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  1. I thought Kasper had a stinker, he was never in the game, he did bugger all !!!
  2. What has happened to Bernie? I haven't seen him for quite a while. I hope he is ok? Does he still get to watch City?
  3. Most of the people that post comments on FT have raved about the appointment of Brendan Rodgers. However it appears that Brendan has arrived at LCFC with the intention of bringing the football club to it's knees! He's a under cover destroyer of our beloved football club! He has obviously thought to himself, the first thing I will do is bring in Mr Congerton as Head of Recruitment. He will do a great job of F--k--g up the squad, bringing in a load of crap players! He will soon get through the millions that the owners have identified as transfer funds, all spent on complete tossers! It's fairly obvious that Brendan came here to get LCFC relegated but he fooled us all !!!
  4. As much as I like Fuchs, I can't understand why you have dropped Chilwell???
  5. McGee signed that plonker of a goalkeeper, not sure of his name, was it Kalac? In all my time watching English football, he has to be the biggest clown I have ever seen pretending to be a goalkeeper! He was Australias no. 1 keeper !!!
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