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  1. You've got Perez that finally gets his chance in the starting eleven and should be fighting tooth and nail to keep it. You've got Maddison that has been out for weeks and should be fighting tooth and nail to get his place back and get into the England team. You've then got Hamza that isn't really good enough anyway and shouldn't be putting a foot wrong. All 3 of them should be ashamed of themselves. Just goes to show what they think of the club and a top 4 finish. Bellends.
  2. You have to wonder how United are 2nd in the table. Bruno really has carried them all season. Their defending is awful.
  3. Brilliant performance. Didn't do our normal banana skin effort. Nacho really is a confidence player. Hope Vardy isn't injured. Limping for the last 15 minutes and limping off the pitch.
  4. Think Vardy is out again after this. Seems to be really limping since the last assist to Nacho.
  5. I missed the start of the second half. What's the story with Ricky P? Just tactical??
  6. Nacho is great and utterly shit at the same time He is like a black Peter Crouch, but smaller.
  7. New manager or not, there is absolutely no excuse not to beat these. An all but relegated team in total turmoil. Got a loss for us written all over it because that is what we do!
  8. I swear Brendan just draws cocks in his little book. It seriously can't be anything meaningful.
  9. We haven't looked convincing for weeks. When did we last really command a game? Just riding our luck from week to week.
  10. Why do we insist on making the shittest teams look good? Its getting embarrassing how often we do this. They are all ****ing over us.
  11. We missed the attacking presence of Barnes and Maddison and the defensive stability of Justin and Evans. Players like Hamza and Amartey breed nervousness through the team. Two incredibly awkward players.
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