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  1. I’d stick with it, as you say it’s not quite on a par with Narcos but it is still good it’s own right. Like Narcos you have to give it 2 or 3 episodes to get going as a bit slow to start.
  2. Narcos is fantastic. I’ve moved on to Chapo and then have the latest series of Better Call Saul and Ozark lined up. I guess this lock down isn’t so bad after all.
  3. Red kites were introduced 5 miles from Corby a few years ago and have very successful, there’s loads of them here and they’re expanding out. They are beautiful looking birds that feed mainly on carrion I believe, and yes they do fight with the crows.
  4. I was one of the ticketless arseholes outside the ground pre-match soaking up the atmosphere. I actually attended many games that season but ended up being a ticketless arsehole mainly due to being unable to get a ticket. I’s a shame all those people outside the ground ruined your day, why didn’t you just go straight in? My first game was in 1977 a 4-0 home defeat to Liverpool, we were quite shit that day.
  5. I think that generally believing anything that comes from authority also says a lot about a person.
  6. Exactly this, when VAR was first brought in I thought it would reduce the popular club biased decisions, instead it has just added another layer of bias.
  7. What’s the point we will only get beat in the next round.
  8. Against probably the worse defence in the division we look like could play all night and not score.
  9. Well that was a shower of shit. It needs changing and quickly. The midfield looks very poor.
  10. I thought he came across quite well. Obviously you are not going to see him on a zip wire or driving a forklift truck through plastic bricks, but that’s not what I want from a leader.
  11. We was on the edge of their penalty area, 3 or 4 backward passes later we're on the half way line, and then we're under pressure.
  12. His pass completion must be less than 50%.
  13. Last nights penalty looked soft at the time but I‘ve just watched the highlights and it’s shocking, their player shoulder barges Wilf then throws himself to the ground. What’s the point in VAR. Barnes was great last night, it felt like he would make something happen every time he was on the ball.
  14. There’s only 2 cbs in that lineup.
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