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  1. https://4thefans.tv/?fbclid=IwAR30AYWrwHox5VvcnQitNU0elQAAxgnbIWsnEEW6lYJkZ8UH-O5c4N2AZa4 Get signing up! Get some leicester games on an outdoor car cinema
  2. Always been a fan of Borris but he is really trying my patience with his handling of this. Surely to God he cannot be this deluded? The media is full of photos of hundreds of thousands crowding to the seaside and parks. Pubs, cafes and arcades are still open. People are not listening, and will continue to ignore the advice. Why is he stalling in locking this absolute shitshow down? Surely he realises he is creating an absolute firestorm in a few weeks time by allowing this to continue. Disgraceful!
  3. Not been on this thread for a while now. Taken the difficult decision today to postpone my wedding at the end of June. We were trying to convince ourselves it would be so much better in 3 months time and we would regret postponing. I think the stark reality is, we have prodded the beast and it is stirring. When it fully wakes up, we are going to be in an absolute shit storm that we cant fully control. The way people continue to ignore the advice is utterly terrifying. Both myself and my fiancee are frontline workers and I am genuinely worried about what we will face in the coming months. We need to lockdown now and try and keep it under control until a vaccine is available. The current situation is not sustainable. People need to seriously wake up to just how major this is and stop being selfish idiots.
  4. Plunder and Battle Royale are both really good modes in their own right. Very different but both enjoyable.
  5. Way too much at risk for a lot of teams not to complete this season. Relegation is massive. Surely you complete this one whenever the opportunity arises and dont start a new one until it is safe to do so. Using a weird points formula will only attract complaints and appeals which will delay things further.
  6. In a dreadful position right now. Get married in June when the peak is now predicted. My heart says risk it, my head says postpone it. Problem is, wedding insurance only pays out if we cancel because one of us is sick or a close family member - or the venue has an outbreak. That's not taking into account all the guests, suppliers and staff all being healthy and present. Day could be ruined quite easily. Biggest problem we could face that if the government brings in a blanket ban on weddings or gatherings of over 50+ like in a lot of countries, insurance will not pay out at all. So we lose 20k just like that which to me is outrageous. Quite possible as they try and limit the June peak. If we cancel now, we lose about 6-7k we have already paid out. Massive gamble to continue, but it's just a horrible situation now. That doesnt take into account the honeymoon. They only pay out if we are sick or there is official advice not to travel there. If the wedding is cancelled and we obviously dont want the honeymoon, its tough titties apparently. The next 15 weeks of excitement have turned into 15 weeks of hell.
  7. I have all the symptoms of it now down to the letter. I also come into contact with a massive amount of people through work. 111 just told me to self isolate. You would think they would want to confirm one way or the other so they could trace back if necessary. Piss poor.
  8. I'm supposed to get married in 15. **** my life.
  9. Leicester is the only big club he has actually played for
  10. First 30 minutes I think most people thought "here we go again." Huffing and puffing. Then we finally got our game on and played how we should be. Vardy coming back was massive. Instant tempo boost and the wingers were giving service. Please don't put Chilwell back in the team. So much better without him.
  11. Do professional sportsmen really lose their fitness in a couple of weeks?
  12. Got to be Richie Wellens. Leicester's all time number one scapegoat.
  13. Surely if Vardy is fit enough to be on the bench, he is fit enough to be starting. He either is or he isnt.
  14. Still find the need to charge loyal fans 30 quid for an FA Cup match though dont they
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