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  1. A far more attacking performance from us which was good to see. We are still far too wasteful with our chances. A massive slice of luck with their second being ruled out because that would have buried us. Perez? Far from convinced by him. Hes a shadow of the player from last season.
  2. TV want Chelsea v Palace at 19:45 on the Saturday night apparently and the Met have said ram it.
  3. All the whinging and actually they look pretty smart
  4. Cant fault the work levels but it was pretty poor going forward in all honesty. 1 shot on target all game? Vardy anonymous for the majority. Plenty of possession and passing but that means naff all really if you cant put the ball in the bloody net! I've said it before and I'll say it again. Maddison is massively overrated. Not really sure what he offers other than an incredible amount of wasted corners. Genuinely one of the worst corner takers I think I've ever seen. Think he would benefit an awful lot by spending a season in the Championship. Got a lot to learn.
  5. 70% possession and lots of fancy passing but not a single shot on target in the entire first half at home is pretty poor. Has vardy even had a touch?
  6. I'm leaking goals at an alarming rate. Not impressed with these defenders in the slightest.
  7. Definitely my best team ever. Amazing what you get for your money out of the prem. Bench is pretty awful though.
  8. Just packed Tots Gnabry tradeable who I was literally scraping coins together to buy for 430k. Finally a good couple of days!
  9. Probably just upgrade the 3 weakest positions in my team. Think I will keep him though
  10. Cant decide if to sell him for 1 million+ or keep him and sell headliner Reus instead for 500k. Dilemma!
  11. Half time flash SBC. 94 TOTS Jovic! Finally a decent player!!!
  12. Lost 3 in a row What a joke.
  13. For some reason people still pack their benches with bronze players because they think it makes a difference.
  14. Made it to 17 wins with 5 to go. Is it worth trying for gold 1? Never been this far.
  15. Oh. That could be a problem Haha
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