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  1. what odds?, assumed it was a foregone conclusion even b4 farage's U-Turn.
  2. Well of course, but he didn't want Boris's Brexit did he?, but another U-turn from him.
  3. Very surprising, It's not like Farage is known for his U-Turns...oh wait.
  4. Certainly down the list as far as my fave Jam LP's, but that's probably because there's such a strong back catalogue, because its still a cracker. Plus i'm going to see from the jam do their setting sons concert tour so thought i'd have a listen.
  5. Probably be quite successful, people quite happily believe lies we all should know that given what's happened. The whole debate on spending is an interesting one. The facts are no-one actually really knows if one will be more successful if at all. The same thing happened under Blair if you remember?. You can read conflicting reports about how great it was or how it left us vulnerable to the global economic crisis and make your own minds up. It's the efficiency of the spending that's the key. You can certainly predict effects they might have but no-one truly knows how it will stimulate the economy, save money in the future etc.... I guess it depends on whether you think the 'risk' is worth it? and whether the electorate is willing to attempt to transform a stagnant economy, stagnant wages, stagnant cost of living and whether you think the tory or labour plans will have the most positive effects.
  6. Apart from some amazing live LP's, prob my fave studio NY&CH LP.
  7. Didn't know that, I hope they play around the midlands..
  8. (not posting the cover art for this one). Rage Against The Machine - self titled
  9. Ah yes, what a night that was, we looked like we could beat anyone that night.
  10. Me too, I just remember the scenes around me, Wembley went crazy...well half of it.
  11. Sad, oddly I was thinking of pulling the next series of movies out and giving them a watch..remember the wash with dre and snoop?..I wonder if these movies have aged well.
  12. Agreed, I'd expect most old fogies will vote Tory. I'd be surprised if they aren't 10pts clear .
  13. Farage is in a bit of an odd situation. You can't help but think he's a bit jealous of Boris. Farage has campaigned to get us out of the EU for 25 years but it's Boris who will be seen as person who did it, and Farage has another problem with Brexit members considering voting Tory to stop splitting the vote. I wonder when (ahem) we come out of the EU Farage will leave go out with a whimper, which isn't really deserved given what he achieved....and I can't stand the Brexit party.
  14. A little harsh after all he was joint top scorer and we made the semi's.
  15. England at 1/2 was ridiculous, I always fancy the opposition when we're made favourites.
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