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  1. Kierzz

    BHA versus LCFC match thread.

    Can anyone PM me a radio stream link please?
  2. Kierzz

    Huddersfield (H) Match Thread

    Can anyone PM me a radio stream? Thanks
  3. Kierzz

    Leicester vs Leeds - League Cup match thread.

    Pm me a stream please
  4. Kierzz

    Mahrez to .......................?

    Tackling is the most overly and wrongly used defence stat. Pablo Maldini, one of the best defenders of all time averaged 0.5 tackles a game in his career. He famously said "if I have to make a tackle then I have already made a mistake". Tracking, positioning and awareness are far more important than tackling.
  5. Tha KS for everything Shakespeare has done. But I think we need an Italian manager to suit our system of play. Narrow and tight defence but very effective on the counter attack. Mancini would be great but I don't think he will join us
  6. Go to a formation with three CBs and take off your only recognised CB on the pitch......No surprise we concede three goals in 20 mins. Could have been more. Thanks Shakespeare but I think we need an another manager in the permanent position next year. Literally all he tried to do to change the game was get as many attackers on the pitch as possible
  7. Kierzz

    West Ham - Match Thread

    Struggling to find a stream. Pm me your streams please
  8. Kierzz


    Is that why we were scouting him well before ranieri came here then?
  9. Kierzz

    Francesco Acerbi

    A ball playing cb like this guy is exactly what we need. It will allow drinkwater to push higher up and create more in the final third.
  10. Kierzz

    Islam Slimani

    I think the rumours are true. The guy next to Mahrez at the hotel looks remarkably similar to Slimani and around the right height. Personal terms were probably agreed a long time ago. And he missed training around that time http://dailycannon.com/2016/08/islam-slimani-doesnt-turn-up-to-training-report/
  11. Not sure if this has already been posted but remember the last time QPR were relegated, their last game (when they were already down) was against Man City who had to win in order to win the league. QPR managed to get 3-1 ahead and only narrowly lost by that famous "AGUEROOOOOOO" goal. Therefore we don't know what team will turn up but we definitely can not assume they will be easy to beat.
  12. Kierzz

    de laet

    How can people think he was immense?! The problem with De Laet is he always dives in for the tackle when in reality positioning is more important than tackling. That's Guadiola's philosophy and he proved it works. Pique said that learning that positioning is more important at Barcelona transformed his career. The first goal - De Laet tries to dive in infront of Drogba to get the ball, misses it, he's now no longer goal side so Drogba scores. Also when Willian crossed it to Fabregas, De Laet tried to dive in to block the ball and missed it so fabregas had a perfect goal scoring chance but he didn't anticipate De Laet would miss it. People only like him because he makes tackles, but he sacrifices his defensive positioning to do that. So when he doesn't get the ball, it creates a massive opening in defence (another example is when Ben Mee got passed him into the box at Burnley).
  13. Kierzz


    Everyone knew it would take Kramaric at least six months to fully adapt and play at his highest level in the Premier League. Pearson is trying to introduce him slowly which he can do now as our other strikers are performing now and we're getting goals from all over the team. I feel we will only see his best at Leicester if we can stay up and then next year he will be our main man and could be immense. Look at Gomis at Swansea, he was useless before Christmas but now looks like a top class player. Buying him early whilst they had Bony to introduce him gradually for the first half of the season worked incredibly, then second half he has pushed on as their main striker. Ulloa doesn't perform as well but he does give us a focal point and occupies defenders giving space for our other strikers (also he is comfortably our top goalscorer). Kram is a different player who drifts and drops deep so offers something different which is great during a game when we want to change it up. So although I love Kramaric I think we should still start with Ulloa for the moment so Nugent and Vardy can carry on to thrive. Then if we can stay up he could set the league alight next year
  14. The tackles made stat is irrelevant. As Guardiola and provided at the highest level, positioning is far more important. You don't need to take the ball, all you need to do is force a mistake or bad pass to turnover possession which is done by positioning. I bet in trying to make those tackles De Laet drifts out of position creating openings in our defence.
  15. Kierzz

    Pearson sacked - Not just yet.

    I'm just worried James Pearson might leave as well