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  1. In fairness whilst it *should* be busier, that TV is showing Foootball Focus and judging by the graphic it was the day we had Chelsea at home. If the clocks right, the game kicks off in 5 minutes, and it isn't showing it. It's not that surprising it's quiet and it's only one room of the pub.
  2. Come back to that sweet LE postcode today, Two Tailed, Blue Boar, Kings Head and Ale Wagon were on sensational form and trump anything in Nottingham. USE THEM.
  3. Fair play to Gary for being the more unlikeable Lineker brother in recent years. Creepy sod.
  4. One of us will be celebrating a BATE Borisov hiding next year and it won't be them, who gives a shit at this stage
  5. Beginning to revel in Liverpool killing them this season. Weird, weird *****.
  6. Everard's is shite man **pint again soon??
  7. Just paid 4.85 for a Guinness in the Knight and Garter because I don't rate Everard's, at least Dick Turpin wore a ****ing mask
  8. Ended up in a Wiki rabbit hole the other day - Romario rarely comes into conversation when people yap about Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho (perhaps because he didn't spent *that* long in Europe) - but his goalscoring record was obscene. Imagine being a PSV fan in the 90s, flogging him then getting Ronaldo in.
  9. Messi and Ronaldo are unquestionably the best of my lifetime, arguably of all time - and I'd never pit one against the other, but neither were as "fun" to watch as Ronaldinho, not to me anyway.
  10. If we're talking past players then Proper Ronaldo, Rui Costa, Batistuta, Nedved, Ronaldinho
  11. Had a boring pint in the Keans Head then went the Canalhouse for a nice porter from Saltaire, then up the Sir John for that sweet Tuck I crave. Back to the city of angels tomorrow to park up in the QRT, ale wagon and two tailed lion, the true GOATS
  12. On a Hibs note, when we were linked with McGinn I was buzzing. He's class. That Greg Docherty they've gotten hold of now looks tremendous in all.
  13. He surely isn't still going ahahaha. Edit - quick Google and this came up as recent news, the most Riordan headline I've ever clapped eyes on: www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/former-hibs-celtic-star-derek-21381170.amp
  14. Not that many active footballers I like, bet Iniesta could still do a turn in LE2 mind.
  15. Crack on from 50.45 here mate, I was wrong about the impression, just reworked, but James Richardson admits it was intended to be GO LAZIO here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5UI3AzKTKQKiNRi27BfY1K?si=oCP27Zp-T8-GnrRxbOdJkA
  16. James Richardson was on Quickly Kevin a year or so ago and mentioned that the commentator was saying GO LAZIO and it all stemmed from an English guy doing an impression of of a South American who'd commentated on Italian football.
  17. Sort of agree but in each case the context of those signings are considerably different to where we find ourselves now and (bar Cambiasso who you'd fancy was on a reasonable whack and was signed for the first team) cheap, while being happy to take a backseat role. We have a higher ceiling now and this just feels a bit underwhelming. Lallana was excellent for Southampton and has been good for Liverpool (moreso in his first three seasons there), there's no doubt, but it's just a bit flat.
  18. Never got why someone not from Leeds could love the football team so much !
  19. Cardigan Arms is glorious now mate, was an absolute shitheap when I lived in Burley. Really wanna check out their new taproom when I'm next up, looks the bollocks. Probably my favourite brewery in the country.
  20. It's a no from me, injury troubles and on big money. Don't think he improves us. Reeks of Everton or West Ham.
  21. Surprised they (assuming here) haven't been able to make it work. Since the first refurb a few years back though I don't think it quite knows what it wants to be.
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