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  1. The National showing off a fair bit of new material. Noice
  2. Massive difference between a stats database from real life, and ratings in a computer game tbf.
  3. That's an unfortunate typo...
  4. Coming on as a sub and making an impact is not the same as replacing someone. James and cambiasso were still the first choice pairing until that so'ton game.
  5. - these are the bloody suit trousers in next. They've been reliable at least with jeans and actually offering a loose cut.
  6. Trousers. How can it be that regular fit is just as tight as slim fit?
  7. Well no, you can do that with any band if you're ok with their music. Can't remember the last time I skipped over anything on shuffle, but that's because I shuffle my music collection, and that's just got stuff I don't mind listening to in.
  8. Oh yeah, ashes to ashes was whatsherface wasn't it? Same series in my mind.
  9. Preferred him in ashes to ashes. But enough about his political career...
  10. So, you don't know what semantics means? Arguing that it's not a coalition, it's just a confidence and supply deal is semantics, you're arguing the small differences (whether the DUP have ministerial positions) which are irrelevant to the problems people have with it. So, the question you ignored - do you think the problem people have isn't the government ceasing to be neutral in Northern Ireland but the DUP getting some ministerial positions, and that it not technically being a coalition resolves that?
  11. As I said - weak semantics. We know it's not an official coalition, we know the DUP won't be taking ministerial seats, but that is irrelevant really. It's two parties working very closely together to run a government with a parliamentary majority, it's an unofficial coalition - if you seriously think Sinn fein and the like will look at that and say "it's fine, the DUP haven't taken any ministerial seats" then you're naïve.
  12. This the mendy that managed about two league games? ****ing hell, musa and slimani made more of an impact. I don't think that article could be more misinformed if it tried.
  13. It's a coalition in all but name, and Sinn Fein won't be fooled by it - as with Matt the other day, weak semantics won't dismiss what everyone sees. They'll be bitching to high heaven if the tories are seen to be working with the DUP.
  14. So, is this the point where we claim that bringing genuine left wing politics back into the discussion and wiping out a sitting governments majority is a failure? In a strict definition, labour didn't win - no-one did, but they are probably the major winners from the result.