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  1. So what do people think of Brendan Rodger's tactic's now?
  2. So what do people think of Brendan Rodger's tactic's now?
  3. Let the opposition wear themselves out shooting 'n stuff, then nick a pen. Brilliant tactics by Brendan
  4. I wish I had an interest in SM, I really couldn't careless what they do away from the pitch, same goes for my fave music artists, I feel the more I know about them the less special they become...is that weird? lol.
  5. That Go Betweens LP is on my want list, have you had a listen yet?
  6. Hope not, personally I think he's doing a wonderfull job.
  7. It's difficulat to have sympathy with macclesfield when they jepodized the future of the club for unrelaistic drive for promotion through the leagues. Hopefully the owners whether that's the fans or not will prioritize links with the community and a sustaniable club rather than winning leagues.
  8. Spurs would be thankful it'll be behind closed doors.
  9. I'm aware of that but i'd imagine having no home fans must help the away teams, guess we'll see.
  10. I'd imagine home advantage won't be as strong either, just 2 home wins out of 8 in the Prem, more away wins than home wins in the championship too.
  11. Absolutely loved the Women's World Cup last year, I haven't seen many league games, I don't know why people are so obsessed with the quality given most men professional games are a bore...guess it's just as fashionable to knock the women's game.
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