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  1. Larry_LCFC

    Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha has died at the age of 60

    I have lost count of how many times I've watched the video of that Vichai Tribute playing in the stadium. Hearing the loud music in such a silent stadium really gets me. One of the best videos I've ever seen - although I say that alot. We have some incredible media guys working for us.
  2. Larry_LCFC

    FIFA 19

    Just got handed an 88 team with Messi, Ronaldo, TOTM Salah, Bale etc. How do people manage it?
  3. Larry_LCFC

    FIFA 19

    Chillwell is great for me. Not a fan of all these untradeables. Like throwing coins away if he's crap.
  4. Larry_LCFC

    FIFA 19

    Stopped for this week on 14/12. Won 4 in a row thank god. Not sure I can be bothered to push for gold 2. TOTW Richarlison is really, really good.
  5. Larry_LCFC

    FIFA 19

    Unfortunately yes. You get more points in rivals the higher the division you are. Thing is, once you qualify once, even if it takes you 2 or 3 weeks to tally up to 2000, you can re qualify quite easily from the weekend league. Most rewards give you 1000 or 2000.
  6. Larry_LCFC

    FIFA 19

    How do people get good records on this WL shit
  7. Larry_LCFC

    FIFA 19

    I'm on 9W, 10L. Horrible.
  8. I'm not crying, your crying. Literally the most spine tingling experience.
  9. I don't disagree. We either look for a younger, more clinical striker or we persist with Vardy in a two. Do think the strike force is where we need some proper money spent on a well established striker. How many flops have we bought.
  10. I do feel for Vardy. England never played to his strengths and now Leicester aren't either. He looks so isolated when he plays as the lone striker. I can't remember the last time he played well on his own but we persist with it. Needs to be in a front two.
  11. Yeah, poor might be harsh I'll give you that. You can't fault the effort of the players - I guess emotion is draining and there has been plenty of that. Just felt like we weren't really sure what direction we were going in at times. Brush ourselves off and look to the end of the month. International break is coming at a good time to get our heads together.
  12. We were poor, there is no hiding it. The events of the past fortnight quite rightly overshadow any football match, but we we looked flat after about the 30th minute. We should be fired up. Don't really understand why we took Albrighton off when we finally brought a half target man on. On a sidenote, that prematch video was spine tingling. Club did Vichai proud. Edit - Poor isn't the right word. We looked signifcantly drained is probably nearer to the mark. Not surprising really considering.
  13. Larry_LCFC

    Burnley Match Thread

    Didn't take our chances and now we look utterly clueless.