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  1. Cheekbone? Eye socket? Skull? 👀😔Definite fracture somewhere for Castagne, fingers crossed he’s ok
  2. I thought he was one of our best players today, we lost control of the ball when he got subbed. We took off a key player and a potential game changer and Spurs bought on two game changers in Bale and Moura. If he wasn’t injured or knackered you have put it down as a tactical error.
  3. Chelsea have had the fewest injuries in the whole of the premier league this year.
  4. BR has to give up trying to get Maddison to work on the wing, he’s only capable of playing centrally but tbh he’s way off it at the moment and should be on the bench. Shame Iheanacho didn’t start. Can’t complain too much with BR tho - In and around the top 4 and FA Cup Winners. We were poor but ultimately we lost due to a clear dive from Werner and then due to a sitter being missed by Perez. Chilwell tho, wow, clearly Ricardo rattled by him, probably something to do with last season, maybe he was the player that Benny Boy told about his passion for Thiago Silva. Fingers crossed Mahrez rips him
  5. I don’t boo players because I think it motivates them but I can understand why he was. It started with his smiling just after we’d been knocked out of the FA Cup by Chelsea last season and a distinct drop in his form during the second half to his season. Then he left for Chelsea and tweeted his ‘love’ for his new club within a month or so of being there. This week he was quoted as saying he was speaking to his Leicester colleagues last season about hoping he’d be playing with Silva at Chelsea this season, then he was quoted about how he was relishing beating us today. That’s why he was booed.
  6. Perez impacts much better off the bench. When he starts he doesn’t have the same influence. Maddison to start.
  7. Worrying thing for me later on was when his head went down and he started walking. Not a good sign for someone who is seen (and sees himself) as a key player. I think the injury, then particularly the aftermath to the party and the resultant loss of any England potential now has hit him hard despite all of his interview bluster. He looks a shadow of his former self at the moment.
  8. Evans is our best centre back, that’s a fact. Without him we are weaker in a 5 or a four. If he was fit I would have Wes Morgan back in as his replacement for his leadership and defending qualities. We have no other cover for that experience. Soyuncu and Fofana are both deputies, still working on their own games, not able to organise at this top level. Yet.
  9. I’ve done some realistic predictions and I think we need 5 points from 4 games to stay in the top four (possibly clinging on by goal difference.) 👀
  10. Tbh ignoring age/experience whatever - at the moment I would pick Castagne on the left ahead of Thomas despite being on his wrong side and I’d play Albrighton or Ricardo as RWB.
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