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  1. Fair play they don't rely on st sales as much as before. Also seems a slight slowdown for matches lately. There's still a waiting list for them though. I guess alot will depend on summer dealings assuming Puel stays.
  2. Efc have white socks. If anything it's similar to Brum city in terms of colour scheme. Regardless it's the training gear most will be hoping is decent. I certainly will.
  3. RGFox


    It'll be around 50 to 55 quid. Even the club can't be that greedy!
  4. RGFox

    Club Shop Revamp

    In coming weeks all the Puma stuff will be marked down to get rid. Sounds like store will get a good makeover. Things moving in the right direction if you compare store to 5 years ago in terms of layout and range of goods.
  5. RGFox

    Lap of honour

    54 mins was due to a city fan passing away in the week I was told
  6. RGFox

    Fans frustration

    I seat by the corner of c2 and sk4. I think I know the guy you're talking about... seemed especially heated yday after first goal than he usually is. Reckon he'd had a few. There was a whu old chap sitting behind him who kept celebrating each goal but he was more bothered with some couple. Just verbals tbh but not seen that in a long time.
  7. RGFox

    West Ham Home Pre Match

    Last chance of points this season. Score draw 1-1 and that's my optimistic hat on. No way gooners won't win comfortably for Wenger last match!
  8. I think I know who you mean. It was a BBC article about how he was a man Utd fan growing up, who now supported leicester due to the amazing season during the 15/16. I know so many it's unreal but many have inherited their fathers allegiance or merely due to 70s/80s lfc being dominant. It will change slowly over time if we remain in the PL.
  9. Went sports lounge in Oadby and packed with armchair fans. Must say it was a hugely entertaining game mind.
  10. RGFox

    Plaudits for our Atmosphere, let's keep it up

    Flat performance on and off the pitch. Nothing left to play for. Hopefully the last match is a chance to bear the gooners...oh wait Wenger's leaving so now unlikely
  11. RGFox

    Southampton 19th April

    2 seats in sk3 £30
  12. Ditto 2 adult seats in SK3 for £30, less than face value! Meet before KO outside turnstiles.
  13. RGFox

    Southampton 19th April

    2 adult season tickets in SK3 going tonight. £50 £30 the pair. PM me and meet at ground before KO.
  14. RGFox

    Burnley post match 2-1 loss

    Bye bye European tour. Defensive shambles since Drago was dropped. What a chance missed
  15. RGFox


    Sadly as much as we may respect/love wes his distribution and lack of pace has cost us goals this season. Today's second goal was a calamity of three players. Can't help thinking if we had Drago on the ball the decision making would have been better.