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  1. Bit off topic...Tbh even the England kits by Nike are out of a catalogue. At least umbro was unique and some of their kits stylish the 2010 tailored by. My fave was Italia 90 collection. The blue ones are worth a mint now!
  2. Look online on club shop. They have home and white away although missing bukta logo
  3. Maybe we should ask Jim at lcfchelp although next season's is probably already agreed
  4. Some good designs here. Would like us to use running fox on an away kit for a change. Much cooler than the main badge. Also something a bit more daring on the away, maybe some stripes for a change.
  5. Pretty sure sold out in adult sizes in the store/online. Try jcsports else there's some going on eBay but not sure if those are real.
  6. Slow and meandering. Thank god for Evans. Naco had hardly any aetvice. Rest have been poor and devoid of confidence Atmosphere odd without L1 and 5k blues in good voice
  7. Pretty pathetic performance today. Greatful we have a lead but losing to this lot is embarrassing given the standards we've had earlier in the season. Beer time!
  8. Redmond ings ward-prowse all decent from saints
  9. Also ironic given they sacked Mancini under similar circumstances
  10. Another request for 2 tickets Can collect in Leicester/KP or London
  11. One spare available. Paper ticket 31 quid face value.
  12. Been thinking much the same and the wag-gate saga hasn't helped
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