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  1. I guess they will? 3 weeks is a long time to not train at their levels. They will quickly lose fitness. I guess it will be closed doors and minimal staff? They said this morning no fan meetings, training ground visits etc. So it will be closed doors training i should imagine.
  2. Well it's not Ben or Madders as they are out eating lunch!
  3. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  4. Talk sport just said its leicester....
  5. 😮 Managers press conferences are from 1.30pm so hopefully we will find out more?!
  6. Bullying and nothing better to do with their time! People dont learn the impact their words can have. I'll always defend Ben as the slating he gets is so wrong and too much. No-one deserves that. Thank you also for stepping in. Maybe they are jealous of a young millionaire! 😉
  7. A bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone! Hopefully they will push one another to better things. I hope we keep both, I think we need too, as we need better squad depth. He will get there again, his last game was vastly better than recent outings so I'm confident Chilly will come back.
  8. Not a top 4 player? He is Englands left back!!! Yes he is out of form at the moment but he has been brilliant in the past. The best players can lose form! To be honest the rubbish and flack he receives, it's no wonder his form is still off! No one deserves the slating that he gets. He is far from useless. People have very short memories. To slag off our own players to that extent is disgusting. I nearly didn't write the post defending him but its draining to read it all the time and I'm now glad I did as others see what I see too. Chill out! (Pun intended!)
  9. I get that point totally, but they are young lads with lots of money enjoying themselves! They come across as nice lads in interviews though and seem popular with their teammates. Their form will pick up I'm sure. Madders hasn't been far off scoring again and I think he needs that one goal and he will be on it again. JJ coming in may give Ben the chance to have a break and work on whatever he needs too and competition is healthy!
  10. I posted on another thread about Ben, I do think the hate he gets is disgusting. Yes he is out of form and his confidence is shot but he has been superb for us and England. People have very short memories! Also does that really warrant the abuse he gets?! JJ is healthy competition and personally I think it's great we are getting players doubling up in positions as this will massively help them as a squad moving forward. It also means there is cover if players need resting/injuries etc... Also a bit of healthy competition for places means everyone ups their game. The fact Brendan has come out a
  11. He hasn't had his head turned! You cant just surmise that! He talks openly about the coming years and the plans the team have and is playing with his best mates. I cant see him wanting to just up and leave! The guy needs to be given a break and some support not constant negativity. Lots of the players had a slump in form but none face the hate he does. Yes I'm on one tonight but I really think the hate he gets is disgusting.
  12. It's awful to read actually. He doesnt deserve that level of hate, its horrendous! For Brendan to come out and say they are creating a pathway for him to support him through the criticism he gets shows it's obviously really affecting him. No-one has the right to affect someone's mental health in that way!
  13. 👏👏👏 the constant hate of Chilly is a little wearing. To say he is useless is totally untrue. Yes he is out of form at the moment and is really lacking in confidence and that's why it's great to have JJ as he can come in if Chilly needs time out. Look at Ben's England performances and his best performances for us - he can run at defenders and he can cross and take corners but at the moment his confidence is shot. He was much better against Birmingham and he will get there but the constant barrage of hate he gets is hardly going to help him! He didn't play yesterday but the constant negitive com
  14. Same as everyone else - stop leaking the team!!!!!!! 😡
  15. I just love Dennis Praet! 🥰😂 He is growing and improving every game. He was brilliant yesterday and deserves to start every game at the moment. Teamed up great with Ndidi! What a great signing he was. 👏👏👏
  16. Exactly this, Chilly needs to stay too not be sold. Competition is great as it ups everyones game. If European football beckons then the squad needs to be bigger. A "spare" for each position is essential to cover for illness, injury etc... A bit of healthy competition amongst team mates never hurt anyone and improves everyones game.
  17. Reina had tried to give him some chat before he took his penalty - big mistake! Chat s*** get banged 😂
  18. Evans - rock solid. My vote for captain too!
  19. He was great tonight and does not stop! Love him! 👏👏👏👏
  20. Sharks!!!!!!🥰👏👏👏
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