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  1. The usual craziness with all the family, hopefully running around playing games with nephews and nieces before they all grow up and want to be on their own and on their phones all the time.
  2. Hey that's great it works both ways I completely understand that. And I totally agree I think the whole Brexit saga has just heightened things and now maybe things will normalize somewhat.
  3. Chances are they are looking for a better life, there are many worse places to live than England. Thre's still plenty of things I love about this country but given the choice right now with no family ties I would look elsewhere...but i'm not going anywhere.....yet.
  4. Completely agree and have felt like that for the past few years, if it wasn't for family ties I'd quite happily leave and not look back, the things I loved about the country and the people been eroded away, maybe those things were never really there? Ambivalence is the key word here....and it is sad but I'm sure it's not just us who feel this way.
  5. Hopefully at the very least Johnson will scale back to a more social liberal he once was.
  6. I was so nervous watching the results for the Scottish referendum that I stayed up all night. I was so relieved as I thought if Scotland went then we'd vote to leave the EU....didn't matter in the end. Now I've changed my view completely I hope Scotland do get a 2nd referendum and vote to leave the union, that's what i'd be voting for if I was Scottish. Maybe Scotland will be like Ireland and we'll see loads of people leaving England to live there.
  7. I predicted a tory majority of about 50-60 a couple of weeks ago. A few days ago the polls said it could be as low as 8 so I was way off, now its 80+ so I was way off again.
  8. I think it's more a case of the public openly being Xenophobic after the Brexit result:, there was a surge of it and immigrants did decide to leave not just because of job security but of the way the public turned:- https://www.reuters.com/article/us-britain-eu-romanian/an-immigrants-tale-leaving-britain-to-escape-brexit-hostility-idUSKCN1R11GM I'm surprised anyone is pushing the 'vote for this party because if you don't immigrants will leave' - there's no question both Labour and Tory have problems with racism/anti-Semitism.
  9. Wasn't the old Wembley pictch slightly bigger? I haven't heard people mention the new Wembley pitch being bigger, but they used to mention it before the new build.
  10. I've been pretty confident over the last few games but this one for some reason has got me nervous.
  11. Must be a bit of a shock to BR as well coming from perhaps the most atmospheric grounds in the UK to one of the least atmospheric. I don't know how things will get better without the club actively helping. The only way would to dedicate an end to like minded fans like other clubs have done, but I think whilst everything is going well on the pitch the club won't be thinking about the atmosphere and how to improve it.
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