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  1. This place is looking amazing. Liverpool bragging about their new place which is not a patch on this. We are MASSIVE. I do hope that, unlike some mercenaries on here, we are being fair with the contractors in respect of delays due the bad weather and covid etc. Would hate to see a repeat of the problems over the building of the stadium (looked good on the outside but serious problems behind the scenes with unfinished areas due to disputes with the contractor)
  2. I know players age and sometimes don’t fit changing systems etc but Kevin is a true legend of the club. Premier league winner, scorer of our first ever CL goal and the decider against Seville (probably one of the greatest games played at the KP). Along with Morgan our best player on the night in Athens. There is life in the old dogs yet. Also, who better to assist defensive training than one of the best crossers of the ball around. No longer an automatic starter but people need to realise that some players value to the squad goes a lot deeper than simply the starting eleven. The fact
  3. Not sure if this the right place for this but heard the sad news today that England World Cup winner Nobby Stiles has passed away. A true icon of the game. Will never forget that toothless smiles and the story that Norman Hunter (also recently passed) related when an opposing player threatened to knock his teeth out. His reply was “you’ll have a job mate cost they are in a tissue in my pocket” sadly he has spent the last few years in a care home suffering dementia but will bee remembered fondly. The class of ‘66 are now getting thinner.
  4. Exactly this. Often think we not going to get anything out of a game but still rooting for the boys to pull something out of the bag
  5. To those who moan about our lack of depth, Morgan And Albrighton probably our two best tonight. Not saying they can do it long term, especially big Wes given his age but he bossed the 18 yard box and won nearly everything in the air. Marc was the true pro once again, putting in a shift and trying to make things happen. An away win in Europe, on a dodgy pitch with crap officials with half of our first choice 11 injured, some of the normal stand-ins carrying niggles or needing to be rested and rotated or preserved (mendy,Fuchs, Praet etc) is a great result. Maybe we are not as weak as some
  6. By that argument we are still in credit for the Holding handball (which should have been a second yellow to boot) so bring on next seasons game
  7. We can analyse it all we like and as has been shown by the differing opinions here come to conclusions either way. It was a tight decision, made by the lino in real time. That is the only opinion that counts. The history books will only recount that the game finished 0-1, 3pts to LCFC. We all know that there will be good and bad decisions made (and that is also debatable depending on which side you are sitting). Personally i think it was the correct one, but can also see the other side of the argument. It does add to the debate that the offside rules need to be looked at and simplif
  8. Watched the west ham game on TV was already feeling bad after seeing big Dan's shocking injury but what came next was horrendous. Was cooking dinner when i got a text from a friend saying there had been a helicopter crash near the stadium and thought it wa a wind up as there had been something similar doing the rounds about a crash at the highcross a little while before. Turned the news on and realised that it was for real. The scenes were harrowing and you just knew that nobody was getting out that. An absolute tragedy, five people losing their lives, but even before there were any offi
  9. Can’t get a decent stream audio and picture out of sync and buffering. Back to RL.
  10. Not paying £15 but have noticed they seem pretty slick at blocking the streams when games are ppv. Usually on a non televised game can find a reasonable stream but so far they have managed to shut them down 10-15 minutes before the end.
  11. All those saying they can’t be a*sed for this will I presume not be posting in the match thread or going into meltdown then if we fail to win.
  12. I’ve had a few hondas’ in my time but my lawnmower has a bigger engine that that and it’s electric.
  13. Ordinarily I would agree but I just don’t see Nacho as a lone striker so 4-4-2 with Pérez central and Barnes and Under providing width might work well.
  14. You are being over optimistic if you actually believe that most of the knockers here actually have a sensible alternative. They don’t, but of course feel entitled to keep telling everyone that’s it’s not good enough. I suspect that if we finished top 4 won the fa cup and got to the final/semi of the EL some would still moan that we should have done better, would have won everything if only BR had had a plan b. for what it’s worth I totally agree with you. We are a decent side and still doing ok considering the situation we find ourselves in
  15. Still not convinced Praet is fully fit. I would rest him, put Pérez in and go 4-4-2. i think Nacho is better in a two and Pérez would be in his more natural position. Madders could rotate with Youri to save legs at some point or if not working we could take off one of the front two for Praet and change shape.
  16. Considering our recruitment team are renowned for the dossiers they compile on players stats and everything else before putting in bids it would be fair to assume that the same rigorous approach is taken when considering hiring a new first team head coach/ manager. I am pretty sure that Top, Rudkin and Whelan knew exactly what they were getting.
  17. Round and round we go. Win and we are suddenly world beaters with a tactical genius at the helm. Lose and we are relegation fodder, back in league 1, manager hasn’t got a clue, and inevitably no plan b. we are where we are, as our resources allow, a decent side capable of challenging anyone on our day, but equally capable of getting beaten. Never thought I would be citing @Babylon and @fuchsntf as the voices of reason but they are spot on. We have 9 points from 5 games. Over a season that equates to 60+ points which is top 6 or thereabouts. And before the doom merchants start going
  18. They do but have no say in how national teams select their squads. If the FA, either openly or otherwise, decide that players not playing in their national leagues cannot be selected there is nothing FIFA can do about it. If they try to sanction nations for not fielding their strongest players that will end badly for them. If the UEFA teams decided to boycott the World Cup they would be stuffed.
  19. This effectively is an attempt to make the CL and it’s lucrative tv rights a closed shop. Th FA however sanctions the league positioning that qualifies for UCL so if this is effectively taken away then throw those who enter this league out of the PL, negotiate with EUFA to continue the UCL with teams from all those nations excluded from this super league and that will leave the whole idea high and dry. also make it quite clear to the national manager that only players playing in national leagues are to be considered for selection. After a couple of years when Man Utd et al struggle for de
  20. The whole thing stinks. The bail out for the lower league clubs could easily be done without the power grab. The bit I find really worrying is the power of veto against any takeovers. Basically they are saying that it is ok for us have oligarchs, oil countries and other billionaire owners, but woe betide anyone with a few bob trying to buy a football club and pump their cash in to genuinely make a potential challenge. If they had that power ten years ago do you think they would have let our current owners in? No chance. Football clubs are businesses, we all get that, but pretty sure some of th
  21. My dad, a follower but not a regular matchgoer eventually gave in to my pleading, aged eight, to take me”down the city”. It was 1968 and we were playing Man Utd with charlton, law, best et al. We won 2-1. I saw myself on match of the day, hanging onto the fence in the east stand near the filbert street end waving my scarf. Spent most of my teenage years standing in the kop (pretty scary at times but the older fans always looked out for me and made sure I never came to any harm). Twenties spent in the carling stand with my new missus. Unfortunately family and work has meant that I have o
  22. Buying a ST is a big commitment but does not give a right to be sanctimonious about it. I have followed the foxes since I was a nipper in the sixties but for one reason or another have never been a ST holder. Early doors couldn’t afford one, family and work commitments meaning not physically able to attend matches in later years so on and so forth. Call me plastic if you like but I have followed my club through thick and thin. Over the years they have had plenty of my hard earned from match day tickets etc. (I have probably spent more over the years than half the ST holders have). Why should a
  23. Not that I will be paying it, dodgy stream and a malware & pc clean up afterwards for me, but I presume the ppv will be streaming service? Currently now tv does not support red button and I, like many others, don’t have satellite/sky box. this is a total rip off. I get that in other countries people can watch all pl games for a fraction but I don’t object to that too much as local subscription pricing helps to protect attendances under normal circumstances but these are different times. if it was a tenner a go with all profits going to the club and a filter down to lower league
  24. so if a game is scheduled to be televised on sky i can buy a now tv day pass for £9.99. if its not scheduled, then its £14.95? what sort of madness is that? call me a cynic but watch the now TV day pass price suddenly leap up overnight and sky will say that they have done it to be "fair" to supporters of all clubs who do not have access to satellite broadcasts.
  25. not saying that games should be free to view, that would be unfair on existing BT/Sky subscribers but £15 a go is a bit excessive when the current now TV day pass is £9.99. It could actually work in favour of he "lesser" teams though. If the broadcasters select those games as part of the normal package, then there will be more people paying the higher pay to view price for the "big" teams games no? I tend to look at the fixtures to see how many of our games are going to be on, then decide if it is worth getting a monthly pass or not. If we are only on sky once, say, then i don't bother a
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