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  1. How can you compare them unless they are exactly the same though?...which of course they won't be. The idea of some conspiracy is ludicrous. There is a possibility that some refs maybe influenced when they are refereeing a top side, maybe that's always happened, but certainly no fix or conspiracy, that's for loons.
  2. But it's that sort of generalisation makes the whole conspiracy nonsense. The idea that other teams don't have as many bad decisions as us without any evidence makes the conspiracy meaningless also.
  3. Isn't it awful we're the only team hard done by.
  4. Given we were 15points clear of 6th and it'll be 3 points after this game you can hardly blame fans for feeling negative.
  5. Rooney's turning into a heck of a signing.
  6. well at least everyone will have an excuse now. It's the ref's fault...yawn.
  7. We're reaching Tottenham levels of choking.
  8. That is a shame especially give their amazing form, from 2nd bottom 12 games ago they've won 8, drew 3, lost 1..the inform team of the championship.
  9. some of the live stuff I've been digging recently.
  10. It's strange given our start how we've collapsed, from a squad that looked great but now seems out of it's depth....odd. Hard to imagine where our next win's going to come from.
  11. we must be the worst quarter final's team ever!
  12. As much as I crave new stuff, it's heart warming to see Bob Dylan and Neil Young Number 1 & 2 in the album charts. Restores my faith.
  13. It is bizarre that some allude to just that.
  14. Congratulations to Liverpool, thoroughly deserved.
  15. Guess we'll see if it's still in our hands on the last game of the season. Maybe it's being optimistic....seems that wat ATM.
  16. Wouldn't have really mattered if we'd beaten Watford....yet here we are, Man Utd will beat Sheff Utd and our once 14 point gap will be 6.....but apparently top 4 will be a breeze. And do we have to keep blaming our poor results on bad decisions, we've become such a bunch of whiners, people seem to forget decisions that go in our favour, every team will have decisions go against them, the manager and players have no-one to blame but themselves.
  17. Neil Robertson knocked out in the quarter's, seems to be taking it well though. "
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