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  1. Soton looking good. Fancy them to take points against Utd
  2. If we can't beat both of these then we really do not deserve top four. They are both dire. Bournemouth trying a few things but no cutting edge. Spurs are just, well spurs.
  3. bit of a barney there. was hoping a red might come out
  4. in an ideal world Liverpool (man City) Leicester Chelsea Man utd Wolves (win EL) Sheff utd Burnley That would put Wolves into CL and if anyone but Arsenal win the FA cup then Spurs and Arsenal have no European football at all next year. If man city ban gets overturned then UTD only get EL and places only go down to 7th.
  5. I agree. I actually feel a little sorry for the lad. He is only 21, only his fifth PL appearance, coming on when his side were being tested hanging onto a one goal lead, almost his first contribution to the game. It was rash certainly, a young lad caught up in the moment wanting to make an impression and get stuck in for his team. None of this of course detracts from the fact that he was late, high and studs up. he knows that he made a massive error of judgement and hopefully will learn from it. The Arsenal appeal is i think more to do with pandering to their fans and to cover up the fact that they dropped 2 points in a game that they should have had sewn up by half time but had lost control of, rather than looking out for one of their players. What they should be doing is putting an arm around his shoulder, telling him that sh1t happens in football and that they are all supporting him and that he should put it behind him and move on. Instead they are putting him at risk of an extended ban to justify their own agenda, which could do untold damage. If the ban gets extended, the poor chap will not get a chance to put things right and will be stewing all summer. Arsenal really are the pits. People wonder why they cannot get a consistent tune out of their players and with some, like Ozil, seeming more than happy to trouser the money and do nothing for it? Its no surprise when the club act in this way. It is no way to nurture and protect your young talent. I am really rooting for Burnley to overtake them and ensure that, along with spurs, they have no chance of an EL place even if it does go down to 8th place with the right combination of cup winners etc.
  6. No we are not. on a points per game basis we are fourth. Maybe according to the bookies odds we are most likely to finish fifth but that is not statistically. Statistics are based on historical, empirical data, whereas odds are calculated based on a multitude of factors, not least of which is to ensure that the bookies make the most money. They will be giving short odds on man utd because they know it will attract a lot of punters in.
  7. Our form from January, with a couple of exceptions, has been poor granted, but we are in this position because the teams around us have also had poor/indifferent runs at some point in the season, so it all balances out in the end. Even Man city have been inconsistent, look at their results since the restart. They seem to either tank teams 4/5 -0 or lose. Of course the media will have it that they are all in transition, been unlucky with injury etc, but no more so than us. I accept that if we want to genuinely compete at these dizzying heights long term, then yes we have to become more consistent over the full season, then the rest will have to sort their own houses out. The fact that ourselves, Wolves and Sheff utd have made a good fist of this year shows that the league is becoming more competitive (ok so two teams are still miles ahead of the rest), so it is more likely that more teams will take points from each other making for a much more interesting league.
  8. yeah but he hadn't scored for three games so he must obviously be past it and now totally crap, along with the rest of our squad who, based on the league table also just happen to be the 3rd or 4th best side in the country. Vardy like all strikers will go through barren patches during a season. To hit the 20 goals per season, that is an average strike rate of just over one every other game, not allowing for missed games through injury or suspension, so given that he has scored two or more several times this season means that there are also plenty of games where he hasn't. People really should give their head a wobble before assuming the worst, we have seen this almost every season from Vardy (and every other striker)
  9. funnily enough i had a dream last night that we broke our own record. the only difference was Vardy hat trick, Nacho hat trick (vardy handing ball to him for a peno for his 3rd), Perez 2, Tielemans and Albrighton getting the last one. I thought mushrooms i had for dinner tasted a bit odd.
  10. This is going to be one of those games where i suspect that if we start strong, get the first goal then they will crumble and we could end up with a hat full. On the other hand, if we contrive to let them score first, then it will be a double-decker job from them for the rest of the game and we will end up huffing and puffing trying to break them down and this place will be ringing to the cries of no plan B (ie hoof it up to some big bloke, who we don't have, from the half way line). If we keep up the press, stay tight at the back, with patience we will eventually get through them, their heads will be gone and we should run out comfortable winners They look doomed already, but lose to Spurs tonight and then they simply have to get a result against us or they are practically down, which could make them desperate and dangerous, but also will give us space to play in as realistically (although not mathematically) a draw is no use to them, unless two of Villa, Watford and WHU collapse. I think it will be them, Norwich and Villa going down.
  11. No. If utd lose one, then they will have 64 points going into the last game, as will we if we pick up 5 points from our three. With our better GD they would need to beat us on last day. If we returned 7 points from those three games, outcome is same except utd would only have to draw one game, putting them on 65, one point behind us going into final game still leaving with them needing to beat us. If we get 9 points from the next three, then Utd cannot afford to drop any points before the final game. If they win them all, they would be on 67 points one behind us, thus still needing a final day win against us. fail to win one and then it is all over for them if we somehow manage to take maximum points from those three games.
  12. Barnes is a very talented footballer but it does worry me that he occasionally goes missing in games. When at WBA it was the same. Sometimes brilliant, sometimes anonymous going AWOL often for chunks of games. I just think he is that sort of player, you don't really notice him until he until he gets his head up and starts running at people. I can see why Chilwell gets frustrated at times as he offers nothing in terms of helping out defensively. Mahrez was similar, would often drift in and out of games, never tracked back but that was OK as we had Simpson who got a nosebleed if he went over the halfway line. If we are playing with attacking FB's then the wingers need to be prepared to drop and help out occasionally and this is one part of his game that he needs to improve. When he is on it, he is exciting to watch but he seems to lack that bit of experience to be able to force his way into a game if not seeing enough of the ball. I am sure that the coacjing staff have picked up on this and will be working with him to improve this aspect of his game. Like all young players, achieving that level of consistency will take a bit of time but i do think he will be a major asset in the coming seasons.
  13. They broke the rules end of. Unless they can get out of it on some sort of technicality, they will have to take their punishment. There is precedent set, but they will no doubt be trying to point to Chelsea in that they only got a transfer ban (albeit for a different offence so that will not really hold water). Uefa will be sweating though, because if it gets overturned they will have lost all authority over their own competition rules and then the floodgates will open. The CAS is unlikely to let that happen, (unless as stated Man city have some legal technicality up their sleeve) as this would then have a knock on effect for all other sports bringing the various governing bodies authority into dispute.
  14. by my reckoning, if Utd lose one out of their next four (or even better get 2 draws), then we need 5 points from from our next three games to ensure that they would need to beat us on the last day. If we take maximum points from those three games (big if), then they only need to fail to win one of those games and we are home and hosed with the last game a dead rubber in terms of them overtaking us unless they get a cricket score against us. I think Wolves have blown its so it a three horse race for 3rd-5th. Hold onto your hats folks, this is going to the wire.
  15. Basically this means that 4th might not get CL. Highly unlikely scenario as i think Man city ban will be upheld, and can't see Chelsea overturning their first leg deficit so fifth still looking good for CL spot in all reality.
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