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  1. I think we’ll clear the air at half time. They were always going to let the other game spur them on for this game. Back to basics for us 2nd half.
  2. Fvck me! I’ve just agreed with a liberal!!
  3. Played 129 matches in the PL with manure. 17 goals 10 assists Through-balls 29 Big chances created 18 Cross accuracy 16% What the Fvuck does he actually do all game??? All the more reason to avoid him like the plague. He’s too busy with his family and his Jlingz brand to concentrate on football. That said, we are victims of lazy journalism and our success. I can’t see anyone crucial leaving this window so I’m not buying that bullshit story.
  4. Thoroughly enjoyed your efforts today lads. Well done.
  5. Not rubbish, just not great. I’d agree there wasn’t much intensity (Play, not atmosphere) though. Again, seems like we held back on the energy reserves. Wigan’s ‘goal’ was nice. Union FS were great. Atmosphere not as lively as a league game or a local derby in other areas, but Union were enjoyable. Pitch invader was a bell end.
  6. It’s amazing how we see things differently. I didn’t think we were that great. Not having a pop but we don’t look as fluid as we have been. Saying that, with practically a new line up, that’s what I’d expect. I’m not doom-mongering or anything so don’t flame me. Pleased we are 2-up as they could have had a couple. Two more please City.
  7. Norwich (and take Cantwell with you) Bournemouth Villa I’d wishfully swap Villa for West Ham but that won’t happen. Looks like Leeds are finally coming up.
  8. Can only see them getting something out of Norwich tbh
  9. I have no idea what the cap is set at (if it has been set?) I was hoping for 42k minimum I still want it to go ahead purely for selfish reasons...I’d like a season ticket again.
  10. Agree. I’ve watched all of the second half so far and not heard Pukki’s name yet either. and So’ton go 2 up against Chelsea
  11. Unpopular view from me but here’s what I partly believe: It’s become normal and acceptable to be a vlogger thanks to crap like Reality TV amongst other outlets. I’m into my cameras and photography and have seen an increase in manufacturers meeting the demands for vlogging features on new cameras. Unfortunately, vlogging is a part of our lives and is certainly embraced more by the younger generations (but not exclusively). I think it’s here to stay for quite some time. I’m not having a pop at True Fox (although I dislike the term “limbs” which he uses often).
  12. Started off with a bonkers post about sprouts being delicious, to fully recovering with that statement about Gavin and Stacey. It really isn’t funny at all and I don’t get the love for it. Corden is an unfunny, arse-licking Cnut. I actually think Mrs Brown is actually more dogshit than Gavin and Stacey.
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