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  1. Is it a bad thing? No. It's pretty easy on the eye. I think Rodger's possession style is more of a defensive one though than someone like Bielsa, Pochettino, Sarri etc who like to play forward more often.
  2. Highest possession in the league currently, but very ineffectual and mostly along the back 4. I wonder if you will have more average possession than the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool and Spurs.
  3. I'm i'm being honest, our biggest defence was the fact we kept the ball so well. I think we had the 2nd highest average possession in whole league (Swansea City) , only below Arsenal in our first season in the premier league! Only criticism from our fans was the possession was stale and a lot of it was across the back four.
  4. I am a Swansea fan and have fond memories of Rodgers being here. I've caught a few of your games and you already look to be playing his style, with neat, tidy, possession football.. Where do you think you're potential with this style is? Do you have the good technical ball players capable to do it? It looks like you do, just from watching a few odd games. You seem to have a lot of young talented players and I wouldn't be surprised to see you fight for top 6 (easily) and maybe even top 4 next year with possession rivalling the likes of Spurs, Arsenal and Liverpool. Enjoy the ride.
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