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  1. managed to login and get the bm friendly on screen. but the box on rhs appears just grey? tried chrome and ie. Looks like testing has been skimped on.
  2. oh dear that video is cringeworthy apart from Fuchs.
  3. take this season's kit. cut the collar off. ta'dah!
  4. Agree with most the above. Since Shaky, he's improved considerably. Terrific all round performance. That nutmeg on the sideline and cross field pass in 1st galf was sublime. MOTM today though over the season it's likely to Kasper and Simpson for consistency.
  5. Please pm me if you've got one of these to sell in good condition (ie no kp logos peeling...I know, v rare!) Mods - sorry please move this thread to suitable location on the forum.
  6. they do the blue and red in long sleeve. i wanted the white one!
  7. You ought to drop the club a line. i did so a few years ago about the ind coope shirts and john bull ones and after a year or so they started stocking them. i do like that bukta one in blue and the white away one.
  8. really wish they'd re release the white kir last season. my fave in ages. some bugger is selling one on ebay for 200 quid!
  9. very poor performance. little control but stubborn defence. mahrez really needs to close down attackers and try to tackle. and sanchez is on my hate list. what an utter tw@t!
  10. Post match talksh!te fat jason cundy saying today's result not great. He's so biased against us it's unreal. Ok so we didn't get an away goal, we still have a decent chance at home. He's talking like we been done 3-0 ...
  11. gotta agree with most comments above. Seems to run directly into traffic and his trademark moves seem to have been rumbled lately. gray for me.
  12. agree. surprised a thread hadn't been started about legends night. Thought gups was q sharp, gerry really funny and matty very good speaker. Oddly the least comfortable speaker was walshy imo. Well worth the £10 for whole night's entertainment and for a good cause. Couldn't believe walshy signed pic webt for £500! Signed shirt for the same may be a bargain. managed to get my tranmere cup final pic signed by trio (minus walshy) at the end. Recommended.
  13. Roy Keane can do one too. Reckons straight red for vardy! Fvck off
  14. Jog on fatso!
  15. Was near Shaun collier on ales opposite the everards stall. The bald asian lol! I think the austrian fella was working nr you. Lovely chap.