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  1. Is cuphead out on the switch? I always thought it was the perfect game for it, but I thought Microsoft brought the rights or exclusivity for it? Might be wrong... And if so, I'm getting it!
  2. Would be great, but as previously mentioned, there's just not the internet infrastructure there for it to be rolled out to the masses. Never know, could be a Nintendo Switch in the waiting though.
  3. okay, so I'll just say as a blanket to cover all eventualities... Money talks, I'm sure we didn't want to sell Mahrez or Drinkwater, but enough money came up for them, so we did. If we where willing to cave in with Mahrez, I'm sure we will do the same with Chilwell.
  4. I haven't played a Pokemon game (other than Let's Go) since gen 3, I've never really had the desire to buy a Gameboy to pretty much just play Pokemon. So now that I have a Switch, I'm very excited to pick this up. Shame we're gonna have to wait until what I'm guessing will be December.
  5. Well funnily enough, that was exactly the point I was making... At no point did I say that Chilwell would throw his toys out the pram or force a move.
  6. That's great, so whoever comes in for him will have to pay more. It means nothing. I'm pretty sure we said "you ain't going" to Mahrez, Drinkwater, Kante... And they gone.
  7. Doesn't mean they can't hand him another one as soon as Man City start throwing in some serious offers. Or at least try, it happens every season.
  8. I can definitely see Chilwell leaving in the summer, unless we haven't learnt from our previous mistakes and chuck a 100k a week contract at him to try and get him to stay. So Tierney would be a perfect replacement.
  9. Would 100% have him with us, £40m sounds steep, but that's less than the real going rate for proven PL forwards.
  10. Remember when we where all complaining that "we had too many wingers, so why are we being linked with more!?" I miss those days
  11. I would love to see someone quite left-field win it, but it certainly seems like it's between Rollins, McIntyre and Strowman. Which is okay, just a bit boring. Would love to see Riddle or Velveteen Dream come straight up and win it, but I highly, highly doubt it. After watching Takeover last night though, I am dieing for Johnny Gargano to come up to the main roster, as a babyface. But probably wont be until after Mania and they have settled the Ciampa story-line. Also can't wait for the coolest stable since NWO come up, Undisputed Era, love them.
  12. MELTDOWN!!! But yeah, enough is enough now.
  13. I recently brought Smash Bros as I've just heard lots of people raving about it. Never really saw the appeal myself, but it I am really enjoying playing it. However, I am struggling to really pick it up, even in easy mode, I feel like I'm not playing it right. Any tips that anyone can give me? Think I just need to keep playing and "git gud" I think I might be too used to playing on traditional beat-em-ups.
  14. Fair enough. Well you've certainly said Puel enough in 1 sentence, you must like him quite a lot. He's just not the man for me. Despite certain results going our way, I'm still a tad skeptical.
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