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  1. Wigan's form is quite extraordinary, they were 2nd bottom towards the end of January, their form is Won 9 Drew 4 Lost 1, and may stay up even with a 12 point reduction.
  2. Imagine being promoted to the Premier League, but not being able to go to the games then getting relegated at the end of the season....i'm sure some would find this amusing if the team was Leeds. But if it's a team like Brentford it might be a once in a lifetime occurrence.
  3. Imagine us in the Champions League, we'd get slaughtered. Anywho, this is why I was worried when we were 14 points clear, if you've been a Leicester fan long enough you can never be too confident. Next season could be a real struggle, possibly our most important summer transfer window.
  4. At this rate we won't even be in the Europa League.
  5. If you're on a bad run and lose to all the top teams don't worry we'll help you out, all a little predictable. But in the end we'll finish where we deserve to finish. We're seriously choking. Sheff utd, tottenham and man u to come.
  6. Never really understood what footballers get out of being on social media just seems like a big hassle.
  7. We need the Windies to do an England style collapse now...won't happen of course.
  8. well he commented 'I really don't understand the bowl mentality.'
  9. Not sure how he can say its a bowl...it aint.
  10. Not sure about the hair cut (or lack of) Mr Weller.
  11. Well 5th would be hugely disappointing from the position we were in and a massive choke. Having said that I'd have taken that gladly at the start of the season. We aint going to finish 4th so 5th will have to do.
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