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  1. I’ve always cheered on the other English teams in Europe but now I find myself routing for PSG and Seville.
  2. We’ve all had decent hair in the past. I don’t want to be a profit of doom but a patch is how it starts. I know what you mean about baldness suiting some men but not others, I think guys with big round heads suit being bald, unfortunately I’ve got a small odd shaped head, luckily though I’ve got handsome face and a great personality.
  3. Can’t see where the next goal is coming from.
  4. I feel sorry for Van Dijk but what a bunch of self entitled cvnts.
  5. I’m not sure he’s in the Europa squad which is a surprise considering he’s in the PL squad.
  6. I’m surprised you think this. I agree that he’s not great at winning those long punts upfield but we don’t tend to play like that anyway. When the ball is crossed from the wings he’s very good in the air.
  7. Regarding Evans, surely it’s not right N Ireland can take our 32yr old defender play him in 3 games in a very short space of time including a game that lasted 120mins then hand him back broken and say see you next month.
  8. Surely Brendan will be on the phone to NI telling them not to take the piss.
  9. It’s such a shame there’s no crowds at present, it would be great to have a coordinated effort for every game against Liverpool and ManU for opposing fans to just chant willy pullers for 90mins (or 100mins if ManU are losing).
  10. It’s noteworthy that ManC, Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea are yet to publicly comment on these proposals, maybe they want to see how this is received before putting their name to it. WHam have apparently spoken out against the proposals it would nice to see some more clubs do the same. On a side note surely Rick Parry’s position must be called into question.
  11. If you can’t blame Brendan for that then you’ll never blame him for anything.
  12. Looks like we’ll have to wait till it’s 3 before we change it.
  13. I’m really looking forward to this game, we’re playing some fantastic football and are great to watch at the moment.
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