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  1. You've got to go vote for the lesser of two evils though. I hear you. The Labour party aren't inspiring confidence in me either, but anything to avoid this. Anything.
  2. Can I have yours if you don't need it?
  3. Obviously. Who said anything about there being a magic solution that results in zero deaths? This is the situation we find ourselves in. Let's navigate a way out that results in the least suffering.
  4. The reason I'm here is primarily because of my selfish desire to carry on as normal. I'm not hiding that. It just so happens my desires also align to the prosperity and health of the population.
  5. But Burnham is a greedy cvnt for wanting more for businesses in his region in your words? Don't pretend to care what funds will be made available for business support! We both know you don't. Businesses mean jobs. Jobs mean money. Money means food. Food means health. Or something like that.
  6. I don't understand how people can simultaneously be apparently so bothered about the health of a population and so disinterested in thousands of businesses failing. It's all human.
  7. For context, the national bloody lottery distributes £600m per year. £22m is nothing. Context isn't fashionable, though.
  8. I will judge anybody taking anything that this government says seriously.
  9. Best to be on the safe side though, eh? 🙃
  10. Yeah, live with my girlfriend and we've been together nearly 5 years so that isn't the issue! It's pretty irrational when you boil it down but I suppose it's just a confidence thing. Agree shampoos seem to have little to no effect from what I've read. This supplement I've bought apparently blocks DHT at source, and it's the hormone responsible for reducing follicle size. I've read enough positive impartial reviews to at least give it a go. If in 4/5 months I've still got a sunroof I'll have to decide whether I want to fork out for a trip to Turkey (bit of c
  11. I'll bear it in mind! I've had decent hair in the not too distant past. It's only really a patch at this point, so I'd rather give supplements a go. If they don't work I've only wasted £60/£70. Worth a try.
  12. The thinking is that I won't have to hide it if it works. I just know I won't suit being bald. My face is too long and narrow. I'd look like a pool cue.
  13. It's the going rate in Manchester. Mental, I know. I have actually been going to a barber school whereby students cut your hair and they charge you £3. Been doing that for about a year since I figured there was no point polishing a turd! And actually they do a decent job with what they have to work with! I'm not particularly vain. I don't spend anything really on clothes, for instance. I just think I personally would look considerably worse bald than with hair and so it makes sense to do something about it.
  14. Envious. It works really well for some people. One of my best mates did the same thing a few years ago and it just suits him. He'd look weird with hair now. It's difficult to explain but I just don't have a face for the bald look. It definitely suits some people more than others and I think I'd look like a nonce bald 😂
  15. I've opened myself up to abuse here, haven't I?
  16. From follicle implants to Regaine and hormone supplements, there are a lot of options available to the balding male. What have people's experiences been? I'm 29 in a couple of months, and while for pretty much my whole adult life I have had a bit of a receding hairline, it's only in the last 2 or 3 years that the hair on my crown has rapidly become more and more sparse. I bought Finasteride last night online which apparently stops hair loss and in 66% of cases actually leads to a decent level of regrowth. After plenty of research I ended up buying one month'
  17. Had my Google Pixel 2 for 2 years and 7 months. Still going strong. Battery life suffers slightly at times especially if recording video, but other than that it's as good as the day I bought it. Can't see it going lame on me for at least another year. - Not a glass screen so resistant to drops - None of that slowing down of software crap you get with Apple - Camera brilliant. Always laugh at gigs when my out of date Google phone actually performs and you can see the stage when all the iPhones surrounding me get a blur of light - Unlimited storage for phot
  18. Anybody that thinks that policy is devised around anything other than political point scoring is... Let's go with misguided. If the government know there is an opportunity to align their actions to inevitable future drops in cases, will they; A) Grab it with both hands, or, B) Go against the tide, fighting the longer term battle for the betterment of the country This government has a track record of operating on an 'always on campaigning machine' basis rather than a long term planning basis. It's easier, you can cover up your mistakes later
  19. I'm obviously being jovial here. There are bigger issues at play. Jesus.
  20. I mean I hate to be petty but if this were top trumps, I win. 695,000 before the furlough scheme is even over vs. 45,000 while we're past the peak. And which of the two numbers do you think has a higher 'would have happened anyway' percentage? What are the odds this adds 10 years to the retirement age of all those lucky enough to still have a job? That's what's at stake here. I really don't think people casually calling for lockdowns 'to be on the safe side' realise the implications. I should stop moaning about this really because it's not my main concern at all. It'
  21. Hence my reference to 20%. That's obviously a total guess but are you not worried that many people will not find new jobs? What do their lives look like for the foreseeable? Well apparently the current situation is 'grave'. Doesn't sound like success to me. Maybe masks are reducing viral load and plays a part in why cases aren't translating in to nearly as many deaths. But with that being the case, can't we accept that as our measure of success and continue with this new normal? No need for lockdowns. Sure as hell aren't having a big impact on surpress
  22. This again. People lose loved ones. Every. Single. Day. That's life. Too easy to make an emotional point like that and sound like the voice of reason. And we didn't need a pandemic to stretch the NHS. It was stretched already but very few people seemed to care too much about that until March.
  23. Almost as though it ain't all that bad, innit?
  24. A lot of African countries have more pressing issues at hand. Like getting food and clean water. On the flip side we have an obesity endemic which should get way more attention but alas, no. Panic for a smaller issue. Eat as much Maccies as you want.
  25. Yeah, sorry. I'm not even particularly anti mask. I just got annoyed waiting outside the shop when I was in a rush and had another moan about this cautious mentality having another (albeit small) negative impact on my life.
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