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  1. Probably the highest his confidence has been here with the quality of finishes. Has to start in this form.
  2. That was lucky Come on brendan 3 at the back ain't working
  3. This is absolutely killing us. Too much ponderous passing at the back. Not enough options in midfield. Cags and Fof would've been better today. Play ndidi as sweeper
  4. Sorry but we need to upgrade, Hamza isn't upto it. Apart from the careless pass, spent alot of time running around or playing backward passes.
  5. Massive fascination with overplaying slowly at the back lately. Confidence seems shot.
  6. He's been poor since December. Albeit limited chances but he has missed more than usual. The problem is there's no decent alternative.
  7. Thomas has had a mare. Off. Put castagne on lb and ricky rb. Albrighton/under on right. Just sitting back doesn't work against the bigger teams.
  8. Deffo gone. Sorry Cags your football friend ain't good enough
  9. Really ought to have started our best side since it was 0-0. Played so poorly first half, needed changes at half time. Come on leicester¡!!!!
  10. The toon have a really poor side which is weakened massively by losing wilson. Happy to see a miracle !
  11. On the bright side we all saved £350 or more by staying home!
  12. Utter dross. Every time we play LFC or mu we down tools and become scared
  13. Consistently poor. So so slow. And meanders on the ball and ends up giving it away. God knows how he's getting so much game time.
  14. Honestly can't understand (no pun) how he keeps starting ahead of albrighton or under. Lost the ball and slows play up. Surprised pipes said he played ok.
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