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  1. why not offer 10million

    Because Atletico Madrid to leicester is a step back he won't make when if he fancies managing in England the chelsea job looks certain to be open in 2 months? As daft as those calling for Klopp to replace Pearson.
  2. The Last 8 Games Of Riyad Mahrez

    He ran into a wall because he was given very little option, iheanacho sold him short and left him receiving the ball immediately 1 v 3 rather than with space to work.
  3. What grinds my gears...

    Drive really slowly to frustrate her. Basically any which way be a driver she hates
  4. Puel

    Except of course three home games we went for it and had a combination of finishing lower than our xG and conceding an inordinate amount for the shots faced. No-one could have had any complaints if we won each of those 2-1. The games under shakespeare we went to a newly promoted side and played like we were the newly promoted side and they were the recent champions, Bournemouth we should have lost by 3 and West Brom we played without looking to attack against a team with a crocked keeper. Results in the cited games may be similar but the manner of them has been far different and far more encouraging under Puel
  5. Puel

    Wrong. Our next match was away at Stoke, grey started and played well, and went on to start in 8 of the first ten league games under Puel (didn't play at home to Spurs or away to Southampton). He had a good run of games to show what he could do, started well then rested on his laurels and has done what he's done for most of the last two years, flattered to deceive.
  6. It's been frustrating and felt like a series of cockups and chaos, from silvas effective 4 month ban over 14 seconds, to losing two home quarter finals, to the mahrez palavar. That said, if someone had sat you down 1st of august last year and offered two quarter finals and a top half finish with an outside shot at europe in the last eight games, you'd have taken it wouldn't you?
  7. The Last 8 Games Of Riyad Mahrez

    Worst post ever. Given a) his ball across created our goal and b) he didn't lose the ball for their first, he was sold short by iheanacho...
  8. Time added on - it's becoming a joke

    Bobby Madley is the answer to that. So looking forward to yet another trip to spurs where he gets a penalty call wrong in their favour.
  9. Leicester 1-2 Chelsea (AET) Post-Match

    Still fuming. Don't think we'd have scored in an extra two minutes but not having it added on just feels like we've been cheated. Dont know what game half the people on here were at, it was a very even game and if we'd walked away 2-1 winners Chelsea could have had no complaints - they had a spell of pressure for about fifteen minutes in an otherwise scrappy first half, but the goal aside, which came from a quick break, I don't remember that pressure coming to any real chances. second half we came out the blocks, fully deserved the equaliser and looked likely to get a second but just run out of time. That said, I got rather annoyed by Puel about 10 minutes from time - we were all over them, playing fast and aggressive and the crowd was responding in kind. Stuck his foot on the ball and told them to calm down. No, keep at them. Felt pawson was favouring them with some rather soft decisions, but **** me that extra time was a disgrace. No way is that not bent, failing to operate a stopwatch properly (Giroud was down for longer than that without considering anything else) can't be explained away by the usual suspicion of just rank incompetence. To then not play the full minute anyway and blow up while we were on the attack...
  10. Puel

    And that season they finished midtable was an aberration by their standards, they've been consistently top four/five for 15 years around that. They might not be at their best, but they're still better than us. It was going to be a tough game, we gave a good account of ourselves and could easily have won - but we didn't take our chances, they took the couple they got. You're acting like we got spanked by fleetwood. We did have at least one shot on target first half, caballero made a great save from Ndidi. Iheanacho was doing fine until the bad pass which they countered from, shit happens. Chelsea didn't take the initiative though, they just took the lead off the break with their only real chance of the half. complaining about yesterday like it was a disgrace rather than a even and well fought game where we just came up short... Fans like you didn't deserve the title win.
  11. Harry Maguire Official

    The first was on the counter, not sure you can blame either CB for that. the second is all schmeichel, cannot pin that on maguire in any way.
  12. Albrighton was superb. Will still be behind lingard and co for England mind... Rest 7s except schmeichel - 5, shocking error. Ref gets a one since that seemed to be as far as he could count.
  13. Leicester 1-2 Chelsea (AET) Post-Match

    Bollocks. We matched them for the most part but made two mistakes and got punished.
  14. Time added on - it's becoming a joke

    Grey sub, giroud down for about 2 minutes, pawson tapped his watch three times over moses timewasting... how the actual **** has he come to one minute rather than the three/four it should have been?
  15. Leicester 1-2 Chelsea (AET) Post-Match

    One fucking minute? Absolute fucking joke