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  1. I actually think we will want to keep him around as BR rates his tactical knowledge and he is working with the youngsters. I can see him being offered a coaching role.
  2. So Diabate and Silva gone. Seems to be plenty of chatter around Slimani so hopefully something will come from that. Just leaves poor old Deadrie and the clear out will be complete. Can see someone coming in fro Gray before the end of the window too and that would actually net us a few quid. This could actually be one our better windows
  3. yeah got all excited then realised how old it was when they started talking about his arrival last summer. Stranger things have happened though, we got £24M for Musa from Saudi after all
  4. Have never really like Alli, not because he is a spurs payer but because he comes across as a petulant spoil brat (he may well be a really nice guy for all i know). Just don't think he would fit in with our squad and i can never forgive him for freezing Vardy out with England
  5. Still cannot figure out what happened with this guy. Was quite excited when we signed him, Portuguese international, Euro winner, bags of CL experience, all round classy looking player. Thought he was areal steal at £22M or whatever it was. I just wonder how much the whole 14 second thing messed with his head. probably felt like a bit of an outcast and as result perhaps could not bond with the rest of the squad. All conjecture of course but haven't heard any noises that he was disliked or anything, i just think we moved on without him and he didn't settle. He is a decent footballer but
  6. yeah. that "manager of the season so far" bit is definitely maybe just a tad over the top. But then again journos need a headline and it gives the story a bit of a shock horror feel and sounds better than "first manager of the month award for the new season goes to......"
  7. Thats probably triggered £1m of the add-ons then.
  8. True. but in context he should get the first PL manager of the month award. Aside from Ancelloti there cannot be any other serious contenders surely. 9 points out of 9, 12 goals scored, top of the league, inflicted MC worst ever home defeat in a tactical masterclass. All of this with several key players, who most would expect to be starters missing
  9. Thanks Edit (yippee it works). All i need now is to work out where the text editor/insert symbol is so i can add all those umlouty thingummies to Soyuncu, Iheanacho and Unders names
  10. I actually agree totally. variety is the spice of life. if we were all the same it would be a bloody boring place. Once upon a time i too was a radio 1 listener. now its smooth FM lol.. Oh and all those funny little shiny round things i have are what we used to call CDs back in the day and the big black ones with a little hole in the middle are R-e-c-o-r-d-s. If you span them around and scratched them with a bit of diamond stuck on the end of a pin you got sound from a couple of big box things.
  11. yep. that would be me too. As far as i am concerned Rap is just someone talking too fast to know what they are on about, and garage music should jut bloody well stay there with all the old paint tins. We built this city on Rock n Roll.
  12. I would be very surprised if we do not go back to our preferred 4-1-4-1. Amartey in for evans if unfit, Ditto Maddison for Praet. We could see Under on for Perez at the hour mark. Can't see Fofana starting, not even sure if he will be eligible anyway, but if he is again maybe a run out late in second half. Hopefully another three points and still top of the league going into the break.
  13. Would just love to see on the media darlings (preferably Arsenal or Spurs) having to scrap it out at the bottom. The meltdown on SKy would be unbelievable. Not going to happen so i suppose the next best thing would be Leeds. I think it is going to be three out of Fulham, WBA (both looked doomed already) Leeds and Villa. Also think Brighton, and palace will struggle again this year. Sheff utd surprised everybody last year but it could be that they have been sussed and might end up in the mix also.
  14. Of course not but only if we replace like with like. The point here is we simply cannot keep raiding foreign clubs and need to be aware of the rules which are there to encourage clubs to bring their own talent through. Even with Hamza we are two short for EL unless we put a couple of kids in, which we would be unlikely to play. Let’s assume Ndidi was not injured who would we leave out? The two Most obvious would the senior statesmen such as Morgan or Fuchs, one of which of course is “homegrown” . All I am saying is that we need to be savvy in our future recruitment and make sure our acade
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