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  1. Genuinely I dont know how Fifa gets away with being such a fix baring in mind people in affect gamble on Ultimate team. I was sitting on 11/10 and now I'm on 11/17. Faced 7 absolute god squads in a row and been battered every time.
  2. Div 5 rivals is just toxic. Full of people that clearly shouldn't be there as they skill the shit out of me. Annoying.
  3. We've got to die of something. Rather die happy with a cheeseburger and a lava apple pie in me gob.
  4. I vowed never to play WL 2 weeks ago when the bullshit was off the scale. But I've sold my prem team and seem to be doing alright with my new players. No doubt I will be smashing stuff uo by next Saturday lunch time
  5. Didnt realise you can't join WL mid tournament anymore. Got my 2000 points this morning and was going to try out this Bundesliga team. Annoying.
  6. Sick to death of FUT as it was so I sold my Premier League team and went Bundes instead. Quite limited in certain positions such as RB but seem to be doing alot better and enjoying it again to some extent. Havent got enough points for the WL but that is probably a good thing.
  7. Impressed with Fuchs and Mendy. Really rode our luck second half and never really looked like we were getting that second goal. Barnes had to score that sitter and Justin's passing was atrocious second half. But a win is a win and its a good way to go into the pointless international break.
  8. Wrong choice i think. Needed Under om to go for the 2nd goal. Sitting back against Wolves is a really bad idea.
  9. Gone to shit a little bit now. Hopless passing up to Vardy and we are giving it away cheap. Justin is a massive culprit for it this half.
  10. We suddenly look like we are running scared with Traore coming on. Even Maddison is dropping back. Get some more attackers on and go at them. If we sit deep now we will concede.
  11. Fuchs really is a class player. The way he has stepped back up to the mark for us has been brilliant and he barely puts a foot wrong.
  12. Its a shame Barnes and Under aren't playing. We need to hit Wolves with Pace and we just don't have a lot on the field other than Vards.
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