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  1. Does she have a bike? make some form of stabilisers that lift the back wheel off the ground, then play a game of how how many times she can peddle for 5mins get her to count herself and give her some incentive for beating her scores give it a hour she will be knackered for the day
  2. which would be fine, it we could get the food we needed delivered
  3. You speak like there was months between the decisions.. that extra week really isn’t going to send people stir crazy when we are told possibly 3 months
  4. Or maybe you don’t understand the difference between a plan of action one week and contradicting what was said days later
  5. No it’s been being watched by millions prior to ITV showing it, it’s well up the popular charts on IMDB as is 28 days later “Contagion becomes one of most-watched films online in wake of coronavirus pandemic Prescient film is currently second most popular Warner Bros film online”
  6. The same experts that didn’t want to shut schools because of “kids being left with the elderly etc” that back tracked a week later. The same time experts that wanted a herd immunity, when other countries were weeks ahead and advising to be in the lockdown phase as quick at possible.
  7. More proactive measures would be good not reactive days of weeks later due to the public and political uproar
  8. Chief medical officer Chris Whitty pours cold water on claims tests for coronavirus immunity could be available at Boots in 'days' as he warns 'global bottleneck' of kits is hampering efforts to ramp up checks hmmmm do the government secretly still want the herd immunity scenario. Testing would halt the spread for many.
  9. Hopefully the twat licking the hospital toilet seat for fun has it at its most severe
  10. The Hamster Freddy star ate has been dug up and has the antibodies we all need to survive
  11. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/11250187/finger-****-coronavirus-tests-available-boots-amazon/ good news
  12. All this social distancing and advising people to stay at home.. the shops are where people have to be In close proximity of each other. There isn’t enough in them so people are visiting more. its a vicious circle
  13. To go Epping forest or Barry island whilst u listen to you’ll never walk alone on repeat on your phone as you crack one out thinking of Female Covidiots scantily dressed ??
  14. Good thinking Toothpaste on tampons it is for dinner
  15. someone sent me this thought I pass on the cheery stats
  16. Depending on the last 2 years results he could have the fastest speed in the History of the premier league https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.express.co.uk/sport/football/937407/Premier-League-fastest-players-ever-recorded-Jenkinson-Sissoko-sportgalleries/amp (37.49kph)
  17. Agreed I lasted about 5 mins, it was like you was brown nosing him. It also Sounded like an awkward fake laugh after most points were made. Maybe try to learn the points you want to raise so it doesn’t come across like you are reading bullet points and it then feels more of a conversation that flows more naturally.
  18. IMPRESSIVE Football Manager 2020 breaks new user record amid coronavirus pandemic, with almost 90,000 active players at the same time cdkeys has the game for £15 Feb 22 now £29 and out of stock
  19. If football players become inactive and stop training over the coming weeks and months, maybe they should donate some wages to the NHS some sort of sporting Aid for this Country
  20. The Watford subs have started rimming each other to try put the Leicester team off. Surely this isn’t wise given current situation with Covid19 oh no it’s seems Elton John is marching his way to the Subs bench
  21. Don’t worry everyone will be doing that soon, when they run out of milk
  22. James Pearson Thailand
  23. Only person that could get away with a post full of Pun songs that equates to gibberish and nobody really bats an eyelid
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