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  1. It was his first season as a premier league striker
  2. But it’s not though Vardy fell out of favour under Puel and he even tried Gray as a option as striker
  3. I said appearances points still stands Ulloa played less minutes in the 14/15 (2500) season and got 11 goals in a poor side that were losing most weeks. When Ulloa was needed to cover for Vardy the following season. I don’t think there was the same dread, because he was a competent option. You have to ask your self why nacho has had such limited game time with 4 managers. Who’s fault is it he plays 10-15 mins at a time? It’s not all down to Vardys form.
  4. A very good finisher? what would you say Kane and Aguero are? For a player that averages 1 in every 9 league goals here and 1in 6 in his career. I’m not not he could be described as a very good finisher. Like a lot of people I have wanted him to to well throughout his time here, but 4 seasons in and he hasn’t really progressed.
  5. Some people don’t as they seem to compare him to when Ulloa stepped up.
  6. 26 games/19 sub appearances for Man City who were the top scorers in the league that season. ulloa 11 in 37 for a team that were 12th highest scorers in the league and were bottom until April and had won 4 games all season up until that point. that season for Nacho was clearly an outlier as he has only ever managed 9 league goals in 81 appearances here If Ade Akinbiyi was a flop in a team not half as good as this one with 11/58 what does it say about Nachos time
  7. Hardly comparable mate, the previous season Ulloa started as the first team striker notched 5 in his first 6 premier league games and went onto get 11 league goals for the season Thats 2 more in the league than Nacho has got in his 4 seasons here so far
  8. Seems to have a poachers instinct if and around the box
  9. Yeah makes more sense that that shit for 60
  10. Not really fair, as he hasn’t been given much of a chance as a striker here.
  11. Unfortunately you said it yourself.. they can’t stretch defences like vardy. so even with him misfiring, he makes defenders uncomfortable and creates space for the others.
  12. I’d like us to start with Perez if he has been shit after 60, being on Nacho
  13. Get rid of our form played nice
  14. Surely this dilutes the ability to recognise their intellectual ability now. Under the guise of “aping” is he mocking or full on tard?
  15. Subliminally warning us he will break out hearts with his haircut
  16. Hopefully a defeat for Chelsea would spell the end of another manager
  17. Where did you read we are one of the worst hit clubs losing match day revenue?
  18. Yeah or the adult version and they take Dennis Wise to Harlem and leave him in a room full of Meth heads
  19. Madisons always looks suspect it’s like his fade / neckline is always too high
  20. But surely finishing the season at Luton his confidence will grow and grow, he seems to be improving all the time there. Rather that stagnating his growth with stop and start appearances for the first team here.
  21. Luckily it’s not the 1970s https://www.theguardian.com/football/gallery/2014/apr/09/memory-lane-football-communal-bath-pictures-gallery
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