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  1. Both full backs struggling here. We can't afford to concede. Very very poor so far. If only we had got hold of Chalobah during the window
  2. Depressing reading that people would rather come in the top 4 than win this. This competition is very winnable if we play our best side. Would be unbelievable to win something like this.
  3. Slightly concerning team. Really could of done with Barnes considering Maddisons injury and the lack of recent goals by Vardy. Who nos though. When I usually slag the side off we win comfortably. Just can't afford to concede first.
  4. Redknapp thinks it will be tough for barnes to get in the England squad because of the likes of Rashford greenwood and saka. Get ****ed.
  5. That second half was a tough watch. I never want us to play a midfield 3 of mendy hamza and wilf again. Great result though. Vardy not looking the same. Maybe his injuries have caught up with him. Currently Ian offers a lot more.
  6. What are we doing here.villa have been crap and we are inviting them on. Absolute madness from rodgers.
  7. Did anyone see the ref in the Ipswich game. Squared up to one of the Ipswich players. No nonsense refereeing
  8. Fair play to the ref there. Saka dived out the way of the defender. Shame the rest of the refs aren't like that.
  9. Certainly not worth the 20 million roma want.
  10. Good result. Terrible game. Please stop playing 5 at the back.
  11. Rodgers has had a shocker tonight. No point pretending he hasn't. 5 at the back against a poor side. The problem with putting a half arsed side out is that we're gonna end up with extra time. Would of been betting starting strong and making 4 or 5 changes at 60 mins.
  12. This really is shit. Why bring fuchs on. Why are we so defensive at home to this shite. Why did he play JJ every single minute of every game. Why was Justin even playing tonight if we are not bothered about the result. Such a poor evening by the manager.
  13. What a dull half. Bizare tactics tonight. Why 5 at the back? Go back to 4 at the back and get pèrez off!
  14. I'm not sure. Still quite an attractive side to manage if your not a leicester fan. Probably pay more wages, based in London and can attract better players than us. Who nos.
  15. Just been thinking, If Jose gets the boot I wonder if tottenham will come in for Rodgers. Not the best thought I have ever had!
  16. Not fit to lace albrightons boots
  17. Hopefully Robert Jones will get stuck In like he did at Newcastle.
  18. So hamza comes in after Rodgers wanted to get shot of him. Clearly doesn't rate him. Didnt he have a shocker in his last game against Palace too. Another bloke who has improved by not playing him. Harsh on mendy who for the majority has played well this season.
  19. Never seen a player booked before for delaying the kick off. Another one ticked off for Dean.
  20. What's the ****ing point. Clear dive. How have they not seen it
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