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  1. Think we should probably stay in our lane on this one. This bloke is the nuts
  2. He consistently gives Southgate reasons to not pick him. Needs to get his head down like Grealish did and make sure Southgate is in a position where he’s that consistent and the media pressure is that consistent that he has no choice to pick him, like Grealish. His Euro’s dream fell apart when he was sat on his sofa having been disciplined for the party, whilst Lingard put that two goal(?) performance in against us in front of Southgate. His performances since coming back into the squad haven’t exactly been brilliant either.
  3. Yeah also heard this - the club have known about Trincao way before he even made his Braga debut, because of Fontes.
  4. King was indeed there yesterday, saw a few get photos with him.
  5. Was the option to pick your coach pick up point (between King Power and Enderby Park and Ride) there upon purchase and I missed it? Or can you rock up at either and get on a bus there? Would appear our coach travel confirmation says "Travel by Coach via King Power Stadium" but we'd probably rather go from Enderby.
  6. Maddison has dropped the biggest bollock of the three. Had to sit and watch from his sofa today as his rival for his spot in the England Euro's 23 sunk two past us infront of a watching Southgate who had probably turned up to compare the two. He's no doubt feeling like the biggest tit of them tonight.
  7. I suppose you’re gonna give that bloke some credit who you’ve been passively aggressively digging at for a few days?
  8. What a side that is. Braybroke, Fitzhugh, the two Pennants, Marcel-Madivadua and Nelson all highly rated. Don’t think even Beaglehole could mess that crop up.
  9. Had heard it wasn't good news again but this sounds a lot more reassuring. Hopefully not another Brendan injury bluff.
  10. We didn’t really get going but still think that was a good result. They’re a good side who made it awkward for us, referee fell for all of their antics and the pitch was god awful. Think we’d have folded under a heavy atmosphere in that one. We’ll do em’ at our place with none of the above factors.
  11. Hamza is a bit limited, but my god is he good at his strengths. Like someone said that game was made for him last night to come on, provide plenty of energy and dish out a few retribution’s. Also agree he’s better a bit further forward than Ndidi’s role - he’s nothing like Praet at all, but if you can get him using his energy higher up the pitch then he can be effective as last night showed.
  12. I agree with this. I think Rodgers has reached a point with it, with Tavares’ development in particular, where he thinks he’ll get more out of him by having him train in a first team environment 5/6 days a week than he would getting battered every Monday night with the ball spending half of the game above head height. Basically... First team training > That god awful 23’s set up.
  13. Think Leshabela, Tavares and Daley-Campbell will be permanently moving up to be part of the first team now. All in the Training photos from today.
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