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  1. I’m glad you asked seeing as nobody has pointed it out yet. I can confirm it was of Huth proportions.
  2. Absolutely filthy. Ref, there was your chance for a red which you’re so desperate to dish out.
  3. We must be the only club who signed a new player a month before the window opens. Step forward Rodgers and Ian 💙
  4. Rogers. you are a fvcking legend. Ian is back 💙
  5. Ian clearly won the ball. Feet on the ground. Not a card for me.
  6. Targett? You're just a sh!it Gerry Taggart
  7. Rogers has us sorted. There is always someone to pass to in a packed midfield
  8. Damn. That’s Mings out. Bad because he’s on a card. Good because the sub wasn’t first choice! Hopefully they’ll go the same way as Bournemouth when they lost Ake yesterday.
  9. Nice early card for ******. 75 minutes of pressure for him
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