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  1. If Carlsberg made transfer windows........ might as well chuck in Bertrand for free as well
  2. This. From having probably the best squad of full backs in the league, one retired, two crocked, leaving one still recovering match sharpness and a kid. Oh and big dan of course assuming he is not sold.
  3. Not really but it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that there is something in the deal that stipulates a certain percentage of the cash be used for recruitment only. There could be a contingency pot set aside that the club could draw on for a specific purchase outside the main deal. However it is structured it will be to the benefit of both parties. A big name signing holding up the shirt with their name on is worth a fortune in free advertising to the sponsors and the club gets a quality player
  4. In a 4231 in place of Perez on the right of the three behind the striker I would have thought. Still think unlikely unless he is taking a massive pay cut. Barca want him off the payroll so can’t see any sort of subsidised loan deal. that said I still stand by my comments in other threads that we may well surprise a few with a high profile marquee signing and this could be it. @AjcW makes a valid point in that our new sponsors may be pushing for a significant signing to raise their profile as a newcomer into the field
  5. It is an automatic, and understandable reaction that we couldn’t afford him. However, we have no idea what his wage demands would actually be. This is a guy who has been earning 10m a year for the last few seasons so already has enough to live a life of luxury for the rest of his days. He may just decide that a 50% cut at this point in his career is still enough to get by on if it means a regular start and picking up a couple more medals. Barca need to offload so would also be willing to negotiate on any actual fee
  6. Gordon Banks. World Cup winner. end thread
  7. Obviously would be happier if he signed a new long term deal, but it’s quite simple really if he doesn’t. Win EL next season, automatic pot 1 for CL, following year win that then he can go on a free with our blessings. Except of course he won’t want to so will sign a lifetime contract and in ten years we name the family stand after him after completing construction of the new trophy cabinet building.
  8. Perhaps with Barnes back, if we get a decent RW in then where would he fit if we play 442 or 4141 with two wide players and two no.8s in the four? i think if someone came in with a serious offer then, depending on how BR wants us to set up and in light of his injury record then the powers that be might be tempted. for what it’s worth, personally I would keep him, get him sorted out and we have all sorts of options if we get soumare in.
  9. Abraham, Zouma, Sterling,Mahrez and a few others being touted as surplus to requirements, Kane wants out. Potentially some names from “big “ clubs may be on the move this year. problem is, once these players have been at these clubs, unless they lower their wage expectations, who other than the rest of the greedy esl lot could ever afford them. Even squad fillers will be on silly wages that effectively prices all but the super rich out of the picture
  10. Well he certainly grew up watching us. Was at the 69 final with his dad when he was 8 years old.
  11. Rodgers quotes about bringing in experience points to a couple of older heads such as Bertrand and I think Tarks will definitely be on the radar. from all the noise it appears Soumare and Eduard could well be done deals, so that probably just leaves an attacking right sided midfield (RW although not sure we would play that often with two out and out wingers). we will inevitably be linked with anyone and everyone, especially young potential as that is our usual modus operandi, but other than the above, anyone else would be straight replacements for any leavers. I am sure the powers th
  12. We constantly bemoan lack of quality in depth, yet when someone is not a first choice starter we immediately want to get rid. Can’t have it both ways. Praet is a quality player (don’t get into the number 1 ranked international side if they are rubbish) who we need to keep for just that reason. this is always going to be a problem for us until we have enough players of Praets quality in the squad to be able to effectively rotate with different personnel and systems (not simply as an emergency to cover injuries) like the man cities of this world. that said, I do wonder if he is still c
  13. Yes but it’s the world we live in. We have people at the club who’s sole job is to analyse these things and prepare dossiers on any potential targets. One of the reasons Evans joined us was because of how impressed he was with the stats research and dossier we had prepared on him before putting in our bid. Showed that we were serious about him.
  14. At some point the “don’t punish the fans” argument has to be debunked and quickly. The FA are between a rock and a hard place now in respect of points deductions. assuming nothing happens in respect of the greedy six and/or the Chelsea brawl, the next time they use this sanction will lead to mass discontent. However, if they do not use it, how long before those previous cases start to think about legal action of some sort. the easiest way for them to to be seen to be doing the right thing and acting in fairness is to make them all start next season with a 15 point handicap. While the
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