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  1. We can never repay him or his wonderful family for what they have done for our football club. RIP Vichai
  2. Yes indeed we are very fortunate to have such a wonderful family as owners of our beloved football club. Top is a chip off his dear father, how blessed we are to have him to take the helm after the tragic event which took the life of his father, our fantastic chairman. We will never forget what a wonderful, kind & generous man he was. I thank you Top for your letter to us the supporters, we are remembering your beloved father not only on his birthday, but every day, I pray that you & your family will stay safe during these difficult times & also everyone connected to our magnificent football club. Apologies for the lines through the wording. I don't know how it got there or how to remove it?
  3. I agree with what you say however, in my opinion if the players had an ounce of decency in their bodies, they would tell the board of directors not to cut the wages of the low paid background people, instead take a percentage from our many £housands of £'sss that we are paid every week!!! I would feel a great deal of respect if the highly paid players were to do this.
  4. Desperate times call for desperate measures, hence the reason that Rogers brought on the one & only BERNIE at half time to replace Kasper. For some reason Watford don't get within 30 yards of Citys goal, it's as if there is an electric fence around their goal mouth. Suddenly the Watford crowd behind the city goal start throwing missiles at the innocent Bernie who hasn't even touched the ball. The Ref has to stop the game in order to clear the pitch of Lynx spray deodorant! The game is abandoned & the hero BERNIE kept a clean sheet ( not off his own bed).
  5. That's great news. He is Mr Reliable, still does a great job.
  6. I think that overwhelmingly the best memory that most Leicester City supporters will have is 2016 when we won the Premiership Title against odds of 5000 to 1 Simply amazing, unbelievable! However, my best memory & one that I will never forget, was the Friday night game when the lads took Southampton to the slaughter & crucified them 9 - 0 That night the lads set 2 new English football records. 1) The heaviest defeat by any team in the English Football league playing away from home & 2) The heaviest defeat inflicted on any team Home or Away !!!
  7. Here's hoping that Christian will stay for 1 more season at Leicester City FC. He is still Premiership quality, always puts in a good 90 minutes whenever he is selected & is well loved by the supporters.
  8. Regarding Kasper, in the Chelsea game he really was poor compared to his usual high standard. In fact he hasn't played to his usual standard in a few recent games. He has been arguably on a par with any keeper in the Prem, until recently.
  9. I am hoping that City can persuade Christian to stay with us for a further season after this one. I think his agreement was to stay until the end of this season & then he is off to join his family in the U.S. ? He played a blinder today...…...as usual ! He is Mr. Dependable.
  10. Yes I would go along with that. Definitely give Nacho some time on the field hopefully to keep his confidence burning. If there was one guy I wanted to score against Everton, it was him, he was excellent.
  11. What else can I say regarding Top & his wonderful father? They are both out of the top drawer. I have been a City supporter for 55 years & so I realise without question what fantastic owners we have. Without question they have to be the best in all of the football league . I want to say to Brendan Rogers, that when the inevitable offers come along tempting you to leave our football club, don't just be tempted with a higher financial package. Consider how happy you are at LCFC. Consider what fantastic owners we have. Consider the ambitions & future plans they have for our club. Consider what a terrific squad of talented players you have to select from with money available to strengthen the squad even further. Just ask yourself if you could be better off elsewhere? I am sure that I speak for all of the supporters when I say that Leicester City F C are going to be regarded as a TOP CLUB/TEAM in the very near future with you as the manager & our current fantastic owners & board of directors backing you 100% I apologise for the red line through the wording. I don't know what the cause of it is, so if anyone can tell me how to remove it, I would be grateful,
  12. I thought Kasper had a stinker, he was never in the game, he did bugger all !!!
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