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  1. This is actually a bit of a dilemma for Southgate. Vardy is not going to play in the upcoming friendlies as he knows that if, by some miracle Kane or Rashford actually get back to fitness in time for the Euros he will not feature (won't go unless he is sure of significant game time). On the other hand, Southgate ideally would want to integrate Vardy back into the squad if he is likely to be needed. We will no doubt be told that it is a great oppourtunity to try out new ideas etc. Personally I think, if as promised, we are to pick players based on form then, if Vardy says no, Ings and Abrahams should be first picks. On Sky last night the way it was being reported was almost verging on the point of accusing Vardy of letting his country down, constantly emphasising that it was his choice, and that he had ruled himself out of the friendlies despite the fact that he said he would come back in a crisis if asked. As far as I know, this is still the case, and he has not been asked, neither has he said that he would turn it down if he was, just that at present he has no plans to alter his decision and declare himself available (which would be a huge swallowing of humble pie, something that Vards is not known for). Come May, if Kane & Rashford not fit, Vardy collecting Golden Boot, Southgate will no doubt come under increasing pressure to send out the call. Jamie will then have a big choice to make (I can just imagine him telling the wife and kids that he will have to cancel the holiday they booked in February)
  2. Great news. I am sure that he will not be risked if he is not fully recovered. we are not that desperate that we would take that chance, and i am sure that the medical team will have the final say. Maybe a few minutes towards the end for sharpness maybe. Considering he ws supposed to be out for up to six weeks and has undergone a surgical procedure on his Knee it just goes to prove that he really is a machine. maybe all he needed was a couple of bolts tightening and an oil change. We should start calling him RoboWilf.
  3. Getting slightly fed up of people saying that we only beat WHU and Newcastle etc. because they were "poor" (using the polite version) to vindicate their own rhetoric about how bad we are and the wheels are coming off oh woe is me etc etc. Has anyone thought that those two teams looked "poor" because we made them look that way because we were actually good. Newcastle I think we could have had a hatful, but eased off second half when they went down to ten men. I get the argument that we should have been more ruthless in finishing them off, but it is a different scenario when a team goes down to ten through injuries rather than sending offs and it is the sporting thing to do rather than rubbing it in. (which I have no inhibitions about when the opposition gets player red carded, that is the whole point after all to put them at a disadvantage following foul play). Also, it was sensible game management, the points were in the bag, why go hell for leather and risk injuries, in a game already won during a time when we need to rotate and rest players due to a hectic schedule.
  4. You would have thought so wouldn't you with all the practice we have had over the years? The evidence on here seems to prove otherwise.
  5. Don't think this will be a roll over like the last game. Moyes seems to have got a bit of steel back into them. They will come and play deep, happy to let us knock the ball around in front of them and look for the draw or snatch it on the counter or a set piece. I hope that we can get a bit of our earlier tempo back though. If we go ahead we should keep pressing and go for the throat rather than thinking it is job done. As much as I want Nacho to continue his good form, the thing I really want to see is Vardy back amongst the goals. Every striker will go through a barren patch at some time during the season, and this is his, hopefully a lot shorter than his scoring run.
  6. If they actually had any players that we would seriously want we could put a cheeky bid in, but they don't so we will have to make do with starting rumours about their players going to other clubs. For me they can have Grealish, he would fit right in. Petulant show pony and a wingeing diver. perfect for them
  7. I remember the "tent" being something of an innovation at the time. before the days of undersoil heated pitches
  8. next four games will define our season. Win them all and we are back on track, Wembley final, 5th round FA cup and pretty well cemented in 3rd place widening the gap to fourth. Lose them all and we have blown our chance of a final, dumped out of FA cup by a lower division side and sliding out of top four. WWWD will do for me as a minimum. Confidence in the boys but also but fear that i will be disappointed. This is LCFC after all Edit - thinking about it DWWD will do. that would still leave us at worst 3rd with minimum 4 points above Chelsea and 7 above 5th place
  9. starting to think some of you really do have too much time on your hands. should start a thread entitled "random thoughts apropos to nothing in the actual thread" for some of the tangential stuff in here.
  10. yeah and thats part of the problem. The club is a business like any other and will set budgets, albeit with contingencies, and cannot simply dish out pay rises willy nilly. the sooner these over entitled footballers and their agents learn this the better it will be for everyone
  11. If this is true then all I can say is AAAH boo diddums! in every workplace I know, staff have an annual appraisal and pay settlements are decided at a given time each year. Nobody gets several bites of the cherry to ask for a pay rise in any given year, unless of course they are promoted. Most organisations have pay structures, based on seniority and other performance indicators, and any bonuses are also awarded annually, usually based on previously laid out criteria and targets being met. Every single one of them knows what their basic salary, addons (appearance, win bonuses etc) will be when they sign their (very lucrative) contracts, which will no doubt already have mechanisms built in for index linking, loyalty payments and incremental yearly rises etc. I think our club have been more than fair when it comes to reviewing players contracts and offering improved terms were it is merited. If players feel hard done to cos they simply cannot get more money any time they like then they can do one as for as I am concerned. We do not want or need any Divas here. It is not how our club is run. If they genuinely believe that they deserve improved terms, then I have no problem with this, but they know the rules so enter into proper negotiations at the proper time.
  12. I am not falling for all this doom merchant stuff. We are having a blip, things have not been going our way and, yes there are one or two out of form. There is definitely something not right with Chilwell at the moment, possible personal problems as alluded to by Rodgers or maybe had his head turned by agents, but whatever, he needs to buck up or spend another game or two on the bench. Ig he does come back for this one, please in his usual position, he is no winger, but can be effective driving out of defence. OK so Vardy has not scored for a little while, but he has not played all of these games due to paternity leave and a minor injury. It is nothing unusual for a striker to go a few games without a goal, proven by the fact that he is still the leagues top scorer. Personally I would play Mendy for Ndidi, Albrighton for perez, but swap him and Barnes to give Chilwell more cover (or give them licence to swap around) and stick with YT/Maddison as our creative hub. I would like to see Nacho get a run out but that would mean changing the system again and I am not sure that would be the right thing to do. If Rodgers does want to accommodate him from the start then for me it has to be a 4-4-2 with either Mendy or YT dropping out rather than a 3-5-2
  13. And that is a chasm of difference in meaning. If a player (or any other employee) is having personal issues of any kind that result in missing an important briefing session, then it is perfectly justifiable to suggest that they may not be "on it" and therefore not trusted to perform to their best. This is totally different from not being trusted, which implies some sort of misdemeanour. There are a thousand and one reasons why someone would miss a work appointment, from waiting in for the washing machine repairer to a family matter. I think we should all act like grown ups and stop the playground gossip. if there is anything amiss, then we will no doubt be told in due course, if it is suitable for public consumption. If not or the club believe that the individuals concerned privacy is to be protected, so be it and we carry on as normal. I for one will not lose any sleep over it
  14. With the exception of Liverpool, every side has or will have purple patches and dips over a season. Luckily, man utd, spurs etc all had a poor start where as we went off like a rocket, building up a nice points cushion. I would rather have the inevitable dip now, with the points in the bag than be the ones having to do the chasing. Bird in the hand and all that. The pressure is on them, but a couple more bad results and we might be feeling it. Hopefully we will correct that against whu
  15. An oft quoted phrase but really? for the vast majority of people financial security means having enough to pay the bills and a bit left over for a night out or towards a holiday (if their lucky). I know its all relative and people live to their means etc. but when you already earn over £2m p.a whats another £1m. I still buy my two lucky dips every week in the hope of getting "financial security" yet even a lottery win would be a drop in the ocean to some of these players
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