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  1. Aleksz

    The Tactics Thread - Part 2: The 4-3-3

    The 4-3-3 we played in both games were designed to match up both opponents like for like. The intention was often for the midfield to go man for man and cut off pass lanes. If you watch the Chelsea game back you'll notice That when Chelsea were looking to build from the back - Vardy would be covering the pass lane into Jorginho (a vital component of their build up). Against Man City we did the same thing but with our midfielders, I noticed there was numerous times before we switched to 4-2-3-1 that Hamza was looking over his shoulder for Bernardo Silva or De Bruyne, not to go and get tight to him, but to screen the pass into him. It was a masterclass from Puel over the two games, where he could use the same plan twice as both oppponents play the same 4-3-3 looking to play out from the back. I wouldnt expect to see it again against Cardiff. I would imagine it'll be back to 4-2-3-1 and Gray will come back in for one of the midfielders, hopefully Ndidi as Hamza deserves to keep his spot. Rightly so as Cardiff won't have the possession or the high line to make the same game plan effective.
  2. Aleksz

    Netflix Sunderland Documentary

    Great watch this, got one episode left. As others have said, Jonny Williams seems an amazing bloke. Hopefully he can put the injuries behind him and get the career going he really deserves. On the contrary, Jack Rodwell is an absolute cockwomble. Had absolutely no remorse for sitting there creaming the club for 70k every week whilst they we're scrapping for their lives needing to get players in. And Aiden McGeady, might have misheard but I'm sure I've just heard him say, "We were poor at the weekend, we played a 4-3-3 and Ive never played that formation so had no idea how to play without the ball" Eh?! You're about 31 and you've never played in a 4-3-3 formation?! What a shocking excuse. Would definitely recommend watching, an absolute polar opposite to the recent Man City one.
  3. Aleksz

    Who’s this trialist?

  4. Aleksz

    2018/19 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    There's a fair bit of interest in Pascanu from clubs abroad. I would imagine he's training with the first team to keep the lad on his toes.
  5. Aleksz

    What is it that we're missing?

    Realistic expectations. Sooner people realise we missed our boat to break the top 6 after we won the title, the better - and that it'll take years of development and investment (or another lucky break) to do it again. Till then we'll sit between 7th and 10th, and win some games, then lose some games and be inconsistent because that's the difference. We're performing at just about the level we should be right now.
  6. Aleksz

    FIFA 19

    Any Leicester players that haven't been scanned, won't be until the next FIFA I'm afraid. The only scans they'll add in now are the promoted teams one Cardiff, Wolves and Fulham.
  7. Aleksz

    FIFA 19

    I'll have a look come 5pm. Are the new faces usually on the beta? Can't remember them usually being
  8. Aleksz

    Players hiding?!!

    Well this is just wrong
  9. Aleksz


    If the club is honestly in that much of a position where we need to get Danny Simpson off the wage bill to just bring in a new right back then it's going to be a long summer for everyone involved. I personally think you're ever so slightly exagerrating.
  10. Aleksz


    Simpson isn't going anywhere anyway. They'll bring in a new Right Back and Simpson will be second choice.
  11. Aleksz

    2017/18 U23s, Development, U19s etc

    How do we know if they we're just simply not watched by scouts from LCFC?