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  1. Yes. Absolutely I did. Which bit of tat do you think I misunderstood?
  2. That's the spirit. We need more of these posts after a top 5 season with the FA Cup on top. And that with the majority of our defense out with (only a few year's ago) career ending injuries. I sometimes despair I really do Edit: even better, go join the spurs fan website. You'll fit right in
  3. Or even 16....................... (plus Thomas)
  4. Reports that Eddie will see out his contract at Celtic. That's next summer's striker sorted then.
  5. I would be showing off if I said I didn't need to. But I checked it on wiki too - I'd have lost the moral high ground if I'd been wrong Meanwhile, have we signed this lad yet?
  6. Coming on here with facts and knowledge, it's just not on. (Actually it's Mosi-oa-Tunya)
  7. I've just had a mental image of where the tattoo will be, and it's not one I want to hold onto. That said, it was more of a Victoria Dribble
  8. Nor me. And from an article the other day in that esteemed daily -The Sun - Paul Gascoigne's situation is he's living the high life in Australia
  9. The bit I like is..... ....."wearing the shirt of a Premier League team who is kind of a rival for us. We want to be doing what Leicester are doing and that’s qualifying for Europe regularly and winning domestic silverware." They aspire to be our rival.
  10. That's one hell of a chat up line. Does it work?
  11. He'll be cheap to sack when Poch is re-instated in 12 months time.
  12. As Spaceman intimates, I think it's safe to say it's not going down too well on Fighting Cocks https://thefightingcock.co.uk/forum/threads/paulo-fonseca.41323/page-2
  13. Especially with Bob Hazel up front. That's it, I quit😆
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