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  1. You always see some fatty pork product with Polish writing on it. Looks delicious to me but my wife won't buy it.
  2. He was on for 10 minutes and had about 5 touches?
  3. Strange that we consider them foreign when they're made in Leicester.
  4. I've just got some Knoppers from Asda. Lovely they are too.
  5. I love the idea that could have just gone out in January and signed players as good as Vardy, Maddison or Tielemans, paid any fee or amount of wages demanded. Its that easy.
  6. He's played at times when we've needed to rest others, he'll probably still get to play in the cup. It's not really worked out for him here but for a small loan fee he hasn't been a terrible signing.
  7. For me, this thread is to see what the press and pundits are saying about us,not opposition fans. Does anyone seriously expect opposition fans to be nice about us? Don't we all love to laugh at them? Of course they're going to take the p1ss, that's their job. Who gives a flying Fvck? Take it on the chin and stop whining about it, you'll only encourage more.
  8. And then the waiter would get nothing. His tips depend on more people than just him, so they should get a share.
  9. I hate it when people say "bottle" every time we lose. It's just a meaningless buzzword. We didn't lose because we were scared. A weakened team, injuries, a poor display, poor tactics if you like but nothing to do with courage.
  10. How much have the club made from the tournament, does anyone know?
  11. People are emotional that we lost. Most of the ranting is ridiculous, but sometimes you have to get things off your chest. Best to try to not let it bother you (although it often does me)
  12. Until last week I really thought we had a chance of at least making the final. I'm really gutted that we're out, but we are out. We've got to put it behind us and move on.
  13. I'm sure he would have liked to have played a stronger team, but he's managing the squad. We've got injuries and suspensions, a big game on Sunday. We played a strong side in the away leg and it did us no good at all. Sometimes you lose, that's life.
  14. So you think Brendan brought him on to save the game?
  15. Because he took Under off instead.
  16. Or he knew we'd lost the game and put him on just to give him a few minutes.
  17. Didn't look anything special, but he was only on for a few minutes. Nothing to get excited about yet.
  18. Just because they're in a poor league, doesn't mean they're a poor side.
  19. Yes, but so was everyone else. He never took his chance, you can see why he's not playing regularly though.
  20. That's absolute rubbish, they were a decent side.
  21. Sickening, injuries and fatigue have finally caught up with us. I couldn't pick a single player who had a good game.
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