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  1. I have a ticket in SK4 as I can't make it (season ticket). 25 quid. Would need to meet prior to kickoff. If interested please pm me your number.
  2. Apparently if you become a member this weekend you can buy these at half price. Seen on FB
  3. TBF only minor issues are badge not colourised pink and font slightly larger. Ideal for kids as you say though at 11 quid, who aren't gonna know or care.
  4. Regarding the training wear, noticed some of the photos on website don't quite match the stock. None of the full zip tops I saw have the humongous KP logo on the back. Theres a black quarter zip which on website doesn't have the KP logo but does in the shop!
  5. It's villa away on the sun 1330
  6. Overheard the staff when these arrived couple of weeks ago, saying lcfc had sent back prototypes as not authentic enough. They looked q nice close up and some were personalised with Lennon and heskey on the back. Would like to see the bukta kit as before my time and the old school badge on it.
  7. RGFox


    How the heck did Burton make the shortlist Or posh for that matter!
  8. Bad timing putting players messages on during the lap. Should have got the players to say a few words on the mic then played the messages. Then done the lap later.
  9. Loan him out next season as I can't see us shifting him with the wages he'll be on.
  10. Thanks for posting. My lad will be gutted. No reason given. Must be doing more kit promos around the city!
  11. Last sat there was a couple of rails I reckon no more than 20 but mainly super Fatboy sizes
  12. The amount of signed blue shirts in black ink I've seen ESP the 1516 season. All barely visible. Such a shame. There are other ink colours!!?
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