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  1. I think Nacho will play in all of our league cup games so hopefully we progress in the competition. Maybe some of the earlier FA cup rounds too and as we get deeper into the season I’m sure we’ll see him appearing fairly regularly when Vardy requires a rest.
  2. Courtsiding is run by Chinese syndicates now. Little discreet click buttons in your sleeve. You can spot the signals on betfair if you trade regularly. I’d say the bigger issue is how entirely corrupt the lower tier of tennis is. Its rife and beyond anything you could imagine. The press also know all about it but on the whole are kept quiet.
  3. Turning out to be one of if not my favourite player(s) at the club. I hope he has at least another three full good seasons with us.
  4. Maddison ineffective out wide. Strange formation as Hamza is almost dropping into the back like. Ndidi seems to be picking the ball up where Maddison should be through the centre. Tielemans looks a bit knackered. Hamza off for Praet or Barnes and the earlier the better.
  5. No justification required my friend. We’re all Germanic if you go back far enough. Angles Saxon Norman all Germanic tribes non the less ( Germanic in reference to area not the modern understanding of the word)
  6. Yeah I was busting a gut at 17-20 doing guff mind numbing tasks for a lot less than they are being paid even taking into account inflation and that was only 15 years ago. No matter the task I always felt it helped to take at least a little pride in what you did. Serving coffee and burgers is a sh1t job but at least its a job and someone has to do it. Anyway I agree, would be a good idea and the most pragmatic solution to have someone actively supervising the whole process to try to keep a good pace going.
  7. I don’t think the service staff have a brain between them sometimes, so I’m not sure what training and support would achieve to be honest. If someone can’t be arsed to move faster than a stoned sloth and pull their fingers out/show some urgency when required then the queue’s will always remain long. Sure give the proper support and training but employ people that actually give a **** too.
  8. Pronounced like ‘heart’ but with a ‘P’. For Leicester folk its like saying Prat but in a posh accent. It most definitely isnt just Prat! Edit:basically what you said 😄
  9. Maguire to United. Why? Because we’re in need of a decent CB to push the top 6
  10. Yeah blatantly on the wind up. Bet he had a right good laugh seeing the forum ignite in flames every time he dropped a comment.
  11. Linekers Apples sitting back chuckling to himself now able to feed his family fish for months 🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣
  12. My dead great grandma could’ve been bang on about Praet being done
  13. How’s the gulag Linekers Apples?!
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