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  1. Me too, although I wasn't part of the initial rush of fans so for me it was more of a pitch amble.
  2. But it's changing all the time, just like estimates do.
  3. It's only an estimate it's actually considerably higher than that, but I get the point on the possibility of millions being infected but i'm going on the numbers we know about now. I guess it's almost impossible to estimate without sufficient testing...ahem.
  4. You might want to pass on that you know that millions already have it in this country, that's news to everyone else.
  5. It beggars belief, it really does.
  6. And a reflection on the country as a whole, a very optimistic time.
  7. That's the problem though, rich clubs asking the government to pay the wages, the fact that the fans are defending the clubs actions is disheartening, I guess the blinkers never come off for some people.
  8. I hope that just because you don't hear of premiership players donating wages it still does happen, I'm not a fan of people making their charity donations public.
  9. Heard this the other day. Happy song, happy video for these sad times.
  10. Just shows the contempt the FA for the lower leagues.
  11. I do wonder if we can't isolate now when will we? The summer will be even worse. Makes you wish for miserable weather, maybe then people might stay home.
  12. Think you might posted in the wrong thread.
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