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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.leicestermercury.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/ayoze-perez-selected-ahead-kelechi-4882249.amp Rodgers pretty much confirms here that he told Perez to operate as a false nine to create an overload in midfield rather than occupying the centre backs for the full game. What's also interesting here is that he thinks Nacho can only play on the last defender..... Nacho doesn't have the right skillset to play exclusively as that kind of striker. I think he is better playing with his back to goal than playing off the last defende
  2. Also because Richards can only analyse a full back and the player in front
  3. Best game I've ever seen Ndidi play. He's got to be worth a lot of money now
  4. We need someone who can deliver them like Dewsbury Hall
  5. I've always thought Capoue would have been a good signing from Watford. Good experienced premier league player who wouldn't be a starter but could play in certain games when we need a more experience on the field and another physical player in midfield. He's a good tactician as well and can set the tempo. We don't really have a physical, tall midfielder to come in when Ndidi isn't playing which is why I think Rodgers has opted to play 3 CBs.
  6. This kid has so much potential (reminds me of a young Umtiti) but is still a kid. If he continues to develop and stays grounded, he could have a big big future in the game. However at the moment he has probably still played less than 40 senior matches in his career so he deserves to be allowed to make the odd mistake if he's forced into a starting position due to injuries. I think we will sign another CB (possibly Tarkowski) in January or at the end of the season to provide more depth
  7. Yep saw KDH play last night and he looks a great prospect who has come on a lot since last season. Also he has a hell of a set piece delivery which we have missed all season. Would be good to see him next seaskon in a similar role to Hamza tonight. He's more box to box and creative. Hamza looks to be limited to CDM but is at most third choice in that position
  8. Fair point. But I can't see it improving much with game time against the better premier league opponents unless he starts passing sideways and backwards again.
  9. Didn't even mention what he did against man utd past season but I suppose he was unlucky there too.... He wont even make the bench when Ndidi is fit EDIT: here's a screenshot of his pass accuracy in the Premier League this season which is 65% - ie 1 in 3 misplaced
  10. Hamza is poor on the ball and he misplaces 1 in 3 passes which is shocking for a CM. He also needs to improve his positioning to receive a pass. Defensively he's good at pressing and chasing down the ball but his positioning and tracking of runners is poor. I think he's a lower premier league midfielder at the best and he's no longer young. We need Ndidi back fit.
  11. I hope this is the end of playing 5 at the back when we don't set up with a deep flat back five against an attacking, high pressing side. When we push our full backs high up the pitch in this formation, the space to the side of the centre backs is just exposed over and over again. Like against West Ham, Braga, Liverpool and again today. Also Evans and Fofana clearly don't have a good enough understanding between each other because their positioning is all over the place and they're not the solid drilled defensive unit we need when playing a high line.
  12. He's getting kicked and fouled a lot more this season. I've always thought you can put him off his game by kicking him a few times early on in a match. It was one of his worst ever games for us tonight but we need him to find some form if we want to go far in Europe or the League this season.
  13. I haven't used Kodi in a while for streaming....is anyone still using it? And what are the best apps at the moment for streaming football?
  14. Need to rest all the internationals in this match. Would like to think we should still have enough to win. I think the team should be: Ward Justin Morgan Fofana Thomas Mendy Choudary Albrighton Maddison Gray Perez
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