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  1. Old for the Dev Squad at 20?
  2. "Positioned under the seat" Brilliant. Can't wait to have mine knicked.
  3. LCFC U21 / Development Squad 2016/17

    Me too, but those squads are just full of the big names at youth level. Was never going to oust his way in only playing in League One. Especially the U20 group - One of the best at youth level we've had for years, they've been a tight nit squad since U17, Only really Tammy Abraham has left that group to go and play for the U21's.
  4. LCFC U21 / Development Squad 2016/17

    I think Barnes might be off to play with the England Toulon Team (Which this year is essentially made up of players U18-U20 that aren't making the squads for the U19 Euro's and U20 World Cup).
  5. Feeder Club

    Weren't we supposed to be Top's little pet project before Vichai came in and said "bollocks to that" three months in ?
  6. Retrospective Diving Bans?

    The thing is though, You simply don't get a penalty unless you go down these days. Obviously absolutely ridiculous and blatant diving should be punished, but you're gonna get players deliberately staying on their feet in fear of getting retrospectively banned - and not winning a penalty when they deserve one. Where do you draw the line?
  7. Simeone

    The blokes a born winner, and you're all getting sucked into his siege mentality shit housing. Luckily for the likes of Vardy last night, he didn't.
  8. Champions League tifos - Union FS

    If the whole Tifo was planned before the Ranieri sacking, then what a creepy coincidence the concept behind the quote was! Unbelievable yet again guys. Always love taking part in them from SK4 only bummer is we have to wait till the end of the game to see how it turned out! Congratulations all round.
  9. Fighting tomorrow

    Sevillian or a Civillian?
  10. Sevilla (H) - Union FS Tifo Information

    Only one? Im intrigued how this one is gonna look!
  11. Sevilla (H) - Union FS Tifo Information

    Row A to JJ?! Jesus you're gonna have a few moaning about missing out on watching the groundsman fork the pitch pre match with that one. I personally can't wait. Love a tifo.
  12. Its time we got serious

    If mods delete this then theres no other explanation than they simply cannot be Leicester fans
  13. FIFA 17

    From what i've played so far, defensive positioning needs a serious patch. Full Backs are so far out of position on every game mode, and centre backs on clubs? don't even bother. You're just gonna have to score more than the opponent. Theres a serious amount of details missing and have been stripped back from the game which i won't bore you with, just petty annoying stuff. Journey mode is nice. Lacks realism though. The thing is that EA never make enough changes. There is so much that can be changed on clubs, but they just don't bother. There is a lot more they could have done with the journey but it just all feels a bit rushed and unpolished. We'll see.
  14. FIFA 17

    @Ashley, out of curiosity, did the likes of Chilwell, Gray and Amartey not get head scanned? Seems a bit strange our gaps haven't been filled when the likes of Reece Oxford, Alex Iwobi, Michael Keane all have new game faces.
  15. Matty James/Andy King

    I can't be bothered to scroll through 3 pages of people being ignorant towards James's ability and how he played before his injury. But alongside those stats screenshots that prove he's a perfectly able player, it's worth pointing out that James is also the youngest of himself, Drinky and King. Give the lad some time (in both patience and match fitness), because he has plenty of time. He's only just hit the age in which Drinky suddenly became a one of our best players.