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  1. exactly this. we should be proud of where we are but not forget that we have a very hard run in compared to some of the teams around us with five of our last nine games (thats a quarter of a season) against teams who are challenging for top 4/6. Of course we have taken points from all of our rivals this year except WHU and that is an achievement in itself. There will be more twists and turns before this campaign ends with points gained/lost where we least expect it. some weeks results will go for us, others against. that is football in the most competitive league in the world. Anyone can
  2. looking at the remaining fixtures we certainly seem to have the toughest run in (again). That said, i am sure that chelsea, spurs and utd will be looking at those fixtures and be a little worried about needing to get something from them too, so it is important that we garner as many points as possible in our next four games. That will put the pressure firmly on them to get a result and that will suit us. I still think we can get points from those last three games, and that means our rivals will also have dropped points in those games. Chelsea could be absolutely massive either way and possibly
  3. Like with so much else on here there are plenty who are willing to find fault, doom merchants and naysayers etc. JV has had a barren spell nearly every season at some point, but then seems to "click" again and go on another scoring run. I predict he will bag at least another 5 before the season ends, and wouldn't bet against him breaking the twenty goal barrier again. It is definitely too early to send him to the knackers yard just yet, but we must face facts that he is drawing towards the latter end of his career and therefore need to seriously think about succession planning in the summ
  4. You have actually seen Wilf shooting haven’t you?
  5. Hamza would not be starting anyway, Maddison probably only half fit (matchwise) and Praet preferred to Perez. No big deal, so i would be surprised if any of these rumours are anything other than that
  6. Big game this. hope we do the business and put in a top 4 display. Despite their injury problems they will be up for it too and looking to put down their own marker. It is going to be a hard game and due to their missing players, despite being the home side, i think they will sit deep and try to frustrate us and hit us on the break. We need to be patient and not let it get to us. I fancy JV to bag today, and if we get the first goal, then we will go on to win as they will have to come out a bit more and that will suit us.
  7. Stick with the brand. Our u23, youth teams etc are all lcfc first and foremost so should be the ladies team. i Suspect that the media, and others, will start to refer to them as the “vixens” as a nickname as that would give them an identity of their own whilst still sharing the club brand, badge and image etc. regardless of how they are referred to they have done brilliantly and this further cements the clubs standing as a serious contender in all aspects and shows just how far we have come under our exceptional ownership.
  8. I have a flat that I use when working in London in Barnet only a few hundred yards from the border with Brent does that count?
  9. Really looking forward to this one now. We could get well beaten, but if we are firing and come away with three points that would be a real marker of our credentials.
  10. He has also been unlucky with injuries but if I remember correctly this was an issue with him at Roma too. Bags of talent, needs to relax and stop trying too hard and sort his fitness out. I do think that when a player is playing with a tension they become more prone to injury than when relaxed and flowing. it becomes a viscous circle. Need to impress, try too hard, get tense, get injured. Then out for while, time running out, back to the start again. All that said he has not done enough to cement the deal as yet unless he is still progressing and settling in in training.
  11. Got me thinking about the various nationalities that have played for us over the years. italian, french,german,Spanish, Argentinian, danish, Japanese, Austrian, Nigerian, Finnish, Icelandic, Ghanaian, New Zealand, USA, Algerian Belgian etc. aside from a Brazilian are there any other nationalities that have not been represented? Have we ever had a Norwegian or Swiss player for example? A bit sparse in respect of Eastern Europe apart from Poland.
  12. Rowley, Chandler, Sinclair, Gillies, Mclintock. My first trip to Filbo was in 1968, with the likes of shilton, Nish, Rodrigues, cross, Glover, Alan Clarke and & co. Did see Banks playing at Filbert street but it was for Stoke (we won 2-1) Whilst the MON era brought us a couple of trophies, and there were certainly some great players in that era, for me the Bloomfield Boys were arguably the best all round side we have ever had, prior to the current one. In terms of sheer entertainment value, with the likes of Wortho, Weller and the Birch, they were right up there.
  13. A player can be world class without actually achieving anything on the world/champions league stage. Anyone who saw Frankley Worthington (rip) play in his heyday would have said he was world class yet he hardly got any caps as he was seen as a maverick by the England set up. Le tissier was another who arguably fell into that bracket. It is so subjective and depends on what yardstick is used but medals etc are only a small part of it. For me Lineker was definately world class, Kante, and Ndidi too. At his height JV, like Wortho was the best in the business but didn't fit the England t
  14. Rip Frank. What that man could do with a ball at his feet was unbelievable. As a kid I lived in Humberstone and would often see him walking his red setter on the Monks rest gardens and vicarage lane playing fields as he lived on the Scraptoft Lane at the time. He would often stop for a chat and sometimes join in a game of cricket with us in the summer, but would never play footy with us. When we saw him we would often "accidentally" kick the ball in his direction to shouts of "pass the ball back please mister" and he would occassionally treat us to a quick keepy up juggle before kicking it bac
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