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  1. Looks like Tielemans is going to get a good crack at it. Just what the doctor ordered. Weirdly enough I’ve felt quite positeeeve about Leicester since yesterday’s game even though we lost again. I think it was just so refreshing to see us dominate the spuds with ease. I desperately want to see more of this! So much more movement off the ball, I lost count of how many times we carved them open.
  2. psychonaut


    Whether I’m Puel in or out hangs on whether Tielemans continues to get picked or not.
  3. psychonaut

    Albrighton out for the season?

    Albrighton whether you like it or not is one of our best players. To perform week in week out to the standard that he achieves is a rare quality in itself. He’s one of the most underrated players in the league and this reflects no more so than within our own fanbase. I think its quite easy to just define him through his graft and industry and unfortunately his composure, drive and football intelligence are often overlooked. Perhaps its because he’s good at everything but doesnt overlly excel at anything (bar his graft and industry) and thats maybe why he gets defined in this way. Either way its a damn shame he’ll likely not feature for the rest of the season as our first 11 is weaker without him.
  4. psychonaut

    Albrighton out for the season?

  5. psychonaut

    Tielemans Signs From Monaco; Silva Goes T’other Way

    Same could be said for people grasping at anything to make it about a dig about Puel.
  6. psychonaut

    Mendy and ndidi

    Mendy is a superior passer, he’s quite tidy with the ball (bar the few drastic errors) and exceptionally good at passing sideways but thats about all. He’s a grade A water carrier. Often his tackles end with commiting a foul so he’s very untidy in that respect. I think its a little naive to base assessments soley on stats, anyone actually watching the games this season will have seen that Ndidi has been poor or perhaps poor in relation to his previous seasons. Is that a coaching issue? Or maybe playing alongside Mendy has effected his game. Either way he’s been fvcking woeful in possession. Going forward I’d have Ndidi soley focus on the dirty work and let a more creative presence take the reigns from Mendy. Whatever happens these two need splitting up but I’m not sure I can see Puel initiating the divorce.
  7. psychonaut

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    Yeah me too I keep popping on this thread expecting to see one. He’s desperate for a goal we’re desperate for a goal and the numpty defends his own teams attack. Dear lord wtf was he thinking. I can only feel sorry for the guy at this point. If you didnt laugh you’d cry.
  8. psychonaut

    Kelechi Iheanacho / Nacho Man

    His defensive header in the wrong box gave us a good laugh though. Still chuckling about it now. Having more than 2 brain cells to rub togther inside a skull might’ve helped. I honestly don’t think he’s a pea brain but when I think of this notion together with his antics today I cannot help but laugh 😂 Wrong fvckin box Nacho you play as striker! Poor guy
  9. psychonaut

    Man Utd Home Match Thread

    No excuse for Tielemans not being on the bench. Saying he’s only been with the team less than week and not trained enough is no excuse either. He’s been training the entire season with Monaco, he’s a professional athlete and by all accounts a very good footballer. Its typical Puel though, I shouldn’t be surprised.
  10. psychonaut

    Gray ??

    Just needs a brain and he’ll be good to go.
  11. psychonaut


    Good tackle, his game still needs a lot of work though, Mendy is a superior passer. Has a great engine thats for sure. I honestly think moving forward its either Ndidi, Mendy or Hamza with someone with a bit more creative ability.
  12. He’s a good source of information for a reason and thats because he’s fed information by a player(s). Where do folk think this information comes from, especially when he’s mentioning training ground regimes, isolation of players and the mis use of ‘certain’ players. Regardless of whether you think he has an agenda or not I think its pretty obvious where his sources originate. The so called itk’s surely can affirm that John Percy has a direct line to a certain clique within the club.
  13. psychonaut

    Barnes coming back

    Yeah I noticed that too, you’d think they’d be in fully in the zone when on the ball togther but instead looked completely disjointed. I’m sure that will come in time. For players to gain that almost intuitive understanding of each other partnerships need to be built throughout the team. However, that wont happen if Puel continues to move players in and out of different positions, drop players for next to no reason and retain players in the team that are incredibly out of form. Ricardo for example should now remain at RB and completly make that position his own whilst trying to build a consistent partnership with Albrighton down the right.
  14. psychonaut

    Barnes coming back

    Exactly what brings you to this conclusion? Serious question Swan.. because I’ve absolutely nothing to suggest this. As I’ve said before he’s the embodiment of the phrase flatters to deceive and perhaps in that I’ve answered my own question.