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  1. apols if posted already but what was the song in the kop in second half- something silva related?
  2. atleast it's not the usual p!ss poor carling!
  3. Liverpool A Match Thread

    v lucky first half, second half will has the inevitability of lfc scoring twice in second half... ffs why cant midfield hold the ball and play simple passes!!! why does kasper bother with kicking the ball out ...his distribution has been woeful
  4. the quality of their crosses primarily from Brady was excellent. Shame we didn't get him in the summer.
  5. Selling 1 ticket on behalf of nephew. spurs tomorrow BLOCK C2 £30 adult pls pm if interested.
  6. Spurs at home

    Selling 1 ticket on behalf of nephew. BLOCK C2 £30 pls pm if interested.
  7. Next City Manager?

    I'd take fat sam all day long as survival is paramount.
  8. West Brom Post Match

    fed up of this pedestrian football. Severe lack of urgency when going forwards. everyone seems keen to pass crab like from side to side. devoid of ideas and most the midfield playing like strangers. maguire is probably our best passer, which says it all. always said give shaky 10 games but losinh patience and can't see us winning either of the next 2. Very disheartening week after week.
  9. West Brom (H) Next Up

    i like the idea of this but with mahrez and gray right on the wings.
  10. Filbert Street poster competition

    nice effort. would look good in a panoramic with filbo end and main stand.
  11. Last seasons kit

    contact club shop if u still want any of last seasons kits.
  12. Seriously...can't believe anyone questioning KP and our owners in that respect.
  13. Pre-Game Video

    try asking Jim at the lcfchelp address. It's a nice montage showing key moments of our history.
  14. I think Maguire needs to maintain his movement and not overplay and venture forwards unnecessarily. He sometimes seems to forget He's in defence and wanders into midfield too often. He's very good on the ball compared to wes but he's been caught out a few times and today it cost us a goal.