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  1. Never really understand the backward logic of a selling club borrowing for the transfer monies they are expecting. The buying club should raise the loan and pay the interest. After all they want the player. All we are doing is diminishing our return. If we needed the money so bad we should’ve said that’s the price, pay it or borrow the money yourself. Imagine buying a car and asking Mercedes to borrow the money on a massive rate of interest on the expectation that I’ll pay them later. I wonder what they would say. We have it the wrong way round, and if i
  2. Last season King Power paid a pitifully small amount in sponsorship. King Power/Thai tourist board should be paying considerably more to sponsor a team playing European football.
  3. How many members do we have? Any surplus will be very quickly snapped up I should imagine.
  4. We will. It won’t be overnight. The structure of the club is changing. Elite facilities and a larger ground. We are going to keep building a profile and fan base and with the support of our owners there is no reason why we can’t kick on. I’m sure Man City’s fans never thought they would amount to much when Dickov was firing them out of league 1.
  5. Well I applaud Bielsa’s tenacity but we haven’t moved in yet.
  6. If there is going to be any announcement relating to the stadium it will be relating to plans that are pending or prepared and that an application will be shortly made. What then follows is a long and winding road of consultation, assessment, recommendations and decisions/appeals etc.
  7. Nothing realistically will happen for a long time yet. The club will need planning permission.
  8. Our own accounts filed in Feb tell us specifically that he will be judged on an almost constant basis...
  9. Jermaine Defoe had already scored nearly 100 goals for spurs and was prolific everywhere he went. I’m not sure it’s a measure of his skill. Edouard fair enough, but without wanting to be too rude he is playing for Celtic in a league where the standard is pretty poor. He joined us in May last year. So far we have Bennett to measure his success by. Meanwhile Sunderland fans say his tenure with them was a disaster, and Celtic fans are delighted he has gone. I’m not an optimist about this one.
  10. No one at Celtic or Sunderland have a pleasant thing to say.
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