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  1. Could you post the vinyl links pls?
  2. Man I could've done with some fine turf to replace my weed infected lawn!
  3. Might have to peel that off too! God can't the marketing team pull their finger out!
  4. I read acetone works well too if used on the inside. Last time I tried to get vinyl off I used my iron carefully but this sounds safer. I just ordered one maroon off dhgate.
  5. People seriously considering Bar's position. These are halcyon days guys! Historically we've been lower half of top league or championship. Yes I'm gutted to miss the CL but an FA cup was something all of us thought would be a dream. To have that and the league in 5 years amazing. The squad needs an uplift of atleast 5 players across the team
  6. Let us know how you get on mate. Would be keen to do the same.
  7. Great idea. I asked one of the dhgate sellers if they could do the maroon with kp instead, though they don't tend to reply. Yours is probably the best option
  8. Luckiest player in the squad to get so many mins literally for running around. He's too slow on the ball and loses it or gives away a free kick. Tbf madders was equally crap today
  9. We're carrying Perez and madders so far. We expect cards to have few touches but those 2 haven't done enough Extremely lucky to be level. How was youris tackle not given nor var!! Need to improve second half
  10. Emailed Jim to enquire about this
  11. Seen some videos on social media, loads down there right now! What a great day, goal and result. Lost my voice as all the fans sung their hearts out! unforgettable day!
  12. RGFox


    Was just about to post this - gutted, was just about to order mine too....
  13. Hello all Was thinking of getting a flag made for Wembley and then to go up in the kop. Nothing massive, probably 5ft X 3ft.. I've dropped the club a note about Wembley as I read man city asked fans to drop flags off and they would display when they played last month. Anyone taking theirs? Any advice re hanging it? Presume better to get with grommets (holes) in corners
  14. The whole taking LFT upto 48 hours beforehand is a farce. I'm booked for Thursday but there's still a risk that it could be contracted by the time you go on the coach if you're planning on going out Thu or Fri.
  15. So technically you can sit with mates/family on the same coach. I wasn't sure whether there was a coach number pre-assigned. I'm going from enderby as chap I bought with preferred that. But my preference was the KP as others who'd already bought tickets are going from there.
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