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  1. Need to rest all the internationals in this match. Would like to think we should still have enough to win. I think the team should be: Ward Justin Morgan Fofana Thomas Mendy Choudary Albrighton Maddison Gray Perez
  2. Hamza isn't premier league class, shouldn't be in the match day squad. His positioning is so bad defensively and his passing is poor.Thats another mistake from him that has caused us too lose a game. Tielemans was poor but to be fair to him that's the third full 90min game he's played in the last 7 days which is crazy, along with Castagne. Evans has played even more minutes...
  3. Surely if mitrovic was booked for foul play, the free kick shouldn't be retaken? Strange rule if that's been dealt with correctly by the ref
  4. He was absolutely class today. Would start for any team in the league of he was performing like that week in week out. His best performance of the year and was one of the key reasons why we were so dominant today.
  5. I think the loss in our form has largely coincided with the loss in Tielesman's form across the season. Although no excuse for that Shi*tshow
  6. Really?? You think we can get Europa League with our run in and without Maddison, chilwell, albrighton, Ricardo and Soyuncu? Hopefully we can get away without needing another point then
  7. After that sh*tshow and no soyuncu, Ricardo, albrighton, chilwell and maddison for the run in, I don't see how we can come 5th....hopefully we can hang onto our players without European football
  8. That second half just massively points to a lack of leadership at both management level and player level
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