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  1. It's like playing with 10 men when Mendy's on the pitch. Offers next to nothing.
  2. His pass completion rate must’ve been woeful today. Almost willingly gave up possession as soon as it got a little tight. It wouldn’t be as bad if you knew what he was trying to do, but a lot of his balls forward and across are almost completely aimless. So frustrating to watch especially against a side like Liverpool where you’re working double as hard to win the ball back. I fear he lacks the footballing intelligence that would ensure a much more complete player.
  3. I’d have Lloyd Dyer back over Gray.
  4. Did ok, certainly not unplayable though 😄 he lost the ball 3 times but made up for it with a nice flick on and two direct runs into the box one of which could’ve resulted in an assist.
  5. ‘Hate’ you mean being critical of a poor performance(s) Or is that not allowed?
  6. On the showing of these first 2 and half games Perez is not as good as Albrighton. He’s slow, seems to lack awareness and is far too easily dispossessed, time and time again.
  7. I’d love you to point out where any of your buzzwords have any relation to my post. Homophobia ffs and misogyny what a melt you are
  8. There is not ‘a good player waiting to come out’ he’s just not very good. Flatters to deceive. Might be alright on one of these tekkerz youtube channels though.
  9. Looks like I forgot to remove my mrs red xmas stockings from the whites wash. Top design, pussy beta male colour.
  10. I think Nacho will play in all of our league cup games so hopefully we progress in the competition. Maybe some of the earlier FA cup rounds too and as we get deeper into the season I’m sure we’ll see him appearing fairly regularly when Vardy requires a rest.
  11. Courtsiding is run by Chinese syndicates now. Little discreet click buttons in your sleeve. You can spot the signals on betfair if you trade regularly. I’d say the bigger issue is how entirely corrupt the lower tier of tennis is. Its rife and beyond anything you could imagine. The press also know all about it but on the whole are kept quiet.
  12. Turning out to be one of if not my favourite player(s) at the club. I hope he has at least another three full good seasons with us.
  13. Maddison ineffective out wide. Strange formation as Hamza is almost dropping into the back like. Ndidi seems to be picking the ball up where Maddison should be through the centre. Tielemans looks a bit knackered. Hamza off for Praet or Barnes and the earlier the better.
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