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  1. If that's the case then God help us Tuesday night.
  2. I've said it before and got slated. But if we can get some decent money for him in the summer. Get him moved on. Weak mentally and physically. Spends most the game slowing it down. Completely over rated. An absolute mile off a england start. He is playing so bad I'd rather have perez starting.
  3. What's going on with these subs tonight. Absolute disgrace. A full back. A backwards passing midfielder and ****ing perez who does absolutely nothing each time he comes on.
  4. Glad we have a back 5 on. Keeping it tight.
  5. Why won't he stop with this back 5. Madness.
  6. What a terrible half. This back 5 shite has looked dodgy for weeks but we keep playing it. Kasper shocker for their second. No one else in it. Played off the park by ****ing Newcastle.
  7. Thats fine. England can have a maximum of 5 CL places
  8. Arsenal played it round nicely for the last couple of mins. Played like they were 4 nil up. What a shower of shite from them as usual.
  9. I can see it now. Bicycle kick ruled out by VAR. High foot.
  10. It's a load of old bollocks really.
  11. Imagine the club will dish most of the 6500 out to the club staff and friends anyway. The bus thing is nonsense. How is it safer to travel in a bus than your own car? And why can't the bus drop you off at the same place it picks you up?
  12. 45 quid for a coach. Robbing gits.
  13. Very poor night. Maddison completely missing again when he is needed to make a difference. Vardy crap as well.
  14. What a load of shite. Moaning about injuries and a blatant handball that didn't touch his hand. Scum of the earth them lot.
  15. Can't get over how that wasn't a foul. Completely bottled it
  16. Great result. Wont get many easier games than that.
  17. MOTM Ian nacho for me. Just for the interview.
  18. 2 minutes added on. Ref has had enough
  19. Don't like being a miserable greedy bastard but wouldn't mind a few more goals here. Gd a bit tight at the top.
  20. Lovely stuff. It looks like we have set up the west brom side up. Terrible
  21. Making hard work of these chances
  22. Just thought the same. Hopefully they sort it
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