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  1. Statement at half 10 will probably throw us out the cup final and replace us with tottenham. Massive club
  2. ****ing tottenham though. Fuming with how they have the cheek to even apply for it. Forest are more deserving than those toss pots
  3. Well said on bt sport. We support a proper football club. And it's ****ing brilliant
  4. What a turn around we have had. Was watching old 90s videos of us on you tube last night. How times have changed. Still miss Steve walsh though
  5. Love Ians goal. His first effort was almost going out for a throw. What a man.
  6. Hard work but bloody brilliant. First cup final for years and we can't ****ing go. Wank My dog.
  7. Come on lads. Professional these last 10 mins.
  8. Walcott. Doesn't he always score against us.
  9. Gonna need a few pints to get through this second half
  10. In love with Ian nacho. What a man
  11. Need to makes some changes. Southampton are poor and the longer this goes on the happier they will be. Get maddison on
  12. This 5 at the back is a load of shite. Works once in a blue moon. Sides all wrong. Wing backs won't or can't get up the pitch. Over run in the middle. Perez being crap. Sort it out please.
  13. Lovely ball. ****ing terrible finish.
  14. Think we would be so much better with another bloke in midfield. Do we really need 3 centre halves. Struggling to get hold of it.
  15. I'm calling it. We're gonna get beat here.
  16. Why are we playing perez. Blokes horrendous. Be better with albrighton in his position
  17. This is terrible. We have started so slowly again
  18. Jealous of all the pricks who managed to get in the ground
  19. Who the **** do tottenham think they are. Win absolutely nothing. Its bad enough that they class themselves as one of the big 6. No better than West Ham.
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