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  1. I think we should accept it, not sure how it's possible to change our support...not away from home anyway, villa fan said burton fans made more noise...enough said.
  2. I bet if villa fans are reading this they'll think we're a bunch of bitter feckers. Good luck to them I say.
  3. Had a sinking feeling for some time that forest will be in the Premiership next season.
  4. Wasn't confident tonight because I thought it was lost after the 1st leg, whoever won tonight will lose to City in the final anyway. I'd be much more upset if we don't have CL football next season.
  5. I was waiting for that had a bad feeling. oh well. Well done villa, good luck in the final.
  6. A specific letter from the club about an item is a good thing to have, I had one from a charity auction that came with one detailing the item etc...
  7. Yeah looking at the previous competitions we're not the only ones to have teams in all 3 at this stage. 2017/2018 Chelsea academy semi final efl trophy + won fa cup + semi final league cup 2018/2019 man city academy quarter final efl trophy + won league cup + won fa cup
  8. Am I right in thinking we're the only club ever to still be in all 3 cups at this stage?
  9. Meaningless really, maybe if it was from the club it would hold some weight.
  10. Just a heads up, she's playing the O2 Academy 2, Leicester – 25th June
  11. Plus it gives smaller clubs better chances to progress and make more money that way. We do play too many games, scrap the league cup and keep fa cup replays.
  12. what's our record on pens over the past few seasons? we seem to miss more than most teams..but it might just feel that way after today.
  13. Exactly what I thought, talk about stonewall.
  14. That moment when you see a shiny club badge sticker.
  15. Apparently some of there fans want to lose against us because they don't want to be 'humiliated' by Man city in the final.
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