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  1. I've never noticed it and it would be really difficult, unless maybe you were in a small rural office with just a couple of other posties who were also in on it. Having said that, I've always imagined that sending cash through the post is rare on account of the risk, you'd need to open a lot of cards before finding money, I would have thought. I've certainly received many cards that are unsealed to my sorting board, by which time at least 4 other people would have handled them before and then occasionally, the sorting machines also like to take chunks out of the mail too, but that'
  2. About halfway through The Right Stuff on the Disney Channel. It's really good, definitely on a par with the film, which is saying something, as it's my favourite "true story" film. My only problem is the actor who plays Al Shepherd is a lookalike for Dennis Quake, who played Gordo Cooper in the film. A must watch for anyone with even a passing interest in space.
  3. Madders is clearly loving his time here. Long may that continue.
  4. He was up and down the right wing battling for every ball. With quality too. Mr 100%!
  5. Well, if we're comparing him to Kante, that's another similarity.
  6. I sometimes think that players I signed for Leicester on Football Manager years ago were players who actually played for us. Like Carlos Tevez.
  7. Who knew, that all these years, it was actually Don the Hat.
  8. Surely VAT is or is not a legal obligation? By which I mean, either legally they are obliged to charge it or that, if foreign purchases are exempt from VAT (because that's a UK tax of UK citizens), then if you charge it, you are doing so illegally? I find VAT bizarre. The money I use to buy stuff was already taxed when I received it, why do I have to pay tax to spend it as well?
  9. Not least because it will mean Spurs are out.
  10. From the amount of crap people are still buying online, I find it hard to believe people are short of cash. The postal system is still at Christmas levels (a normal Christmas... covid-Christmas was a living nightmare!).
  11. Davina McCall is such a div. Just did devils horns i.e., I'm so heavy metal... except what she was actually doing was American Sign Language for "I love you".
  12. When I was doing just parcels, 20 an hour was about my rate.
  13. Street numbering is bizarre, especially in new streets. There's a road just been built between Wigston and Kilby Bridge that goes in a square. Number 1 is halfway round the square, not where you enter off Welford Rd. The mind boggles. Worse for us posties is what happens on so many new estates, they love to plan closes that split left and right at the bottom, so when on foot doing letters you go down one side, it splits off left, then you have to walk back past houses you've already done to get to your next bit (the other side of the close that has split off in the opposite directi
  14. Royal Mail haven't done this, though I've made a personal decision not to ask neighbours. Feel at the moment that RM couldn't give a damn about the health of their staff, much less their customers. They turn a blind eye to those breaking the rules if it means the job gets done. If we all followed the actual rules to the T, and I'm just talking generally, not covid specific, we'd get half the work done. Stay safe mate!
  15. I couldn't believe how many people I had deliveries for were out today. Over half. I'm guessing most people aren't working Saturday, especially whole families and it's not walking weather, could barely see 20m at times. I can only assume the supermarkets were swamped today
  16. Shame about Praet getting injured. Praet-Tielemans have such a good understanding.
  17. Warnock isn't wrong. Bursik has probably been Stoke's best player and they've conceded 4.
  18. Playing some lovely football. Just need another goal and can't see Stoke coming back from that.
  19. Just know that all the people moaning that we should rest players and give the kids a chance would then have moaned about not taking the FA Cup seriously enough and not putting a strong team out.
  20. Anyone seen The Dead Zone? Great film, but apropos of this post.
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