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  1. Remember when he just arrived on the scene he was really quick...had a ponytail as well.
  2. I have the attention span of a child but Mr Young can have songs that go on for 20 minutes that keep me engrossed.
  3. I wonder if short shorts will ever make a comeback?
  4. Jeez does ebdon ever shut up?, his commentary is unbearable.
  5. Good luck to Notts County today. Always had a soft spot for them as I went to Notts county home games when Leicester we're away back in the early 90's.....weird how you can dislike one Nottingham club with a passion but like another from the same city.....bit like Notts county fans
  6. And yet we've never won it, doesn't seem fair.
  7. At least the corporate section has the usual. amount of spectators
  8. Tell them that you're their long lost brother....that should do the trick.
  9. Surprised the fans weren't made to wear masks, only seen 2 with them on and they were Chinese.
  10. It's crazy my Mum and Dad tell about famous acts they saw in small venues at places like Swadlincote. I guess they just didn't have the venues we have today and there was a circuit a lot of the artists had to go on. I like also the fact you could see various bands all on the same bill.
  11. Hopefully he'll be ok, I actually thought he was a lot older than he is, still only 39.
  12. Dott's had a pretty good season though. Final of the grand prix, semi of the German masters, earnt about £200,000 this season, which I think his 2nd best season ever.
  13. They won't be dropping Broad anytime soon. Shame that we don't have anyone close to Anderson/Broad....yet.
  14. From what I've gathered Ford said something like 'no wonder your games take so long'...selt didn't take that comment well. Has selt done similar things? as I remember the likes of Steve Davis doing similar break off shots. Not sure Ford should've commented TBH, not sure either of them look good after that but surely not just Selt to blame as it's a legal break off shot.
  15. Yeah it seems that humiliation has actually turned their season around, who've thought?
  16. I've not seen much of selt, any reason for the dislike?
  17. Goalkeepers should realize they're goalkeepers for a reason and not try and take players on.
  18. Pretty incredible the amount we bought him for and he's still the star forward, we've spent a fortune on strikers since and none of them have come close.
  19. I doubt anyone is surprised by the situation it was always going to end this way. Fair play to Man Utd a brilliant run in the last few months fully deserved. Looking forward to Europa League Next season.
  20. It's true, and Utd have done brilliantly since the restart. Fair play to them fully deserved.
  21. Can we clone Anderson & Broad?
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