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  1. I enjoyed it last time whilst building the base. Then it just got boring being destroyed by everyone with incredible kit.
  2. Finished on the standard 14/10. Roll on the worthless rewards on Thursday!
  3. Currently sat on 10/5 which is pretty decent for me at this stage. Sure it'll all go tits up shortly. That 87 Rashford Hero card is a right baller. 16 goals in 10 games on WL.
  4. Got absolutely nobody again. WL just isnt worth the stress really.
  5. Wouldn't mind the Sterling card. Maybe Pepe or Rodriguez as subs. The rest arent great. Already got the 86 Vardy card.
  6. Is that flashback Kompany worth it? Cant decide. His pace is abit shit.
  7. Thought the same to be honest. He is the equivalent of a headless chicken. Great at running around but doesn't really know what he's doing. No footballing brain unfortunately and I'm not sure that is something you can teach.
  8. We were good for the majority but there were still periods where we got totally lost. Brendon really needs to cut out this over passing in the final third because most of the time we end up losing it without getting a shot away. Think the substitutions changed the game for the better. Thought Okazaki came on and did a great job. Great to see Vardy back to his best. Just a shame we hung on to Fraud Puel for so long. Positive signs!
  9. Christ some of these teams are just outrageous now. How do people afford them? Currently sitting on 12-9 and got work. Gonna have to go for the 2 wins when I get home at 1am Dedicated!
  10. Captained Vardy on my FPL today as a last ditch attempt to make ground so anything short of a hattrick wont do! I know where you live Vardy!
  11. Fulham are only bringing 1200. Shouldnt even be able to hear them. No excuses not to smash them (on the pitch that is)
  12. Aguero POTM is a nice card but really not cheap.
  13. Seriously how many VVD cards does one game need?
  14. To be fair its usually well on the shelf by now. Not sure why I'm still playing it this year considering how infuriating it is.
  15. Huge mistake getting promoted to division 4. Literally impossible to win a game. Relegate me now please.
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