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  1. Rhian Brewster hasn't scored for Sheffield United this season, he hasn’t even looked like scoring this season. Guaranteed goal against us then....
  2. Tbf He’s trying to be positive and pass it forwards, rather than shuffling it back every time and get 100% pass stats - He’s probably starting to realise the difference in speed between the u23 league and the premier league. It’s that second less you get that he’s got to get a grip of quickly. Difficult for any midfielder with the back 3 all over the shop - but when you are a 19 year old playing with a team that is playing like they’ve never played together in that system before (tbf they haven’t) it’s doubly difficult. We know it needs to switch to a flat back 4 but we also know it probably w
  3. Vardy wasn’t dangerous at any point today.
  4. Vardy wasn’t really holding the ball up tho was he? Nacho was our most dangerous player today. Subs did well but personally I would’ve taken Hamza and Vardy off for Albrighton and Fofana.
  5. He did more in a couple of touches than Hamza mustered all evening.
  6. Under reminds me too much of Demarai, is that why you’re on his thread?
  7. He looked bright, positive, took players on and berated Vardy when he didn’t roll it to him when he was well positioned inside the box. Get the lad signed.
  8. Isn’t that the same with any ‘out of form’ player?
  9. Negative and slapdash from Hamza. He’d decided what he was going to do before the ball had even got to him. He needs a BIG game now to make up for that.
  10. I’d give him a go in the number 10 role tbh
  11. I definitely think the pitch has been a factor, heavy and slow since the wet autumn. Not great for turning and it appears to be very slippy. Nowhere near the outstanding standard it’s been for last the decade. The ground staff haven’t changed, I think they’ve said it’s basically 20 years old, knackered, and needs renewing.
  12. Thomas plays left back, Amartey usually on the right. They aren’t in competition for places. The fact Thomas gets in instead of Fuchs is the vote of confidence.
  13. Thought his movement was intelligent. Certainly didn’t look dreadful.
  14. Choudhury’s role for me at this level is a blocker from the bench when you need to close a game out. He’s not got enough confidence on the ball in possession or with his passing to contribute much to anything other than blocking and recycling the ball (mainly backwards.)
  15. No one hounded anyone out of the club. Gray left because ultimately he wasn’t good enough. 4 managers put him on the bench more often than starting him. Under will likely also not be signed because let’s be honest he’s not shown anything like enough during this trial loan period to justify a permanent move.
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