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  1. I've just got it but I'll leave it up for others to have a go.
  2. Stuck on this one. Politicians : 'Nuisances are the effects of delivery' (two words) _ A _ _U _ P _ _ N _
  3. I can't remember exactly but I think it did begin with W.
  4. You can still get Sunkist cordial in some of the Polish supermarkets. I think they stop selling it here because of all the E numbers. It's so sweet it can rot your teeth just looking at it.
  5. There was a chap on here a few years ago with a terminal illness who asked for his account to be deleted which iIrc was done.
  6. There are specialist basement paints you can buy in this country to cope with the damp underground, very expensive though. I don't know if that's a problem in Canada?
  7. The picture quality on Pick is worse than normal SD. They're doing on purpose because they want you on the pay channel.
  8. People always ask where I had my incredibly intricate tattoo done but they don't believe me when I say Madrid. Nobody expects The Spanish Ink Precision.
  9. Webbo


    Nothing like him.
  10. 2 cans a week?! Who do you think I am, Bill Gates?
  11. She actually bought me a shirt today, been reduced to £2.00, with her discount £1.80. I'm living the dream .
  12. I drink Asda's own brand cola and I don't give a shit.
  13. It's Lynex and Young, don't know the kit man.
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