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  1. Perhaps they got the Old Big 6 mixed up with the New Big 6. Yes I know.............just let me off tonight please
  2. Good one Hamza. But if it's just ordinary abuse (sorry I meant honest opinions) you want then you are welcome on here recently.
  3. Sorry bmt - couldn't help it. I cringe more at many other things such as apostrophes - though not, I hasten to add, literally. Just put me down as old school. Or maybe just old Keep smiling.
  4. Permanent transfer to Fulham in July after being on loan. Don't know if it was literally though.
  5. Yes, Spurs are one of the biggest clubs in the country - AT THE MOMENT. The point for them and others is that success is cyclical and is a combination of stability, money and luck. The Big 2 have had it in spades with their managers but it only takes a wobble and they can fall. Ole plus the Glazers having money problems at the same time would spell trouble in the same way that us lesser clubs have suffered. Who would have thought 30 years ago that Newcastle would be in the state they are in? Let's be honest, if wasn't for Busby, there wouldn't have been a Fergie. I am sick of the pro
  6. What, this Rick Parry? Surely not Rick Parry is the current chairman of the EFL, the former chief executive of Liverpool, the original CEO of the Premier League and a board member at New York Cosmos
  7. Well I reckon that changing the voting principle is a fairly important thing. And I'm not whinging about unjust rules, I don't like rules that are changed after the competition has started
  8. But but but ....................you seem to accept that there is a problem that needs fixing. That is entirely different to a power grab
  9. Swapping parachute payments for 25% merely dilutes the money and makes it less likely a different team can get into the EPL
  10. How do we judge what is a big team? I guess from your reply that it is historical ie two teams that have managed to keep their international support going through thick and thin - the big 2. I would dispute that the likes of Spurs, Man City, Arsenal and Chelsea would be a great loss to international fans. These fans would find another team to follow - as Leicester discovered when suddenly we had lots of such fans, and just as suddenly lost them. Support of a team that is not in your blood is fickle to say the least. Those 4 teams would however judge themselves to be "Big" so it would
  11. Would it though? No stupid transfer fees from man U agreed. TV fees reduced on next sale agreed but bigger % for everyone else.
  12. Proposal for next EPL meeting: "We have no confidence that Manchester utd and Liverpool are acting in the best interest of football and therefore propose that they either be removed or relegated to the EFL."
  13. What an Irresponsible Act It would be far more responsible in these times not to have 10 people coming round. That way we can all get to matches sooner rather than later.
  14. Allegedly wanted it to be free for ST holders. No inside info - just rumours
  15. Reckon you should also have read that it was quoting John Percy and that ManU were also against it but voted for it in the end. Merc is crap I agree - just first in this case
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