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  1. Positives: - Highly unlikely to win the competition anyway - No injuries - Not missing out on a European tour due to COVID - They're far better than many are giving them credit for. Press like Liverpool, and we know how much we struggle with that - They rested players last week, we rested players for the game. Their cup final, our inconvenience and it showed. We didn't lose because we're the worse team, even if they are decent Negatives: - Ünder will not be with us next season - Our second string is okay to plug gaps, but together can turn o
  2. I've said it before but I'll say it again, hats off to you for continuing to be critical. Not doomsaying, not unwavering, but critical. We'd be in a better place as a country if more people thought critically, as you do. For context, Leicester Loyal and I came to logger heads at around the time of the beginning of the outbreak, with him posting Conservative-supporting comments that I disagreed with. Despite this stance, LL has continued to observe facts and digest them critically. This isn't to say all anti-Tory rhetoric is right and pro-Tory is wrong, by t
  3. Highly likely United and Spurs will have nothing to play for. Rather that than coming up against anyone fighting for their lives. Chelsea is a bad fixture to have at that time in theory though.
  4. Should never have been stopped. It's mind boggling. Now don't get me wrong, I like my Starbucks coffee run, but it's baffling to me that I am allowed to go indoors and wait with other people for my coffee, but I'm not allowed to walk around a field in the open air with one other person, socially distanced. Almost as though they're making it up as they go along and not being led by data.
  5. From an Instagram account with 5k followers, late teens to early 20s.
  6. Yeah but he'll create space just because of his reputation. This is an opportunity to rate players' performances, and Vardy's wasn't great despite creating that space. He could kick the ball into row Z at every opportunity and still create space, such is the fear he instills in the opposition, but he won't have played well.
  7. So is Brendan too arrogant by not changing his approach in game, or too negative when he changes things to see out a win? I'm struggling to keep up.
  8. You love to see Amartey, N'didi, Mendy and Choudhury all on the pitch at once Shiithoused the second half. Really impressive how well we're doing without Vardy chipping in. Imagine how good we'll be if he can find some form.
  9. Mler mler Grealish mler mler mlerrrrrr. 💤 Any chance of doing as much as touching on Leicester's performance?
  10. Either we've signed Messi or Barnes is getting very, very good.
  11. Had to laugh at the commentators calling Martinez the best in the league moments before he fumbles the shot that lead to the second goal Annoying commentators but I'm going to focus on dominating a good team, and Barnes playing like prime Messi.
  12. And, say it quietly, he isn't actually playing that well.
  13. Funny how Tuchel has taken one look at Chilwell and thought 'nah, you're alright'. Nothing against BC, it was just nothing short of fantastic business for our club. £50m, replaced by Justin AND Castagne who are both better than him, with about £25m to spare. Unbelievable.
  14. No, but many other games are turning on similarly woeful officiating. Something needs to change.
  15. How any football fan can watch that and think it's a penalty is beyond me. This isn't basketball or Rugby. Shall we start counting penalties as one point and everything else 3? TAA is facing the other way, he cannot possibly mean to trip him. DCL doesn't 'kick him', sure, but it's his clumsiness that leads to the contact, not the other way around. The point remains that if contact = penalty, all you need to do as the striker is manufacture contact, which is not difficult to do. Honestly if I was Brendan Rodgers, I'd be encouraging our players to create con
  16. Oh my god. What is wrong with people? So you can, as a striker, kick someone, fall over, and win a pen? That changes the game. If that's the way it works, and strikers play to that, 75% of goals would be penalties. I don't want to watch that sport if that's the case. It isn't football.
  17. Goes to show the ref should have watched a couple of angles. Must be a bit of an optical illusion going on!
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