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  1. But it turned out he was pants….
  2. Leicester have always had a good following in Corby.
  3. Just a thought, if Chelsea do win their chances of a points deduction will increase from 0% to about 1%.
  4. Me neither, FA cup aside we’ve been on a poor run since WBA.
  5. Yori is in possession of the ball, he is in the process of clearing the ball, their player deliberately plants his foot between the ball and Yori’s foot with the sole intention of initiating contact so he can go down.
  6. That’s not a penalty, never in a Month of Sundays.
  7. If they can keep Dean fit until the end of the season I don’t see Liverpool dropping any more points.
  8. I will never ever complain about var again as long as I live, that’s a promise.
  9. Stopped watching at 82mins came back at 91mins.
  10. I wouldn’t be confident of us beating Burton Albion and Accrington Stanley right now.
  11. Our maximum points possible will remain the same.
  12. Watching WHam the other night they played like their lives depended on it, the polar opposite of us.
  13. This is the worse we’ve been since Bournemouth.
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