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  1. This is what we need not playing two DM and going sideways all day against the so called lesser teams. This ultimately was CPs downfall, not the performances against top half sides but failing to change the system and go for the throat against the likes of Cardiff Southampton etc. If we want to build a decent squad with enough depth to challenge for (and ultimately play in) European competition then we simply cannot rely on just having a strong starting 11. (2016/17 showed us that as our European adventure continued so our league form dipped). Players also have to realise that this will mean rotation and as much as we the fans want to see our favourites play every week, it is not realistically sustainable. If players want to be part of a squad that can challenge and win things then they too have to accept that they will not play every game.
  2. Apparently it seems so if this article can be believed. Kinda answers my own question about about 5 posts back.
  3. Thought this was a non starter, offer turned down and the player didn't fancy it either. Has something changed or just recycling old rumours?
  4. Never mind cards if VAR was around back in the day there would have been a few assault and GBH charges flying around. I am all for cleaning the game up but there was something about seeing the likes of Norman Hunter and Ron Harris "getting stuck in". They weren't known as "Bites yer legs off" and "chopper" for nothing. And they were the good guys! https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=chopper+harris&view=detail&mid=4E690D3E80E80EA0405A4E690D3E80E80EA0405A&FORM=VIRE
  5. Yep. Although that did actually register on the Richter scale apparently ! I also seem to recall that, when the stadium was first built, they could not get a license for music events due to the fear that if everyone started dancing and jumping around at the same time there was a risk that it could set up some sort of vibration and resultant structural damage but they may have fixed that.
  6. If they are expanding from 32 to 40+K capacity then that's almost 25-30% increase. That is an hell of an extra loading, especially considering that the structure shakes already (when the KP rocks it does so literally). The expansion is an ideal opportunity to strengthen some of the existing structure. its not like sticking an extra bedroom on top of your garage. it is a major engineering and building project which will put a massive loading on the existing foundations, especially when you consider that the whole area is made up ground and beside the river. As rightly pointed out, this exploratory survey work is essential to establish what loadings the ground will take, the depth to which any piling for foundations will need to go and what buried services are present. I would not be surprised if they are not doing Ground Penetrating Radar surveys and all sorts. I think we will see a lot of this type of activity over the coming months.
  7. The guy is a free agent. surely there must be a whole host of clubs out there that he would do a great job for. The only thing I can think is that they are put off by thinking that he would want huge wages?
  8. Walshy managed to pick up plenty of reds without the help of VAR. Wonder how many extra minutes would have been added on after all the VAR interventions in some of his games against Steve Bull !
  9. urban fox

    Papy Mendy

    Gotta be worth £8-10M surely. IIRC we paid about £13m for him in 2016 so we should be able to recoup a good proportion of that. Despite what some people seem to think, he is still a good player, and at 27 is probably reaching his prime years having seemingly put his injury problems behind him. Only down side is that he only has a year left and unless we cash in now (or offer him a new contract) we could end up losing him on a free. If we cant get a decent fee for him I would keep and give him a new deal, at least that way, even if he is not first choice we still retain some sell on value at a later date. OK so he is no HM but we should follow the same principal and if we do not receive what we consider a fair offer then he stays.
  10. Not sure. I think we may have a couple of targets bubbling away but maybe we need to recoup some with a couple of outgoings before we can commit to any more spending. £76M spent so far by all accounts on three players. If HM does go expect a couple of things to happen quite quickly. I would not rule out something a bit left field or a surprising name that was not anyone's radar (lets face it last year we were all focussed on Maddison and a couple of the others came from nowhere). TBF even if we don't get anyone else in I think we have had a good window with the business we have already done and look well set up for the coming season.
  11. Ran out of stuff to write and you can only recycle the same old BS so many times. Nothing has changed. I really do think that Man utd are holding out to the last possible minute to prevent being gazumped by the blue mancs. If both offer the asking it should be fairly obvious which way HM is going to jump and they know this. I am pretty sure that if Utd come in with an asking price offer, then HM agent will be straight on the old dog and bone to Pep.
  12. What, gone 9 Am already and no new ITK?/troll tweets doing the rounds saying the same bollox as they were yesterday and the day before that? Might have to actually do some work instead. come on you guys we've still got 61 pages to go.
  13. What about 2015/16?? ort The Bloomfield boys, Sure this squad looks pretty good and to be honest I am very excited to see where we can go if we can keep the core of this group together and add extra quality as and when needed so they can mature together as a team. Best ever? not yet but they could be.in fact they could be awesome and I really do think we can win something with this crop and be a real force for a considerable time to come
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