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  1. Leave it Ricky… She ain’t worth it! Seriously, he's not.
  2. This basically. With the emphasis that he works so much better in a two. As a lone striker he tends to get isolated and drifts out of the game. Vardy on the other hand always fancies it's and employs two defenders.
  3. It would mean either: 1) The end of FT because all the questions had been answered OR 2) The end of FT because the website explodes with millions of extra posts
  4. So you really believe: 1) one of the richest countries in the world can't afford any striker they really wanted? 2) anything that Guardiola says? You need to get out more - socially distanced of course.
  5. From my earlier post you'll know I like him - but I do think he's been a little unfortunate in that this season has been especially disrupted by injuries. For Cengis, this has meant restricted opportunities because Brendan has had to reach for someone who is more defensively able as for most of the season we were down to the bare bones and with several players already out of position he was just a risk too far. So I say again, it must be what happens in training, as sadly on his few game opportunities he has failed to shine. Trying too hard probably. It is still
  6. I find him really exciting to watch and I think he scares defenders. For me, he tries too hard but has a good future if he can only get some confidence. But then I don't see him in training so have to trust the coaches. (Meant to put this in opening post - soz)
  7. "Roma could be forced to find a new club for Cengiz Under, as it’s reported Leicester City will not take up their option to buy." https://app.football-italia.net/?referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.football-italia.net%2F168539%2Fleicester-return-under-roma#article/footballitalia-168539
  8. I've never seen any but I've never seriously looked in case my cherished memories were somehow destroyed😆. It was of course man city's championship year - proper 1st Division title. Edit - just had a quick peep but can't see any vids.
  9. There can be only one..... LEICESTER CITY 4 MAN CITY 3 FA Cup 4th Round Replay 19th February 1968 Attendance 39,107 Scorers City Lee(6 pen), Summerbee(24), Bell(88) Leicester Fern(44), Large(48 & 63), Nish(57) Man City Mulhearn, Book, Pardoe, Doyle, Heslop, Oakes, Lee, Bell, Summerbee, Young, Coleman – sub Connor(unused) Leicester Shilton, Rodrigues, Bell, Roberts, Cross, Sjoberg, Fern, Nish, Large, Stringfellow, Gibson
  10. Is this your doing Cheese? https://www.goal.com/en-tza/news/iheanacho-missing-as-nigeria-commence-preparation-for-benin/hvk78mn3d1go11f4s62w74u0c
  11. Until last season I loved this type of thing, had my own spreadsheets and everything. For me now it's "one game at a time" doesn't stop me coming in here though
  12. Thought that was a term to describe Forest
  13. Excellent summation so it means I don't have to read the previous 23 pages - I really CBA anyway. The league is far more important but it would have been nice to meet Rangers...........
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