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  1. Cowardly subs. Tried to shut up shop, got what we deserved. Genuinely thought that Man City game was a massive turning point after ten months of nigh on relentless dross but we've reverted to type the last two games. We can be cripplingly dull when we're off it, and we're off it all too frequently. Need these injuries to pass over ASAP and hope Under is half decent.
  2. Iheanacho is toss, man. Really want him to do well but he's bloody garbo.
  3. Got my tight arse in the Old Fountain (again) and the Wenlock with @Tilley formerly of this parish, for my money two of the best BOOZERS in the country let alone London. World class.
  4. Still our best looking player - good luck brother
  5. That GIF is longer than the ****ing Lord of the Rings trilogy
  6. Yeah brother, Susan Perb ain't it. Been hankering starting a footy manager save with them for ages but it'd be a bloody challenge with the amateur thing
  7. In his defence there's a lot of very good players that look shakey with Southgate's England. How can anyone stand out when set up like this?
  8. Doesn't hugely bug me but the term "foodie" goes right through me
  9. Used to be bloody terrified of them as a nipper but realised they're fairly handy the older I've got, give me a bloody spider over shite flying about the house anyday, baby!
  10. Had a couple in the Salmon early arvo, truly decent
  11. I can see what you mean although Diangana isn't quite the same as Barnes mind - and Benrahma is only three years older than the former. Perhaps they think Diangana is a flash in the pan? It just seems a lot more sensible to me than their previous model of signing faded / fading names from the continent
  12. He's gonna dine off the easiest World Cup run any nation has ever had for years isn't he.
  13. People been ****ing rattling on about going to support their non league sides for ages after anything like this leaks, especially after that fifteen quid nonsense, and I bet a load haven't. Go and ****ing do it and stop having your pants down.
  14. One thing I will say (if they get him) is that West Ham's approach to transfers feels a lot less scattergun than before. There's genuine logic behind the likes of Bowen etc.
  15. It'll come back to bite me on the arse no doubt but from what I saw last season, Eze had more of an effect on games then Benrahma did. I don't doubt the latter is good, but he always struck me as an important cog in a very good team whereas Eze would carry QPR. Might just be easier to stand out when you're at a poorer side, though.
  16. Stan the grass tryna catch the doblé job crowd out
  17. Oh mate I'm in a similar boat, don't think I've ever felt as much satisfaction learning anything than I have getting to grips with After Effects, it's about 70% of my workload these days.
  18. Work for a small design agency (there are five of us including my gaffer) and 2/5 of us would have to get the rattler into Nottingham while everyone else gets public transport - my boss has been pretty sound re: people coming back, isn't rushing anyone and has earmarked next spring as a possibility. We've been almost hilariously busy since June and I think he's seen it as the perfect acid test of just how we can cope remotely, he's talked about moving out of the studio we rent and just occupying some space in one of those co-working gaffs, saving a shitload of cash and just having us in on a M
  19. I respect you as a poster and a person my brother but you're wrong, DEAD WRONG
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