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  1. Honestly from what I've seen of him doesn't look all that great. I hope I'm wrong obviously. Give us a little more depth i suppose.
  2. Just not good enough. Not enough quality in depth in the squad and it shows. Need to spunk 150m - 200m to be competitive
  3. Why BR smiling at the whistle?! Weird
  4. If West Ham or Everton get max points, as long as we draw one game out of our final two it wont matter as they've both got dogsh1t goal difference.
  5. If they win it'll take them to 67 which is still within reach of Liverpool, even if they drop 2 points against United, so they'll still have everything to play for against us. Losing our game would effect their goal difference to a degree which would only be to Liverpool's advantage also. If Arsenal beat Chelsea and we beat Chelsea it's done and dusted for us regardless of what Liverpool do. If Arsenal hammer them by 3 + it may be we only need to hold them to a draw and require only draw against Spurs to edge them on goal difference. So yeah we should want Arsenal to w
  6. Savage showing what an utter pr1ck he is. His point being small old Leicester should never be in a position to think they can qualify for champs league.
  7. Technically not but psychologically yes we'd have ****ed it.
  8. Surely Mendy would be moved on if this lad came in. I feel Mendy himself perhaps might want to move anyway regardless, so if this happens he'll surely be off?
  9. https://www.leaguetablecalculator.com Permutations until your hearts content. Decent little predictor. We need a win out of the next four. I feel 68 will do it. We could sneak through on 67 maybe even 66 on goal difference.
  10. I think the most we'll see if him this season will be a few sub appearances in the last couple of games. Which means it's set up for him to come on and score the winner against spuds.
  11. Commentary is ruining the game. Knew that shot from castange wasnt going in before he took it
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