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  1. No quality player would come to a team that had sold all its best players.
  2. It was a bit deflated.
  3. Give the man time! You only waited 5 hours.
  4. If he didn't move his head and put his hands up in defence and handled the ball, I'd have no problem; the ball would have hit his head anyway. But that's not what happened.
  5. So Praet was intentional then and he wasn't holding his hands in a way of someone trying to avoid being struck in the mush? It's not cheating though, it's just gross incompetence.
  6. Only found out about Andy Weatherall yesterday.
  7. "Contact was inevitable." Which sounds like a line from a Terminator movie.
  8. If we carry on playing like we did today, we'll breeze those games. Brendan's main task is keeping our heads up. Win the first one and the rest will come. On the flipside, lose the first one and we might struggle.
  9. What's happened to you? Have you been brainwashed? Body-snatched? Replaced by an Android? I used to rely on you to be the voice of calming, common sense. Now you're a raving loony!
  10. We've had VAR for a while now and a lot of the votes in the VAR thread were given at the start of the season and you can't alter your vote, so I'm interested to see how people feel after over half a season. Personally I feel it's draining the fun out of the game, without improving decisions radically, save for off sides and even then, the fine margins on the close ones aren't worth delaying the game for 4-5 mins.
  11. How many times has Chilwell given the ball away in good attacking positions?
  12. Pep schmoozing with his FA Official friend there.
  13. A game of small fractions both ways. At the very least, we have played this game. We can do this, but a draw wouldn't be disappointing, and a loss wouldn't be disastrous.
  14. Surely your nickname would be Chilli if YOUR name was Con Kearney, not your dad? I mean, if your name was Pat Kearney or Seamus Kearney, no ones going to go, "ha ha, we call him chilli cos..." To be honest though, the story is so Irish, it has to be true.
  15. Was this proposed by the Labour Party?
  16. He could keep them company at the Royal Infirmary.
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