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  1. Garth oh Garth. What planet are you!? Probably a spursy one. We deserved atleast 3 players in this week for the result of the season so far. Best try and ignore some so-called pundits!
  2. Personally can't see anyone going into stadiums this side of Xmas with the current rises especially with winter coming up. Hope the tv companies can make an arrangement for the fans.
  3. Some decent stuff, got shorts for my son £3/£5 each; nice f&c parka for £10 and hoodie for fiver. Those were size small. Plus some beanies for a quid and kids hoodie for fiver. Not too much in medium/large. As usual, mainly XXL sizes but reasonable range of kids stuff. Spent £43 and the coat technically cost more than that. So can't complain about that. Arrived at 1020 and in just before noon, About 1.5 hour queue and 40 mins to pay so bare/bear in mind!
  4. Apols it is grey. Had another look today.
  5. I mentioned that one to him. Funny how the kits rarely worn are often popular.
  6. Seen them up close. From memory there are tees about 25 quid, hoodies/sweatshirts about 40 quid, also matching joggers I think around 30quid Apparently more retro stuff coming too but chap in store was bit cryptic, I think more fox leisure stuff. He did say the manufacturer did a bad job on the '97 ones in store with the v neck collar being way too baggy
  7. Casual wear. Training gear due probably when away kit is released in a couple of weeks.
  8. I heard later this month. Also there's some adidas leisure wear in store (not on website) without the KP sponsorship. Things like hoodies/sweatshirts/tees.
  9. I think mitrovic would be a good buy esp if Fulham don't go up
  10. There's photos on website with Europa patches. Surprisingly same price as without.
  11. Good for the short term, for next season but the reality is he will be off next summer as he will want CL football. HM did a similar thing prior to leaving.
  12. Pretty much last seasons shirt as a few have said.
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