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  1. Released from acadamy and never played senior game for us as far as I know. I once played with his dad though for what it's worth. He wasn't bad either.
  2. Do feel for him and musa before also anybody else that we bring in cos their name is not Jamie vardy. That is no criticism of jv but if he is fit he plays simple. Anybody else will always be second fiddle at least for the next couple of years and that is a problem when trying to recruit. Anyone any good will know that they will be and be reluctant to come here and rightly so when you have one of the best strikers in the league. Nacho left mcfc cos he knew he was third behind aguiro and jesus. That said a season loan where he can get regular starts might the answer. Build his confidence and then maybe can rotate with jv to eventually be ta key over the reigns
  3. Yeah. Think he was quite pre-occupied at the time too as was I. We exchanged pleasantries a couple of times at visiting time. I do remember on one occasion his missus was not too chuffed with him as he spent most of the visiting hour watching a footy game on the ward TV.
  4. Also saw Muzzy coming out of Wilkos in Wigston Magna about 10 years ago. No idea what he bought though. When I went self employed back in early 90's I went to a printing firm in Bath lane to get some letterheads and business cards done. Was greeted by Jon Sjoberg. Apparently it was his firm which he started after he retired. Worked for many years in the eighties with Johnny "the Cat" Anderson former city Goalie. He was a maintenance decorator (his trade before turning pro) at the firm I worked for in Thurmaston. Funnily enough my Missus worked with his at LGH. They came to our wedding. Stood next to Tessa Sanderson in the badminton court booking queue at Centre Parcs in Thetford. She had managed to break her racquet and was after a new one (wonder if they kept her deposit?). Who would have thought that footballers and other famous people occasionally need to go to the shops and do normal things just like real people, its absolutely shocking!. In the old days, before they all became millionaires before they get out of their teens, most of them even had to get real jobs when they had finished playing.
  5. Sat next to Steve Walsh in Leicester General Maternity ward. Visiting his Missus who was in the next bed to mine
  6. Forgot Carlin Wiry little bloke but never flinched a tackle. In the same mould as the likes of Nobby Stiles
  7. As for Rodgers he also seems to also have the respect of the players and that personal touch that Claude lacked. Puels downfall seemed to be his lack of ability to communicate and a propensity to make some random team selections. Having said that his brief was a tough one, to transition the squad which to be fair he did a pretty good job of. Disbanding a large portion of the legends was never going to be popular, but necessary as it was becoming an ageing squad. I agree that Claudio did a great job in bringing a stability, recognizing and playing to the strengths of the players at his disposal and during THAT season of deflecting pressure from the players. He also deserves credit for the few tweaks he made in shoring up the defence, particularly in the full back positions. Shakey was obviously popular with the players as a number two but lacked the tactical nouse. A bit hard done to considering the sides we played at the start of the season. Ultimately though it is a results business, and regardless of what good stuff these managers achieved, points mean prizes. lets hope Rodgers can fulfill the early promise and we push on next season
  8. Yeah they may have super yachts, a grand prix and cordon blue cookery but we have a boating lake on abbey park a go-kart track and loads of late night kebab and curry shops so no contest really . Oh and we are only 80 miles to the seaside at skeggie . What more could you want.? Seriously though every team that is trying to build something has to start somewhere and hopefully he will see what we are trying to do here and fancy being part of it. I bet kaka wishes he hadn't turned down man city now when they tried to make him their first major signing after the money came rolling in.
  9. They have penalty tries in Rugby so why not penalty goals in football. It would have to be absolute, such as a goal line hand ball as suarez incident or keeper up ending a player who is going round them in line with the goal. You could not really argue the same for the foul on vardy yesterday as there is always the chance of missing or the attempt being saved where a player would have been through on a one v one with the keeper but taken down by the last defender (still a straight red though).
  10. Agree totally that agents have been creaming it both ways for far too long and the way they tout players around and start rumours of interest etc bump up the transfer values/wages etc are sometime nothing short of criminal. However, it is not unusual, in many circumstances for agents/representatives fees and costs to be paid by the buyer in many walks of life not just football. If the agent can get the buying club to cover their fees then that is good business which should then in theory save the selling club/player, however far too often it seems they are getting their cake and eating it. Many clubs also approach agents to check availability of their clients etc and so when they squeal foul it is sometimes hypocritical of them. Whatever, it is about time regulations were put into force limiting the commission earned. whether the final bill is paid by one party or the other, or even divvied up it should be open honest and fair. If the buying club is happy to pay the sellers costs then that is up to them, particularly if they have made the first approach, but this "double bubble" culture should be stopped.
  11. Yes we are only at the start of the journey. Since the title win we have been a squad in transition but with our crop of talented youngsters we should now be looking forward to hopefully realize the potential that is undoubtedly there. The original question was not intended to be an arrogant statement but rather a speculation of "IF" we (or anyone else for that matter) did manage to break through then obviously someone else would have to make way and who it was thought would be the most likely candidate to do so. These things are cyclical, and as rightly stated there used to be a top 4, then 5, now 6 etc. Liverpool were all conquering but then spent several seasons languishing somewhat off the place. Where were Man city until they suddenly became rich? A third division side. Personally as stated in the OP I would dearly love to see the likes of Wolves, Watford ourselves shaking things up and the top 6 becoming a top 8 or so, with much closer competition for the CL/europa places rather than the same old procession. True the dominance of the current 6 in terms of European qualification does mean that they will always be at the top of the tree money wise, but if that dominance could be broken then more teams would stand a chance of regularly rotating around the top of the table places and hence European football and the monetary benefits that brings. And that surely would make the whole PL more exciting both for the fans of those teams and neutrals alike. All of the above however does not answer the original question. For me I would rather it not be a single team dropping but more an evening out of the odds and a rotation of clubs around the top 8 places all in with a chance.
  12. Also we have good bargaining position in that Monaco seem to want Silva. Basically it will be down to the player himself and if he can agree personal terms I think. Remember it was reported (How accurately of course is another matter) that we were offered him on a permanent basis for £40m but turned it down as he was out of favour, believed to have an attitude problem, and was seen as too much of a gamble for a player untested in the PL after recent failures (Slim Musa Silva etc). He has definitely proved himself in this league, certainly does not look like he has an attitude issue and looks for all the world like he is doing his best to fit in with the squad and get himself a move. If we can meet his personal demands, I believe that we can get him as he seems to thrive in our side and looks a good fit with the rest of the players (they all seemed genuinely pleased for him when he scored). I agree he may see us as a stepping stone, but if we can attract the right mix of new blood, continue to improve our youngsters, and really start to compete at the right end of the table, then he, along with others will see a genuine long term future here. Lets get him first then worry about keeping him.
  13. OK. So it is the stated ambition of the club, and we are all agreed that we should be pushing for a place in the top six over the next couple of seasons. For that to happen, someone from the current established hierarchy has to drop out. Who will that be? Personally I would like it to be spurs, for no other reason than I have an irrational dislike of them (mainly since the title season when their attitude, and that of the press was that they were entitled to win it because they had some bloke called Harry in their side). Realistically, I think it most likely to be Chelsea as they seem to be lurching from one crisis to another, and could lose several of their top players with no possibility of replacing them due to the transfer embargo. I have also been impressed with Wolves this season and if they can keep it up and improve we could see the start of major changes to the established "big clubs" dominance over the next few years. It would be fantastic to see a real battle involving the top 7 or 8 teams all in the running, if not for the title, at least for the CL/Europa places.
  14. Spurs to finish 6th in a 3 horse race?? The way Man Utd are on a roll they will likely finish third now.
  15. my bad. signed for us at the start of the 59-60 season
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