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  1. Really hate this 3 at the back. We always look completely all over the place set up like it.
  2. Let's not go mad. This burnley side is playing no where near as good as they have over the past few seasons. They have scored 10 goals at home and only won 4 games.
  3. Terrible result. There is no way we are getting top 4. Not a chance. Manager making strange decisions. Picking the wrong side and system from the start. Then having to change the system after getting completely out played. Stop playing a back 3. It's bloody terrible. Stop playing hamza and play a right winger and put Ricardo at right back where he plays so well. Very harsh on Nacho taking him off. Looked miles sharper than Vardy. Burnley were there fot the taking and we looking better when we went to a back 4.
  4. If we had started with the right team he wouldn't have had to play right back.
  5. Crap by rodgers. How can he take nacho off. Just don't understand it.
  6. Completely out played this half by a very poor side. So frustrating to watch.
  7. Why keep trying to keep play it out from the back when these players are so poor on the ball.
  8. We need to change this. All over the place at the back. Get wes on
  9. We look like we will concede every time they come forward. Need to change it at half time.
  10. This line up is terrible. Wss never gonna work. Why play 5 at the back when we have 2 centre halfs injured. Made the defence and midfield weaker by playing ndidi there.
  11. **** of hamza. Why do we keep.playing this clown. Be better with Andy King in there.
  12. Exciting 90 mins ahead. Wish we would stop playing hamza.
  13. My concern is if we miss out on the top 4 how it will affect us long term. There is no way our top players are gonna hang around if we miss out on CL again.
  14. ****ing injuries! Saying that. We didn't do anything after we scored. Didn't put arsenal under any pressure. Terrible afternoon all round.
  15. These are so bad at the back. Why havnt we had more of a go.
  16. The problem with this is that all our better players wouldn't stand for 7th. Ndidi, tielemans and maddison will want to be playing in Europe. Top 4 is important if we want to keep hold off everyone.
  17. Frustrating this half. Not even had a go. 11 back for corners. Passing it about like we're winning 4 nil. Strange mentality
  18. Ha under actually completed a pass yet. The bloke is completely out of his depth.
  19. Gonna be a long few weeks if this is the side. Well in Ian
  20. I think big Rob Huth would out run vardy at the moment.
  21. Strange one isn't it. Castagne played well there earlier in the season too.
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