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    Did we really spend £29M on him though? This figure gets banded around in pounds and euros by the press and most on here, but the reality is usually a little less sensationally large. Perhaps this figure included all the add-ons if they were hit, but with the few the appearances made and his goal tally being quite low I can't imagine any add-ons were triggered. I'd be interested to know what he's cost us in reality.
  2. Its ok I purposely gave Gray a 1. I think he’s had more than enough chances now and time and time again he just doesn’t deliver. He’s a weird kind of player, his body shape and movement with the ball projects a deceptive image and covers up his massive inability at this level. I’ve always said he’s the embodiment of the phrase flatters to deceive. I think it’s now time he was moved aside as he is not good enough for where we are and where we want to be going. I honestly think he’s stealing a living. Maddison, Barnes and Tielemans are the future of our attacking force.
  3. Good performance against the worst team in the league by far. Barnes, Tielemans and Maddison looking sharp unfortunately Gray looks crap but no surprise, he’s never been very good anyway.
  4. As Albrighton’s out injured, I’d agree
  5. Cant see them offering 75m but 50-60m most def. Which would be in line with Mendy and Walker.
  6. Thread title is so disrespectful, if this thread is going to be pulled up when discussing his current situation at least change it to something a little more fitting for a title winning captain.
  7. He’s clearly trolling, just ignore it, posts like this don’t even warrant a reply. As they say, don’t feed trolls.
  8. Spot on, its most certainly delving into the subconscious and it’s refreshing to hear a manager articulate it. Psychology and mindset of the players is undeniably a huge part of the game, perhaps other managers (defo pearson) understood this but it’s still nice to hear it communicated. These are the subtle things that build a connection between the manager and fans.
  9. Looks like Tielemans is going to get a good crack at it. Just what the doctor ordered. Weirdly enough I’ve felt quite positeeeve about Leicester since yesterday’s game even though we lost again. I think it was just so refreshing to see us dominate the spuds with ease. I desperately want to see more of this! So much more movement off the ball, I lost count of how many times we carved them open.
  10. Whether I’m Puel in or out hangs on whether Tielemans continues to get picked or not.
  11. Albrighton whether you like it or not is one of our best players. To perform week in week out to the standard that he achieves is a rare quality in itself. He’s one of the most underrated players in the league and this reflects no more so than within our own fanbase. I think its quite easy to just define him through his graft and industry and unfortunately his composure, drive and football intelligence are often overlooked. Perhaps its because he’s good at everything but doesnt overlly excel at anything (bar his graft and industry) and thats maybe why he gets defined in this way. Either way its a damn shame he’ll likely not feature for the rest of the season as our first 11 is weaker without him.
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