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  1. Aleksz

    FIFA 19

    I'll have a look come 5pm. Are the new faces usually on the beta? Can't remember them usually being
  2. Aleksz

    Thorgan Hazard

    Will be interesting who comes out on top in the battle of the ITKs here
  3. Aleksz

    Filip Benkovic

    On the evidence of those videos, I don't really understand how
  4. Aleksz

    Mame Biram Diouf

    Are you alright? You literally said less than 24 hours ago you thought Hazard must have something in it?
  5. Aleksz

    Domagoj Vida

    We've been linked with him for quite a few windows now, with the performances he's putting in for Croatia at the minute I wouldn't be surprised if we've gone back again.
  6. Aleksz

    George Hirst

    Hadn't considered it from the compensation angle, makes a lot of sense.
  7. Aleksz

    How many on here aren't ITKs?

    Agree with this totally. There's no need for any sort of competition between ITKs and people should definitely take information and make their own minds up if they want to digest it - rather than try and shoot people down.
  8. Aleksz

    How many on here aren't ITKs?

    Well I, for one, am well bored of your constant hounding of the "ITKs". Pretty boring. Make your own mind up of whether you believe their info and move on.
  9. Aleksz

    James Maddison

    You honestly think a club is going to pay 20 million pounds on a player and NOT ask around for references on personalities, injuries and tendencies from those that work with him? Come on.
  10. Aleksz

    Players hiding?!!

    Well this is just wrong
  11. Aleksz

    Who do you want Summer 2018

    Two from Dragovic, Gibson & Mawson. Then Pereira, Elyounoussi (Presuming Mahrez goes) and Maddison.
  12. Aleksz


    If the club is honestly in that much of a position where we need to get Danny Simpson off the wage bill to just bring in a new right back then it's going to be a long summer for everyone involved. I personally think you're ever so slightly exagerrating.
  13. Aleksz


    Simpson isn't going anywhere anyway. They'll bring in a new Right Back and Simpson will be second choice.
  14. Aleksz

    2017/18 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    How do we know if they we're just simply not watched by scouts from LCFC?