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  1. But what I'm saying is was it that funny in the first place? A resounding no from your boy I'm afraid.
  2. Was it really "so good?" I say that as a fan of the first two series. I just think the club doing an OTD tweet of Vardy saying something you'd have no doubt heard in bloody offices / pubs / parks / gyms up and down the country for years and passing it off as HAHA LOOK BLOODY GREAT, DANISH FRIENDS AHAHA LEDGE !!!!!! is a bit bloody painful tbh but each to their goddam own my brothers
  3. Convinced Allegri is the Italian Alan Curbishley (16-1)
  4. One of the most pleasing parts of his game today was how he didn't hide after a dodgy touch or pass (pitch his side first half was understandably playing up) - he was still looking to make things happen and get forward second half - really feel like playing with Barnes helps him too, similar backgrounds, and they have really, really promising little flashes together. Thomas seems quite a quiet lad, hopefully with more experience he has a Barnes-esque boost in self-belief because he's certainly good enough. Even in Harvey's interviews these days it's clear how much more confident he
  5. He was a footballer though my brother, can't have him in this.
  6. I think the commentary team were likening Fernandes' impact to how the club shifted when Cantona arrived - they'd not won a league title in 25 odd years before he joined. They were League champions when Ronaldo signed, and were still pretty bloody decent (FA Cup holders) when they got Rooney a year later - so the club was already in decent nick.
  7. The corner was sloppy and there was a back pass that I think was made to look worse thanks to the coverage (Ward always seemed in control of it) but that aside he was perfectly fine - not his best game by any stretch but he's our fourth choice centre back, certain posters seem to revel in any mistakes he makes to the point of obsession.
  8. Weirdly I didn't think he was as imperious as suggested today. He was fine but looked (understandably) rusty to me, then again virtually everyone was off it first half.
  9. Great to make so many changes and still put out a side that very much feels "involved," if that makes sense. Every member of the squad offers *something* at the very least - changes today didn't just mean a load of ressies that aren't good enough getting a kick. We've got the best part of 20 very good players all capable of stepping in and doing a job. Need to sort those corners, mind.
  10. Own worst enemies, tragic at defending set pieces yet giving them away.
  11. Yeah alright we've already had our fun with this brother
  12. I don't particularly rate Everard's, not mad on their beer and most of their boozers have been refurbed to be gastro and bland as sin (some are still great though - The Crown in Beeston is Susan) and on the face of it that's a naff idea *but* it might not be catastrophic, depends how they strike a balance. I guess at the moment they need to think about what's best for securing the future of the pub and any staff. Always felt like the gaff was likely to lose its character under their refurb anyway. Hope Dulux has knocked out enough grey paint.
  13. Fair play to Jack Grealish for making wearing children's football kit his personality
  14. He is but I think Mings gets in because he's left footed and Southgate's keen on that, unfortunately.
  15. Aha man, I'm only a fan through football manager games when I was 11/12 or so but they're comfortably my "second team" (hate that phrase). Doesn't seem like the natives are happy with Ross whatsoever. Like slapping on the 2016 rendition of Sunshine on Leith every now and then and by Christ I wish we had something like that, I know When You're Smiling is great but it doesn't quite have those peaks
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