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  1. Great result. Please stop this 5 at the back. Ian nacho played well and deserves to keep his place.
  2. What a player. Always rates him. First player on the team sheet for me.
  3. What is rodgers watching here. How Can you not make a change when we are playing this bad.
  4. He's gonna bring hamza on for Ian nacho isn't he. I can see it now
  5. Ricky P looks about as quick as vardy at the moment.
  6. I no he was pretty crap but why did we get rid of Gray so quickly when we knew we had so many games to play.
  7. ****ing garbage. Rodgers needs to earn his money. Keeps making the same mistakes. No doubt he will have to change the system again as this one surprisingly doesn't work. The defending of set pieces is not acceptable. Been shocking all season and nothing has changed.
  8. Tielemans will be asking for for transfer at this rate in the summer. Looks pissed off with it all
  9. Need to go to 4 at the back now. Get amartey off. Thomas on. Ricky P on the right. Albrighton on for the Young lad and play left wing. Need to get some players further up the pitch.
  10. Absolute madness this. It didn't work against Burnley and he had to change it half way through the game. Now we have gone back to the same system and its not working again.
  11. Always the same with this shite back 3. No one has a clue what they are doing.
  12. Really hate this 3 at the back. We always look completely all over the place set up like it.
  13. Let's not go mad. This burnley side is playing no where near as good as they have over the past few seasons. They have scored 10 goals at home and only won 4 games.
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