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  1. Can’t wait to see them all play together could be a while tho.
  2. I’m pretty sure you also posted something similar to this at one point...
  3. I think the analyst he brought from Celtic, Jack Lyons, was literally employed by Rodgers in the same manner. Run of the mill Celtic fan who was producing impressive analysis. @StriderHiryu Get on it!
  4. Is it just me or is there some damn good teams in it this year, even more so than usual
  5. Braga, Young Boys & Omonoia Nicosia.
  6. Was just on goal kicks from what I noticed. Brendan was keen to mention we were going a little more direct from goal kicks so I think the idea was for him to just step up for those and give us an option to win the ball with no real height in midfield or forwards.
  7. I thought this. Not even Gary Neville who was on the England coaching staff that night.
  8. Isn’t going to make November. Probably his last game for us.
  9. Thought KDH was the best player out there for us tonight. The shouts that he needs a loan are a load of toss. Considering the performances the likes of Gray put in tonight as one of our other rotation players - KDH can stay where he is. We’ll need him.
  10. Nothing really too special but Brendan really talked Hamza and KDH through that one tonight. I’m sure it’s nothing too out of the ordinary but interesting nonetheless.
  11. Don’t think Hirst, Johnson and Daley Campbell have been in the bubble since the lead up to West Brom. Eppiah, Tavares, Knight and obviously KDH & Thomas have been. And they haven’t played for the 23s as a result.
  12. This is literally the reason. Rodgers has his first team training group which is even more important at the minute with the “bubbles” that the squads are having to do due to covid regulations. Besides, pretty sure Tavares will be on the bench Wednesday night anyway.
  13. We’re definitely the perfect club for it, there’s always some sort of drama or narrative going on here. And I’m sure Brendan would relish it too. But not sure the club would embrace it, we’ve established this summer how much they like to keep things close to their chest and behind the scenes.
  14. No Hirst? Quite a few missing but presume thats because they're part of the first team bubble.
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