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  1. purpleronnie

    Champions League 2017/18

    He'll probably have a stormer...it's Germany after all.
  2. purpleronnie

    Champions League 2017/18

    why do the Spanish teams keep winning everything? Giz us a break amigo.
  3. purpleronnie

    Cricket 2018

    we managed to make Ireland look good.
  4. purpleronnie

    What gigs are you going?

    I'm hugely jealous, but I don't want to travel and stay over night these days (on my own)..although if I'm going to see them in the future I'll have to...so probably will, I've seen them numerous times though, always special. I'll be avoiding this thread and PJ forums after the gig...a reminder of what I missed out on. Next for me From the jam.
  5. purpleronnie

    Safe standing - time to act

  6. purpleronnie

    Non League Football 2018 - 19

    Given the money that's being thrown at them surely they'll have to be.
  7. purpleronnie

    FA Cup 2017-18

    Another shocking atmosphere, empty seats in the corporate area, broken roof, they've really ****ed Wembley up.
  8. purpleronnie

    FA Cup 2017-18

    Jones already been beaten a few times with ease, bodes well for the WC.
  9. purpleronnie

    The Royal Wedding 2018 (Harry and Meghan)

    I felt a little emotional And I'm not a royalist per se, but to see 2 people clearly in love during a wonderful ceremony brings it on, and Meghan looked beautiful, beautiful day too which helps.
  10. purpleronnie

    Safe standing - time to act

    Exactly what I thought. I wonder if they'll have to replace the seats below now the STFC has been messed up.
  11. purpleronnie

    Safe standing - time to act

  12. purpleronnie

    Safe standing - time to act

    So if that's the case why exactly can't the premier league grounds have them and simply don't lock them? Is it simply down to the 'type' of seat? Could premier league clubs add barriers in front of current seats for safety reasons If an area has fans standing? Effectively doing the same thing as safe standing?
  13. They will now.
  14. It isn't the case of just high prices, but the different pricing structures for that one end, so instead of having an end where an atmosphere could have been immense, you'll have a mixture of those wanting to stand and sing an lots of prawn sandwich sitting down types all mixed together, another great opportunity ruined.