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  1. Let's hope 5 day tests continue.
  2. Absolutely, and we haven't exactly have a good record with football as a warm up yet we continue with it and bear the consequences. Seems bizarre. Maybe finally it will be stopped.
  3. Surely Northampton v Derby is in with a shout, apparently Rooney is at Derby now. I noticed the Derby was one of the numbers highlighted before the draw, Leicester sit 2nd in the Prem and are in both cups but no we'll highlight Derby who sit 17th in the Championship. Maybe they'll become the new loves of the BBC now Salford are out.
  4. Well that was another awful FA cup game.
  5. The Molochs - America's Velvet Glory
  6. That's up to the club, the ground regulations are up to them to enforce...or not.
  7. I know,like I said it's not against the law to stand in seated areas.
  8. It is not against the law to stand in seated areas.
  9. Looking like another great result for us today, just hope Arsenal don't blow it like they did against Chelsea.
  10. Why do we need to fill it most weeks though? We have a complete obsession in England about having empty seats. Given how much money we're making and the ambition of the owners to turn us into a 'big club', I'd say a larger stadium is a necessity, it certainly would influence future (and current) players. There's demand for 40,000 for the bigger games, but there's also fans who can't get tickets for the less glamourous ties, this will allow them to see Leicester and helps build the support base for the future. And importantly it also allows more corporate facilities which are essential for generating matchday income and paying for the expansion.
  11. Horrible feeling that forest will come up. I don't care for all this easy 6 points, I don't want them anywhere near us.
  12. I couldn't see Arsenal increasing the competition even if they'd won.
  13. Why would we want Chelsea to win? Just more competition. That's why I wanted Chelsea to lose, it's a bonus.
  14. Well that's awful for us and it was looking so good, typical.
  15. I hope the penalty miss doesn't turn the game in their favour.
  16. I hope you're right (obviously), but it's never that easy with us...apart from 2015/2016 that is.
  17. Agreed, I guess people think we're safe top 4 and hoping for runners up? They must not have been Leicester fans for long.
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