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  1. He’d probably do better playing with Fuchsy behind him rather than Benny C.
  2. You wouldn’t start with Perez or Ndidi? You have undoubtedly been on the old sauce buddy. 🤪
  3. He often played on the left but tucked in a few yards almost as a left sided striker, cutting in from the edge of the box.
  4. The best ‘news’ you’ll ever get about a club is by investing in a season ticket/members card/match ticket and go and watch the matches yourself.
  5. When you say he gave his all, i’d say that’s a prerequisite for being a professional footballer and a leicester City first team player anyway. I hope he does well but I hope that the club he now plays for doesn’t have domestic success because I’m a leicester fan and I want us to be better than them!
  6. I pay significant sums to sky and I buy physical copies of spreadsheet papers at the weekend. I’m not signing up for an American based online news subscription service just to ensure a hopefully well paid journalist who has moved jobs for a better income (paid for by people subscribing) is ok, particularly when the information is readily available for free and when there a still a whole number of good journalists who haven’t moved still to access. It’s my choice but again I will get the good leicester articles on here because someone will post them on foxestalk (like the Perez article today -and I’ll be able to listen Uptheleaguefox’s talksport Perez article too!)
  7. This isn’t happening. I can see us starting with Evans and Soyuncu tbh.
  8. As I stated it’s always possible to get their stuff for free. You’re not looking hard enough if you think his articles only appear behind a paywall. Anyone paying for online subscriptions for news is proper old school???
  9. I’m not subscribing to an American site to get information about the EPL and Leicester. We have John Percy, Geoff Peters, Henry Winter etc providing excellent coverage and it’s always possible to get their stuff for free.
  10. TBF He was one of the few positives that came out of the England u21 performances over the summer.
  11. Underrated IMO. He’s actually got a good first touch. He can pretty much do everything, it’s just whether he does it quite at the level LCFC need him to operate now. He’s a utility player though and they are a rare commodity these days so would be worth a punt if you have to operate with a smaller squad.
  12. ‘According to everybody involved.’ How do you know? He hasn’t said a word on the subject himself publicly at any point, all of his bidding has been done via the press. He hasn’t said a thing, that’s the frustration. He leaves as a undoubtedly talented player but definitely not a legend, winning nothing and spending 50% of his time with us not quashing the Man U stories that started after just his first season with us.
  13. I’m assuming he’s a gonna and unfortunately if so he will become a mere footnote in our history, remembered more for his own personal success whilst with us rather than actually achieving something for the club on the pitch. The protracted, painful tabloid led farewell has been noticeable because of Harry’s silence which let’s be fair, has been deafening with regards to his intent all summer. Harry, next time ‘all farewells should be sudden’ and preferably earlier in the transfer window. Now fcuk off and enjoy dealing with Luke Shaw’s frequent losses of concentration on your side of the pitch!
  14. I don’t agree with your assessment of Maguire v Ndidi even though you write your statement as if it’s fact ? Player against player rating wise I’d take our back four with or without Maguire. I guess we best agree to disagree! I’m sure there are a few closet Man U fans that will agree with you - though quite what positives you’ve taken out of Shaw’s performances last season I don’t know. Fitness issues aside, he’s not even in the England squad these days never mind warming the bench and that’s even taking in to consideration that being a top 6 player gives you a selection advantage usually with Southgate.
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