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  1. Yeh youri is a 🦊 next year after that game👍🏽
  2. The key player in this game (as he is with all games he is involved in) is a certain Mike fkin Dean. Absolutely guaranteed to referee with a strong emphasis on shithousery. Vardy or Maddison to see a red at some point.
  3. Strangely enough Murphy made absolutely no comment about Fabinho diving and winning the free kick that won 3 points for Liverpool yesterday.
  4. Surprise surprise, we get shit housed on MOTD by our own personal pundit troll Danny Fkin Murphy. Pretty much guaranteed now that maddison will be a marked man by the ref against Man City. Fact is it was a foul, there WAS contact with no attempt to play the ball and Murphy didn’t mention Xhaka rolling around to get Ndidi booked for a good tackle that resulted in him getting subbed and the constant diving of Torreira and Aubameyang during that game. He’s so anti Leicester it’s embarrassing.
  5. Absolute masterclass from Maddison today.
  6. Mendy does a fine job under Rodgers coming off the bench and adding some energetic enforcing to back up Wilf tbf.
  7. I’d ask him. Did you think Kermo was decent?
  8. If you’re gonna be a Mod grass it’s probably not the best language to use!
  9. He’s got some quality natural fallers to be fair. Ashley Barnes is quality at falling naturally. #burnleyneverdive #justicefornaturalfallers
  10. A beautiful photograph, the captain Morgan bottle in soft focus framed with a dvd and two biros. Powerful stuff.
  11. I loved that. We beat the masters of shithouse tactics with shithousery! Next time Dyche moans about diving, remind him of this game. That Ashley Barnes one at the end was an absolute shocker.
  12. Kasper made a fabulous save right at the end. Heaton let in a free kick that KS would’ve got hammered for on here.
  13. And this from a team managed by Dyche who forever moans about other teams diving but missed the dives his team frequently do, particularly Barnes, but today even the fullback. When Dyche sees it, he will confirm there was no dive and it was a clear pen.
  14. Difference is Kompany plays for a top 6 club. Same game but different rules apply.
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