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  1. Way BBC have written it is interesting - they're laying it out as a 4-3-3. If so, be interesting to see if Maddison works as a CM rather than a number 10 at this level
  2. And Houlliers 6 trophies in 6 years. Really you look at that and he's better than Hodgson, and Dalglish (although Dalglish won a trophy). Not much of an achievement.
  3. Why are we talking about Sousa not going on to better things when he ended up at Fiorentina?
  4. Fulham at home, Huddersfield away, easy to see us getting at least 3 points. I'd completely disagree with that, if you compare him to any recent manager it's Shakespeare in that both were promoted well beyond their level and left a mess to be sorted by their replacement
  5. Maybe although at 8 points clear and 11 left to play I don't see it - we realistically only need 3/4 more points. I take your point about an interim, but a permanent manager should be a clear improvement, and I don't see how David Brent is. Every season except the 2nd place one was sketchy at Liverpool. He finished 2nd, 6th, 7th and left in 10th. People's memories are skewed by that one season where Suarez was in mental form, in reality for the most part he had them underachieving.
  6. This is just going to end up really ****ing creepy from the forum dad's isn't it?
  7. Yeah, I have accepted he's gone, I'm not that fussed about it - as I've said repeatedly before I'd have gotten rid in the summer anyway: with most of the old guard out of contract it presented a clear opportunity to give a new man a completely clean slate to work with. I just don't think Rodgers is any good as a manager, and will amount to nothing more than the same discussion in 12 months time. I'd have sooner taken the clean slate in the summer and given it to a young manager who can really advance us.
  8. Nonsense. I'll give him a chance, I'll hope to be proved wrong (and just endure having to avoid all press conferences and post match interviews), but frankly this is like being offered Tuberculosis. I'd take it if it was a straight choice between that or Ebola (Alan Pardew), but I'd rather not have either, and I've been clear for months that I don't rate him, it's not about saving face now.
  9. Lovren has been a national comedy figure for years. They flopped at Liverpool. It's like saying Kramaric was a good signing for us. He's a good player but it didn't work for him here
  10. Different measures for a club of Liverpool's stature to ours. God no, he is at least better than them. But, I'd have much rather had someone like Marco Rose, Gio Van Bronkhorst, Vincenzo Montella, Philip Cocu... Young, up and coming with bright futures, not this bloke. Granted, I find him utterly insufferable, and he's pretty much the reason I've stopped following Celtics results (all my dad's side of the family are rangers fans, so I'm the black sheep there), but I also don't think his record paints him as any sort of upgrade.
  11. Aspas and Alberro are like saying Kramaric wasn't a flop here. Lovren is a comedy figure and Origi ain't great. You could make a decent case against Sakho too. Firmino, Can, Coutinho were very good signings though.
  12. So he failed slightly less in the league than Kenny Dalglish? Don't know a single Liverpool fan that rates him as a manager, and let's just be clear - he's a Mourinho level bellend but without the decade of consistent success to justify that.
  13. It's that because he wrote their names in an envelope like the self aggrandising **** he is?
  14. First manager to not win a trophy in three seasons in half a century. Transfer strategy was basically to set fire to a Scrooge McDuck vault.
  15. What is his record? Lower half championship with Watford, abysmal failure with Reading, did well with Swansea, failure at Liverpool and left a mess that Klopp needed three years to fix, won trophies in a one team league where even Ronny Delia won titles. His record is worse than Puels - who won a French title (stronger league than Scotland) and took teams deep into Europe.
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