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  1. City (not THAT one, OUR one) have always been my team from an early age as a local lad. When I went off to study at Uni in Scotland, I followed Aberdeen and went to a fair few games as I had made friends with some of the local supporters, but my first priority was always to look out for the foxes results and news (couldn't even get English games on MOTD up there then they had their own version, and long before the days of Sky, BT or the internet and streaming etc). Even now, working away from home down south, I have little opportunity to get to games (even I could get a ticket, which as has been pointed out is nigh on impossible) yet my allegiance has never once been threatened, even in the darkest of those wilderness years. This does not preclude taking an interest in other teams, especially where there is a family or other connection but my blood will always run blue.
  2. This. You don't see Liverpool changing formations to accommodate players. Either play to the strengths of the players that are picked (ie Maddison and Tielemans together in the middle) or pick players more suited to the system and role such as Albrighton or Barnes in place of Madison out wide. Whilst that would essentially mean dropping either Maddison or Tielemans so be it. You cannot simply pick your "best 11 players" and move them around the pitch, you need to have the right players in the right positions and if that means leaving someone out then so be it. We have a good enough squad to rotate personnel and systems without playing people out of position. (It reminds me of that game where England played Kane and Vardy as wide players just to accommodate Rooney). To do otherwise, is a total waste of talent and destroys the balance of the side. If we want to start with two DM fine, but leave Maddison and/or Tielemans on the bench and bring them on later to change things around. Keeps the players on their toes and the opposition guessing. After all that's what the bench is for (apart from covering injuries of course).
  3. Tough run of games coming up. BR has to get it right. Remember start of 17/18 season? disastrous start in terms of points, but in context that was probably the hardest run of games to start a season you could have picked. Regardless, the run of defeats is always going to be demoralising and ultimately Shakespeare was history by October. So far we have done OK, but a run of poor results can soon become a habit as can winning. If we get nothing from the next couple of games we need to make sure we don't let ourselves get into a rut and start panicking. Its still very early days, and as long as we can start winning the sort of games against the lesser lights where we dropped points last season we should still be in contention come the business end of the season. For this reason We should keep the faith and see where we are and how we are performing come the end of the year.
  4. ha-ha, even when we disagree we are all right. of course we are. we know we can pick the team and decide the tactics better than any manager and his coaching team cos we are totally unburdened by such things as having to watch the players in training or whether or not they are feeling under the weather, carrying a slight knock, or not in the right frame of mind due to coping with family issues and the million and one other little matters of no consequence to us. It is of course black and white, they are either great or shit and therefore should be played in every game regardless or immediately sold/loaned to whoever will take them off our hands (and these decisions should always of course be based on wild supposition and bias, in complete ignorance of any actual evidence or stats). This football management lark sounds easy. might have to give it a go someday
  5. Question. Play safe with 2DCM and try to contain, maybe nick a winner on the break or go for it and risk getting a tanking if it goes wrong and we get caught out ourselves? Personally I would rather see us go down fighting trying to win it. No problem with bringing the extra DM on to steady the ship for the last quarter if are in front but if we start that way and then go behind we are always chasing the game rather than trying to dictate things. Fortunately not a decision I have to make from behind a keyboard. Unfortunately for Rodgers, whatever way he decides to go, if we lose then he will get stick for it from either faction. Win and then of course it was genius all along.
  6. I find Gray so frustrating. he obviously has plenty of raw talent but he just has not improved. He is no longer an 18 year old "one for the future" and it does not look like he is going to fulfill his potential. Raw talent only gets you so far, you need a footballing brain and be able to make the right decisions or there will be no end product. I have no problem with him being "greedy" if he was regularly sticking the goals in but this is not the case and its down to knowing when to go on your own and when to pass. Vardy, for example, is a striker who is always going to look to score, but his assists stats also show that he knows when a team mate is in a better position. I think Gray is going to go down as one of those nearly men. Almost a great player, but unfortunately seems to have stumbled/stagnated. I am sure he could do a job for a lower prem/upper championship side but unless something happens soon he is not up to scratch for a team with top six ambitions.
  7. All and sundry here were screaming for Choudhury to be in the side. I have no issue with him as a player, he is quality. However, all the armchair managers get their wish and then complain that we are too defensively set up with no width. You cannot have it both ways (Wilf is always going to be first choice CDM at least for the foreseeable future). We have a squad and you cannot play all 20+players every game. For what its worth, whilst I fervently hoped that we would put out pretty much the same formation as against Bournemouth (personnel may change slightly depending on form/injuries etc) I always felt that Rodgers would take a more conservative view and set up to try and contain rather than press at old Trafford. I like Rodgers and what he brings, but so far as I can make out the only difference between him and Puel so far is that he is not afraid to change things around and does actually pick a more attacking side against teams that we should be beating, whereas Puel stuck doggedly to his formulae. This is what for me was most disappointing on Saturday. Man Utd, with all their injury issues etc, were there for the taking yet he decided to play it safe. I understand that sometimes you have to pick a team and formation that suits the occasion, yet here was a chance to take advantage of a weakened team, that come the end of the season we could be competing against for a European spot. We played against a reputation not the actual team that on the park and that, IMO was poor judgement. The dilemma now for the Spurs game is, do we say "well that dint work, we are better with a more attacking formation" swap it up, go for it and get punished for it? Personally I would rather see us have a good go, make an exciting game of it, and if we get beat by a better team on the day then so be it. But then again its not my job that's on the line if we fall short of the points total/position set by the powers that be.
  8. So radio 5 previewing the game but so far haven’t even mentioned us. Typical
  9. Is that us or them? could apply equally to both sides in fairness.
  10. yes, and sometimes Lino didn't actually flag until getting a nod from the ref who may have been better positioned closer to the play or not blindsided by a ruck of players etc. I do agree that sometimes VAR takes too long but already it seems to be getting quicker as I believe that they are applying the "clear and obvious" test for potential penalty claims etc. and only intervening where this is the case. Kane penalty appeal for eg. Ref was well positioned and did not give. Contact yes, but in refs opinion not sufficient and VAR did not alter that decision as not clear and obvious error . there will always be subjectivity, but unless VAR sees something that the ref/lino has missed then it should not alter the decision. Offside and handball rules are slightly different as it is a black and white issue. It is noticeable that players, even when flag raised are continuing to put the ball in the net as, in the case of Nachos goal in the cup last year (first ever goal given after VAR review for offside) VAR can work both ways. It is also obvious that the Linos are not so quick to raise the flag these days unless it is obvious for all to see. I am sure that, as the season progresses and players, officials and fans get used to the mechanics of this it will become much slicker and we will all be wondering what all the fuss was about. If it does nothing else other than reduce all the shirt pulling and holding in the box at set pieces it will have been worthwhile.
  11. great article. comes over well and he seems like a really grounded young man
  12. HMMM. I thought we actually had named twenty three in the PL squad including Silva and Slimani. Take them, Matty James (injured) and third keeper out add Nacho and that gives twenty. JJ is under twenty one so is a free hit. besides surely, unless you were going to draft some of the academy players in you would need at least 22 for a full practice match? I think when he talks of a core squad of twenty he is not necessarily being literal. Even with that number and a certain amount of rotation, certain players will know that they will most likely be bit part players (eg anyone who plays up front but is not called Jamie Vardy, or back up keepers etc)
  13. I have only been a regular on here for about a year now and I already recognise @fuchsntf posts are legendary.. In the early days I was often tempted to skip over them but soon came to realise the error of my ways. OK so some perseverance is sometimes required but it is usually worth the effort. If nothing else he certainly provokes thought and discussion (which after all is the whole point of forums such as this) and is, if nothing else, entertaining. Long may he continue
  14. me too. got almost all from MON era and last few years but complete blanks for some of the mid 2000s. shows how rubbish we were when you cant even remember the names of the goalies. They really were desperate times.
  15. I think to be fair to him we have not been at our best in the games we have started utilising the midfield Diamond set up. he was probably a little unfortunate not to have featured when we changed the system against Bournemouth. We may well have seen more from him in that system. That said as per we looked a much better balanced and purposeful side with Albrighton on the pitch and Grey also did OK when he came on so it will be interesting to see if, and where, he plays next. I still believe he is a good addition to the squad, even if not a guaranteed starter. He may well prove to be invaluable as a main striker if Vardy gets injured, or if we go to two up front.
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