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  1. Anyone else receive a letter from Andrew Bridgen? Apparently they are going to get Brexit done...after over 3 years of not getting it done - but what about all the years of trade negotiations? They want better hospitals but what about when you sold off nhs blood plasma? Abolishing bursaries and reducing funds? They want safer streets - what about you cutting over 20,000 police, cutting youth services and pcso's...They want improved schools...but even with the promised funds 80% of schools will have less money per pupil than 2015.....Seems like they want to get us back to where we were (at best) since the Tories made all the cuts...and they want a biscuit for doing it. No doubt it was labours fault though. Not that it'll make any difference, Bridgen is a shoo-in.
  2. Exactly people seem to look back at chart music from decades gone by with rose tinted glasses, its pretty much always been mainly rubbish. I don't dismiss pop songs I'm a sucker for a great pop song and they are still being churned out today, but I agree loads of great music out there, one of the great things about the internet you don't really need to pay attention to the charts anymore.
  3. I'm surprised, when I went to see the manics there seemed quite a lot of people who at the very least looked middle aged+...including myself lol, , probably why the atmosphere was so flat.
  4. Just saw a clip on the bbc, a women saying 'I'm backing boris all the way, he may not be trustworthy but I like him as a person'.
  5. Me too and the way we lost to Liverpool, we could still be unbeaten. I guess it's a testament on how well we're doing. We'd of all taken 2nd place after 13 games.
  6. May have Sheff Utd, Burnley, Wolves and ourselves in the top 7.
  7. Did you like ron burgundy's cover? Some ham and eggs coming at ya!
  8. They must love the money that Wembley generates giving England a pretty big advantage, If England reach the final they have played 5 of their 7 matches at Wembley....but you just know we'll feck it up so it won't matter.
  9. When their fans sang it at the last euro's it made me feel so proud to be welsh and I'm English.
  10. Yes really. But I guess there are remainers who still want to remain but also want the democratic decision implemented and so are turned off my the liberal democrats stance. The polls also have shown (although they do change lol) that Brexit ranks higher with Tories (56%) and Brexit party (73%) rather than with Liberals (51%) and labour voters (21%)...I guess that's why are pushing the NHS.
  11. Looking at the polls it seems this isn't a Brexit election after all.
  12. Yeah its certainly better than I remember it, but my fave changes from all mod cons to sound affects and back again. Never really liked the first 2 jam LP's apart from the odd track.
  13. It would be nice to ease to a win today, its one of only 2 slightly difficult matches we have in this group, we lost the other one.
  14. It'll be so great if all home nations+ROI qualify.
  15. I think Lana Del Rey must gave listened to a lot of Mazzy star.
  16. mmm forgot this was a crazy horse LP, possibily my fave NY&CH LP.
  17. Never even thought about betting it doh!...well at least someone will benefit from a Tory majority.
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