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  1. Exactly! How can you mark a keeper that has nothing to do during the whole game? Kasper wasn't involved in the game because Sheffield didn't cause him to make a single save!
  2. I remember Garth from my schooldays, he was the same age as myself so we were in the same year. He was a very quiet lad, very shy & kept himself to himself. Then years later I remember seeing him as a bus & taxi driver working for the family firm. What a terrific achievment to have spotted Jamie Vardy & influencing City to sign him. £1 million quid for a unknown non-league player, a lot of money back then, but you could say he turned out to be somewhat of a bargain! Being a Loughborough lad , it's a shame that he never got recognition for the part he play
  3. Bobby Kellard, one of my favourite City players, a real midfield dynamo who took no prisoners. RIP Bobby I & many more City supporters will never forget you.
  4. I think we all agree that JJ is some player & can only get even better. MOM against Brighton. Just watch Dickhead Southgate overlook him at next England game!
  5. I believe that the Foxes can & will become regulars in the top 6 at the end of each season. We must be sure to retain the services of Brendan Rogers & his coaching staff. Also we have to hold on to our scouting /recruiting staff. These guys have the skill & knowhow to discover some relatively unknown gems who a couple of seasons later have become extremely valuable assets. This brings me on to a matter that is extremely important i.m.o. We have to stop selling our best players to our Premiership competitors! Do you see Man. United, Man. City, Chelsea, Spurs, Liv
  6. I am surprised that nobody misses the one & only Bernie, ...........................out of sight out of mind! Has anyone seen anything of him lately?
  7. Does anyone actually know the true reason that Brendan treats him like a leper? I remember there was a period last season when he was brought on as a 'impact' substitute & he played very well. I think it's pretty obvious that on a personal level they won't be sending each other Christmas cards?
  8. I presume that you never saw David Nish when he played for City? Sold to Derby County when Brian Clough was their manager, he bought the best full back in England. I do agree with you that young Thomas is going to be a great asset to City.
  9. When Kasper comes to retire, I hope City will keep him on the payroll in a coaching capacity. i think he would make a good manager after some time spent coachjng. i hope if he does go into management, that it will be with City. What a brilliant signing he has proved to be, thank you Leeds United your loss was our gain & a free transfer if my memory serves me right?
  10. If it weren't for one player, I could vote for Man City, that player is Shitbag Marez !!! I really dislike that twat since he came out & said that he wasted 2 years at Leicester City plus the other detrimental things he has said about our club. The only club I want to win the Prem. is the Foxes of course but the only other team I could bear to see win is Southampton & they've got no chance!
  11. I thought that Mark had a very good game Thursday against the Portugese. Playing wing back is his best position in the team, he has looked well good these past games that he has started. He has still got plenty to offer, excellent squad member.
  12. God forbid but if we wanted to sell him in the January window, we could get the same money as we sold McGuire for 70/80 million! Their names are never mentioned, but I believe that we have got a terrific scouting squad, just look at the brilliant players we have brought to the football club in recent years, priceless!!!
  13. That's 2 really good strong teams, but it's hard to leave out Praet & Mendy who have played really well so far., also JJ has done a great job since we signed him. I don't envy Brendan who has a difficult job to do in keeping everyone happy & we don't want to lose anybody as we have got a really great squad now.
  14. It was a mutual love affair, we loved him & he loved us ! RIP Vichai, we will never, ever forget you. Let's get the statue made & put in place asap.
  15. Are you really serious or is it a wind up? Arsenal only had one shot on target 2nd half, but theirs didn't go in the net.........ours did!!!
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