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  1. Kane could always come here as Vardy's understudy. Sure he would eventually get a a run in team before he hits his thirties. Seriously though he might actually find moving on difficult due to the astronomical price tag spurs would put on him. Can see him staying there until his current deal runs out then moving on a free for massive wages somewhere, probably abroad.the way that the spurs squad seems to be on the verge of self destructing it doesn't look like he will win anything any time soon there.
  2. Winks great first touch? He miscontrols it which fools the defenders😂 Fair play once through he finished well. Generally England have been rubbish. Keane is going to rip them apart at half time.
  3. You forgot albrighton who was another free.
  4. Doesn’t seem realistic does it when you put it like that........but......... that’s exactly what title challenging teams do. Let’s not forget we only lost three games all season in 15/16 and that’s what wins titles. Not saying we can do it but it is going to be a hell of a ride if that sequence of results come to fruition and then it’s game on for real. All we can do, as we did then, is concentrate on our own performances, take each game as it comes continue being ruthless and not worry about what other teams are doing. We will no doubt have a few slip ups and disappointing results along the way but so will the others, hopefully when they meet us.
  5. That Utd match was my first one too. 1968 I believe so I too grew up watching the Bloomfield boys of the seventies. One of the most underrated sides in the league and Weller was the one that made it all tick. The first goal in the video clip at post#3 has some similarities to that maradonna goal against England.
  6. With our best wishes. An honest player who deserves better than being a squad filler here where he is too far down the pecking order now to get any serious game time. We should not forget that he was a regular starter before his injury and so much has happened in terms of our development as a team while he has been out he has unfortunately been left behind and no oppourtunity to be in the shop window either
  7. To Paraphrase what someone once said "think we gonna need a bigger bus"
  8. Makes you wonder just how many Charlton, Lineker and Shearer et al would have ended up with if they had been playing some of these sides. Lineker didn't get his first cap until he was Kanes age now
  9. deffo England's MOTM tonight,
  10. The horrific injury he picked up a year ago will have taken a lot of rehab and also i suspect affected him mentally too. A decent utility player who can fill in but i agree that he has probably been left behind by the quality we now have and so his opportunities here will be limited at best. There were rumours linking him with Sheff utd in the summer but i do not think he was back to full fitness. I hope for his sake that he gets he finds a good club and gets his career back on track whether that is a loan initially or a permanent move.
  11. I think that just because its football everyone has an inflated view of costs. You could build two entire KPs for that sort of money. Its not like they have to buy the land
  12. Because Croatia were actually a decent side who sussed out that we were actually rubbish and showed us up for the frauds that we were
  13. Cos its that or east enders which is even more dull and depressing
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