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  1. TOTS Tawamba is a ridiculous supersub striker. His stats are awesome, complete tank. Only 45k aswell
  2. I mean I just have to laugh at this now or I will break something. How do you go from a 14/7 WL to losing 13 out of 14 rivals matches. Barely scored a goal, conceded dozens and dropped down 2 divisions. Headliner son scored 29 goals and 17 assists in 21 games and has now scored 3 in the last 14. EA bullshit at its finest. Edit - Just smashed a 92 team 6-1. Son got 4. Some **** had that coming and I'm glad it was him. Never seen so many attempted skill moves!
  3. Got even more pants rewards than usual. It really isn't worth the stress.
  4. Opened the app and it said I had no club Got worried for a sec there.
  5. Worst run of form ever. Almost dropped another division now. Every shot hits the post or gets saved. Everybody has stopped making runs and my defence can't defend.
  6. **** knows how I even got here. Got promoted into div 2 by accident
  7. Was in 2. Gone down to 3 now
  8. I am finding rivals intolerable since the weekend. Finished 14/7 on WL but have lost 8 rivals games in a row since. Lost 5 in the last 2 minutes when my team just give up and the opposition gets second wind.
  9. Lost one less than I thought. Finished on 14/7 which is my best so far. That 90 Son card is just brilliant. Finally found a decent striker.
  10. Just lost 5-4 in extra time to a 92 team. His bench was worth atleast twice my entire team Some people are just sad!
  11. Gone from 8/2 to 8/8. This game is such a fix.
  12. I'm playing with his prem sbc card. Not tried his totw one.
  13. Im not getting on with POTM vardy at all. His 86 card is much better for me
  14. The lad is bottom half championship at best. Not a premier league footballer and shouldnt be anywhere near playing minutes for us.
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