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  1. I had that record too, seemed to be a lot of guitar bands around that time that just disappeared as quickly as they arrived.
  2. I noticed all 8 qualifiers were won by English players. I was hoping Allen & Joyce would meet. If I had to pick a winner it would be Robertson.
  3. Despite his new contract you just know plenty of clubs will be sniffing round.
  4. No surprise's today. Fair play to West Ham, I thought they'd fade in the last third of the season, they're looking good for top 4, some achievement that will be.
  5. I can't see us top 4 at the end of the season with our run in compared to the other contenders. Maybe it's because of what happened last season....that said if we win today (big IF) my opinion may change.
  6. Me too, i wish i had seen them years ago, but if i did go i think i'd have the same experience as seeing bob dylan a few years ago....just very dissapointed.
  7. I think this might be the first time I've ever picked the winner of the national.
  8. 1. Bert 2. TiffToff88 3. EastAnglianFox 4. goose2010 5. AKCJ 6. Thefox81 7. Mike Oxlong 8. Izzy 9. purpleronnie
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