lead to close out a game where our creative payers are being nullified. Having this depth of cover though does give us options, in that we can utilise our subs better, especially with the current injury issues, whereby if we lose a CB, Ndidi can drop into that role and Mendy takes over the DM role.
  8. He will forevermore be jack Duckworth in my mind now.
  9. Another big coup for our recruitment team. In today's market £6M, even for an unproven prospect, is beginning to look like a steal. Has to be up there alongside getting Albrighton and Fuchs on free, Mahrez for £440K and Vardy for £1M (although that was a record fee for anon league player at that time) . Was worried post lockdown that we had thrown him in at the deep end too early due to our injuries, and that could have knocked his confidence and damaged his progress, but he has risen to the challenge magnificently and as it stands now has to be in contention for POTS.
  10. True but it does happen in goalmouth scrambles, possibly corners etc. Was just pointing out the difficulties that might be thrown up if restricted simply to foot position
  11. Agree with the majority here that it was just an alignment of everything. Claudio desperately wanted to have one more crack at it and dispel the "tinkerman" tag, a group of players that were united and obviously had a strong bond. Ranieri was perfect for us at that time, took the pressure off the players, but always giving them encouragement and plaudits in his press conferences. His only real changes were replacing our full backs by bringing in Simpson and Fuchs. He preferred Shinji to Krameric at the start, and after a few games Knte to Inler, and as we hardly had any injuries, he stuck to t
  12. Said this in another thread somewhere, but when Ricky P is back up and running we surely have the best FB option of perm any 2 from 3 in the league. JJ, Ricky and Timmy have all shown that they can play either side and turn in a performance. What a position to be in. That doesn't even take account of the fact that we also have Thomas progressing nicely. (And that takes nothing away from Fuchs who has done a decent job as stand in despite being overplayed due to injuries etc.)
  13. Offside is one of the few decisions that are black or white. on or off. Doesn't matter whether the dividing line is 1mm or 1metre, there is a definite line and that is that. I agree, to some extent, that the line should be from where the player is standing, not leaning to, as obviously an attacker will generally be leaning forwards, and a defender who is trying spring the trap, leaning in the opposite direction. However, there is a flaw in this too. What happens when an attacker is diving in to head a ball? his feet may be behind the defender, but his head is not, and that is the part of the b
  14. No we wouldn't, but if he is out of favour/wants a move then it might be possible that there is a deal to be done. There is obviously something going on with him and Jose (who has previous for freezing players out). Obviously this is not a priority position for us at the moment but we have players surplus here that Spurs have supposedly had an interest in previously (Gray, Slimani) so there would be no harm in testing the water. If the price is not right then we leave well alone, but if it was, then i think he could do well here.
  15. I have criticised him in the past for coming across as a bit petulant and a spoilt brat but maybe spending time out of the picture may have matured him a little. We seem to have a pretty grounded, down to earth bunch here so maybe they would soon knock it out of him? Not in January they can't. My point was, if they are really interested and want to offload Ali who seems, like Gray is here, surplus to requirements/out of favour then there may be the ossibility of a deal
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