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  1. That was dreadful keeping from Schmeichel haha
  2. Schmeichel Justin Fofana Morgan Fuchs Choudhury Tielemans Under Maddison Albrighton Vardy Surely
  3. Think he means player that's mainly playing academy/u23 football that we're trying to blood
  4. Do we get 5 subs in this? If so then I wouldn't averse to starting more regulars and bringing em off.
  5. At this point I'd probably want to rest a few players that have been playing a lot. Schmeichel Justin Fofana Morgan/Fuchs Thomas Praet Choudhary Under Maddison Albrighton Kelechi Vardy and Barnes on for Kel and Albrighton/Under after 60. Tielemans on for Praet after 75 or so. Could all change when Wes picks up his usual injury or Hamza gets a red.
  6. Sure, he has the reactions of a hummingbird and can process that information and make a decision in the milliseconds he had haha.
  7. I'm sure if it was the other way round you would have been totally happy with it being disallowed You won't convince me that it shouldn't have been given. I dno how you are involved in play when you're behind a player. Whether or not Auba is there, I dont think he affects Justin's decision making or his actions in the slightest. Just as Xhaka doesn't influence Schmeichel. I suppose this is the issue with rules that can be interpreted. Were looking at the same thing and have totally different opinions.
  8. Hahah, I just watched it back, simply not true. If he had affected Justin then Justin would have complained. You have a track record of being incredibly biased and having no ability of looking at a situation objectively as well, so you're always gonna favour Leicester.
  9. It was never an offside, Xhaka doesn't affect Schmeichel at all, you're clutching at non-existent straws if you think he is.
  10. Oh right, so it's nothing to do with brexit then, just a coincidence. I probably should have read the article haha
  11. I don't see why any pro footballer can't get a working visa for at least as long as their contract is. They're gonna be earning plenty of money and putting it back into the country.
  12. If you cant see he's better than Tarkoswki already, I'll give you a spoiler for 12 months time. He is waaaay better. I'd never seen him play before he joined us but the guy has a Kante vibe about him. Weve got ourselves a world class talent in the making here. I can barely believe hes only 19 I know you love sitting on the fence and being the voice of reason Babs but allow yourself to be excited by him. He will be gone before you have had time to enjoy him if you're not careful
  13. As soon as we actually had balance and players in their correct positions we looked good. We shouldn't be trying to "stay in the game" against a team like this though. Fofana looked class again! Under had his best performance for us so far, looked very good.
  14. Rubbish, he dives loads. Hes on his way down before Bellerin is near him
  15. Justin takes a dive there for me. His own fault
  16. Not surprising when the manager treats the game as such
  17. Rodgers doesn't tend to make changes at ht. So I imagine we will see the same till 65 or when we concede. Whichever comes first haha
  18. I'm glad Redknapp is seeing what I seem. I thought I was losing my mind
  19. Wolves vs Toon next. On paper this game could cure insomnia. Two teams that are very anti football and hate possession.
  20. Thought that was proper harsh on Digne. Look accidental to me. If chasing a player is dangerous play then there should be hundreds of reds every week.
  21. Looks a doozie from the stats. 20 mins in and 0 shots.
  22. I cant even bring myself to watch this one. As finners said. Whether it's a diamond or maddison on the wing, it's a crap way for us to set up. Especially with old man Fuchs at lb. Urgh
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