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  1. Not on here a lot so haven't come across this being mentioned..... If English sides win both the Europa League and the Champions League....will only the top 3 qualify for the Champions League??
  2. Benjamin Mendy has done well to make that list 😂 I agree about Ricardo though
  3. You should add 'Jamie Vardy' by the 'The Red Stripes' onto that playlist..... found it on Spotify last year
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9327251/amp/Leicester-close-15m-deal-Celtic-forward-Edouard-long-term-replacement-Vardy.html Sounds like we may be getting closer to signing Édouard. It's a gamble as he's only scored goals in the Scottish League but surely worth it if the reported £15 million fee is true
  5. What a masterstroke is was to rest players midweek. We got knocked out of the Europa League and now this sh*tshoe...
  6. He needs to be braver with his passes, too many go sideways or backwards. We struggle to work the ball up the pitch with him in midfield, especially when Tielesman isn't playing deep with him. He also switches off too much defensively and gets caught out of position.
  7. Looks like he's lost a yard of pace since his recent injury. Was also hobbling around at the end so probably won't start on Saturday
  8. Played left wing under puel one game and scored a great goal
  9. No that other shot was saved and vardy then missed the rebound. If you take the shot on for those sorts of chances when you have someone square for a tap in, you absolutely have to finish it and fair play to him as he did
  10. The way he can turn into space now and play forward is top drawer. Usually it's only the top midfielders in Europe that can do that. He's a real class act now
  11. He played well....but I assume your only referring to attacking set pieces....
  12. I agree. But we didn't do to badly when playing Mendy with a back five behind him earlier on in the season like the previous Leeds match, man city, arsenal, etc. We only went back to a back four when Ndidi was fit again. As you say, a big reason for that could be defending set pieces.
  13. He needs a back five behind him. Our high line and back four doesn't work with Mendy infront of them. Also we are more exposed at set pieces unless we have the extra CB on without Ndidi
  14. Mendy is so average. Passes sideways or backwards and he got bullied in midfield today...had to win that challenge before their third or bring the player down. Not in the league of Ndidi. Also I never thought I would say it....but Nacho should start next game
  15. I think Tielemans assumed Fofana would control it like he would do 9 times out of 10, so he moves into space to receive the pass from Fofana. Can't really blame him for that as Rodgers always preaches about expecting his players to play with bravery. But if we were 1-0 up, I would expect him to track James' until we have control of the ball / possession.
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