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  1. I never said that. And i agreed the sport wouldn't die after he left. You do know I meant new snooker fans not every snooker fan
  2. OK Ronnie has never attracted any fans. Bizarre.
  3. well that's just it, Ronnie created snooker fans.
  4. Yes they want close matches but you don't know they're going to be close when you buy a ticket or tune in, people buy tickets and tune in to watch Ronnie play. Snooker won't die without him but it will be a little duller.
  5. Lovely, had a bet on sevilla too.
  6. They we're 10/1...blimey that's a crazy price.
  7. Man City would never have won the CL even if they got past Lyon. Not sure why so many dismissed Lyon tonight.
  8. Ronnie's got to pick his game up like Wilson has or he'll lose this.
  9. It won't be the same when Ronnie retires...I wonder if they'll ever be a player like him, I thought Trump would be...he still might.
  10. Blimey Selby looked at that dead set plant about 6 times.
  11. Bad weather again, wherever the cricket is usually is the worst place to be lol. I don't know why they don't just have them at Old Trafford.
  12. Yeah It was tongue in cheek from my previous comments on why do they have tests in Manchester because of all the rain..guess it doesn't matter where they are the rain seems to follow them around.
  13. Yey again the Manchester rain ruins the day of cricket...who's idea was it to have the tests in the rainiest city in the world?
  14. That's boring though. But like you say nothing wrong with it, it obviously work, but (for me anyway) it's boring to watch.
  15. O'Sullivan could've been 7-1 up, Selby will be over the moon it's only 5-3.
  16. I have mixed feelings towards Selby, being a local lad I want him to do well, but he's painfully dull to watch.
  17. Ronnie/Ding play 7 frames and have an interval, meanwhile at the McGill match they're still on the 3rd frame.
  18. Nah that wasn't me I have loads of belts. Maybe it was to do with wearing belts with suits....I used to be against it...maybe I mentioned that?. I'm a little more easy going when it comes to suits and belts.... Teddy boy My dad was one of them...maybe he's got some old jackets lying around.
  19. That's true. I do own a belt though.
  20. I always like to see English clubs do well, but I still can't see them getting past Bayern or Barcelona.
  21. well they are wearing sliders...so yeah.
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