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  1. I wonder what we got in return for signing him?
  2. It wasn't his first game for 2 years and it wasn't the first time he's been poor.
  3. In theory the covid crowd ban will affect the big clubs worse. Man U will lose 70000 paying fans every game, Arsenal 60000 at the ridiculous prices they pay. Ironically it could even the playing field a bit.
  4. I'm going to nail my colours to the mast and say I hope we play to contain them. 2 defensive midfielders is fine by me. If we still lose then so be it, I won't blame the system.
  5. I can't see us letting him go if we don't sign a CB first.
  6. The weather here in Turkey is glorious. Its been around 30 degrees here everyday. Its not as cheap as it used to be, Wetherspoon prices rather than the dirt cheap it used to be. A beer costs around £2.50 although lots of places do happy hour. A meal is around 8 or 9 quid but the portions are huge. Went on a boat trip yesterday which was great fun.
  7. With less than a year on his contract we'd be lucky to get 5 million.
  8. A back up striker who hardly ever scores is no better than playing another player out of position up front.
  9. Considering the team they have out I thought Arsenal were surprisingly poor.
  10. I can report that, unlike when I was here 3 years ago, there are no fake Leicester shirts for sale here in Marmaris. Apart from the usual suspects you can get Leeds, Wolves and Newcastle. Which pissed me off a bit
  11. This type of football isn't boring when we win is it?
  12. 3 weeks ago some were saying we were relegation candidates
  13. It'll be our youth team/reserves versus theirs. Nobody can predict this one.
  14. That pass for Timmys goal was through the eye of a needle.
  15. We're a really good side and anyone who doesn't rate Praet can fck off.
  16. I'm in Marmaris now, going to put on my Leicester shirt and go down to the bar, see if it gets me a free pint.
  17. What the weather like in Turkey? I'll be in Marmaris tomorrow.
  18. I'll bet there'll be 5 minutes of Fergie time.
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