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  1. I'm not 100% sure but i think he was in the top 5 last season for most chances created.
  2. What about Emiliano Buendia from Norwich. He's tearing up the championship with 9 goals and 10 assists and only 24 years old. I heard that the Norwich suits put a 40M valuation on him and wouldn't consider anything less when Arsenal were interested in January. Only 1 goal but 7 assists last season in a relegated Norwich side. Nothing outstanding but not too shabby either considering the circumstances.
  3. I thought the starting line up today was decent. We went 1 up and then stopped playing football and sat back in our 18 yard box. It was obvious what was going to happen. Inviting pressure when we should've gone for the throat. That has nothing to do with injuries and everything to do with BR's management and tactics.
  4. The average iq in Nigeria is 84 so I'd say his iq is more than likely well below average. But who knows!
  5. He was ok. Nothing special at all. ****ed up a few times, made a few decent tackles towards the end. Not good enough for where we want to be. Mendy and Wilf are a class above.
  6. Will be replaced when Ricardo is fit. Good engine decent defensively but not good enough going forward.
  7. £28M price tag. From Pianeta Milan. "It is true that the start of the season was not easy for him, who faced the preparation not at his best, but Paolo Maldini is starting to ask himself questions, especially in light of the opportunities that exist. Castillejo could in fact leave in January if an offer of at least 13 million arrives. Florian Thauvin could arrive in place of the 1995 Spanish class, whom Milan is following closely. The Frenchman born in 1993 has an expiring contract with Marseille, but he does not make discounts and asks for at least 32 million. That is
  8. Ya gonna make me? Its a forum
  9. Decent cameo but he's still sh1te.
  10. I don't think so. He's done well and looks comfortable when sitting in a 3 man defence but he's not a patch on Ricardo.
  11. Probably due to the fact he had Fuchs sitting alongside him in a back 5.
  12. Don't show BR this post will you 😄 the perfect game plan for a damage limitation manager
  13. BR massively over thinking sh1t as per usual. I know we've a few injuries but this is getting ridiculous. Where is our football philosophy, our style/system that we should be imposing on teams?! Chop and change completely depending on whoever we play each week. Far too reactionary.
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