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  1. I mentioned at the start of the season that without home fans packing the stadiums there's little home advantage anymore, so I'm not surprised that the 2 home defeats we had were to teams we were expected to beat and beating Man City & Arsenal away is proof of this also....well that's the theory I'm sticking to anyway.
  2. Can't help but feel a little dissapointed that just 1 point from villa and west ham at home would've meant we'd be top tonight.
  3. Lose to Villa and west ham at home, beat man city and arsenal away...it's the Leicester way.
  4. Maybe some forgotten tracks-
  5. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band 'Letter To You' The band's first album for a while and it's a good'en. Yes the band is now unfortunately missing a couple of members but the band still sound great. There are some instant live classics. A couple of not so great tunes but I've only listened to it a few times they could be growers. Made me realise I've hardly heard any good male led guitar music over the past few years it's almost all been female led, sure theres stuff out there going to be an effort to find it...seems the lads have forgotton melody...sure i
  6. Must have been in a mood when i disregarded his decade (although then i posted loads of videos contradicting my statement lol)...as there's clearly loads of good stuff...here are some more:-
  7. I listened to the charts for the first time in years the other week and was surprised to hear lot's of good pop songs. 'Achy Breaky Heart' springs to mind as one of the worst I've heard, 'I'm too sexy' is another.
  8. Just in case you and other Tom Petty fans didn't know there's a new release of (probably) his best solo album Wildflowers which includes home demo's, lost tracks and live recordings. I'm not usually a fan of these re-releases but it sounds good and I've read very good reviews about it.
  9. We're half the side without vardy, so I'm not surprised we lost.
  10. so much so I put .25p at 13/1 on a villa win. Oh well, fair play to villa 2nd in the league, wouldn't have expected that.
  11. But these people wear in close contact with lots of people, I don't see the hardship in wearing a mask whilst they do that.
  12. Thought they might win today, pity they've got a very likeable manager.
  13. But it could stop it spreading right?
  14. I have to admit I've only just purchased the August and everything after LP...despite liking Mr Jones when it first came out...a bit late to the party.
  15. When I pick my nephew up from school often I'm the only one wearing a mask, I don't understand why so many don't want to wear them.
  16. The Nations league is the best thing that's ever happened to Scotland. They're loving it.
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