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  1. Are you now considering seeing them?, staying outside 2 metres apart, I'm missing my nephews and nieces and want to see them.
  2. Ah ok, that's a little better then, still tragic of course.
  3. Just read its over 400 deaths in the last 24 hours, and we now have highest death rate in the world.
  4. And Lorraine looking particularly nice in the video doesn't hurt.
  5. Cummings is 48??? he must've had a really tough paper round.
  6. It's a fascinating subject and I've spent countless hours watching debates on Atheism v Religion, How the universe came to be etc etc...Many discussions with religious leaders and the likes of Hitchens, Dawkins krauss etc... I hope the discussion is allowed to carry on here.
  7. Just realised I posted this in the wrong thread, it' 70's of course.
  8. I realised that the government who have performed poorly IMO can't do anything about the amount of morons we seem to have here. I rarely see anyone wearing a mask, on my street alone during on VE day it was clear no-one either understood or cared about the guidelines. We had large groups all sitting together, some elderly some very young. An elderly lady a few doors down to me who must be 80+ had a large amount of people sitting with her including one who walked past my house with a 'we're all in this together' T-shirt and written on the back 'keep 2 metres apart'....beggars belief.
  9. purpleronnie


    Think I might have already posted this video, although it's worth a repost anyway, talk about stealing the show.
  10. Unfortunately when I hear Shilton's name I just think of him being beaten in air my the tiny Maradona and somehow being lobbed on his own goal line by a Paul parker own goal in semi finals of the world cup.
  11. The frickin intensity of the performance.
  12. If the situation was the same I would. You may be ok with being handed the title without actually winning it this way but it would render it meaningless to me, would you feel the same in march 2015? We would be relegated that season and therefore not win the Premier League. If you can't play out the entire season it should be voided.
  13. purpleronnie


    starts at 1.29.
  14. I'd prefer the season to be scrapped, I understand points per game but it still doesn't seem fair especially when no team has either won a league, got promoted or been relegated.
  15. I wonder if his opinion of Leicester and his time here will change when he hangs up his boots and realizes his biggest achievement was winning the Premier League with Leicester.
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